July 26th, 2005


CHARACTERS! FMA movie scans and movie spoilers

I picked up a copy of Characters! magazine today. This is a special issue on the FMA movie and includes a limited edition card. From what I can make out of the kanji, it explains some things/tells of some of the things that happens in the movie.

Obviously **spoilers** (of the anime series AND the movie) under the cut.

Please do not reproduce my scans anywhere. Linking to the respective journal page is enough.

(We may not get to see the movie yet, but scans are enough to stop us all from going on a homicidal rampage....for now, anyway.)
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I just realised... hey!  I have something to contribute here! ^_^  in_the_blue has been hosting 'drabble' or 'flopsy' challenges for the past few months -- 300 words or less on the stated theme.

I came up with this entry for Ed and Al on the theme 'Family'.
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「misc」☇we're all a bit mad


I've been here for a little bit, but I haven't ever gotten the chance to post. ^^; So... I am here now and with a request. Most surely I'll be hated because everyone seems to hate her, but... I'm looking for good pictures of the character Noah from the movie. Anything you can find. A fairly large one of her entire body is preferrable, but screenshots work too (do those exsist online yet?) It would be very much appericated if ya'll could help! Thanks! ...Please don't hate me. ^^;
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Searching for Winamp skins

Hey all,

I've been searching for pretty FMA winamp skins on Google without any luck. Would anyone happen to know a site that has nice ones available for download? I'd greatly appreciate it ^_^

(...even non-FMA skins are alright too - cookies to all those who respond :)
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

3rd FMA PS2 Game Screenshots

I was browsing though serveral chinese and japanese FMA forum and found someone has posted screenshots of 3rd FMA PS2 game from the beginning to end.

Spoiler Warning! 3rd FMA game ending:

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By the way, please keep the Mary-Sue bashing to a minimum. I really don't want to see 5+ pages of nothing but "OMG! SOPHIE SUX!" comments. -_-; I know we don't like Mary-Sues, but I want this thread to focus on other aspects of the game. *points to Ed in his boxers*

fic: Planet of the FMApes

Title: Planet of the FMApes
Author: terrierlee
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Camiella is your average Mary Sue stuck in the FMA world. But not all is what it appears to be.
Note: This is meant to be a joke. And besides, I did my homework and the next chapter will be more entertaining.

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Animation RE FMA movie scans

There's a new Japanese anime magazine called Animation RE, with its debut release 3 days ago. It's a special edition on the FMA movie and also comes with a free DVD which has some interviews and such. I think the interview was with the staff of BONES, because they touched upon other anime as well (also in charge of by BONES).

***Spoilers*** for the anime AND the content of the movie.

Do not reproduce these scans anywhere else.

(If you look closely you may even see screenshots from the movie not seen in other magazines before...look closely....)

Oh yeah, for those who missed my post yesterday on the CHARACTERS! magazine scans, here they are.

Again, the same spoiler warnings apply.

Pawns Chapter 33

This is the end of the Climax... 2 or 3 chapters of denument and this fic that never dies will be DONE!

PAIRING: Al/Winry, Roy/Ed
SUMMARY: It all comes down to this: Whose side is Midnight on. Roy's, the Fuhrer's, or perhaps his own.

Fake cut to previous chapters: ( Chapters 1-32 )

Fake cut: ( Chapter 33 )
Aya on censorship

To any Kimbly fans/fic writers out there

I know that one of the first things people ask about the lovely little bastard is the proper spelling of his name. While it's really all up to us which we use in the long run, I also know that people were curious about the spellings that Funimation would choose. So, since I just picked up the new dvd, I thought I'd share with the class. It seems that Funimation's official spelling is "Zolf J. Kimbly."

Hope this was helpful to anyone who may have been curious out there. ♥
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{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!

It's the End of Amestris As We Know It- Part Four

Title: It’s the End of Amestris as We Know It- Part Four
Authors: fullmetalkatu and zarephathcs
Series: It’s the End of Amestris as We Know It
Crossing Over: Fullmetal Alchemist and Good Omens
Rating: PG
Warnings: Standard Series Warnings Apply for FMA anime. Complete and Utter Ending Spoilers for Good Omens
Explanation: Basically this is because the new FMA game has a bad guy by the name of Jack Crowley. If any of you have read the book "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, you'll understand why we made the connection from Jack Crowley to A.J. Crowley.
Authors' Notes:</b> If you haven't read Good Omens, read it. It's pretty much the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but with the Bibical End of Days. (We hope that Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett never finds this.)
Chapter links: 1, 2, 3
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natsume- yep!

Völuspá: A Really Impressive Fanfic, A Really Insistant Recc!

Not a lot of you know who I am, but please indulge me as I pimp out the final chapters of my friend anax's most recent and possibly singularly most impressive fanstory to date, Völuspá.

This is an AU, NC-17 slash story that involves Roy and a homunculus named Lust. Post-series, in a kind of twisty sort of way, but there are absolutely no movie spoilers.

Brief summary: Roy has grown older, and is grappling with an old sadness as he engages in his latest military campaign. He lives in a brave but tired world of regrets. For this life he has found a companion of sorts, but is that enough to help him overcome the guilt plaguing his heart?

When it comes to fanfiction, I'm notoriously picky. People who know me, know that I am in inveterate Scar fangirl and would rather re-read Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore than look at even the most fantastic fanfiction that does not involve my crackpot OTP. But this story is definitely an exception. Even setting aside my friendship to anax and whatever bias that might lend me, I think this is one of his most astonishing accomplishments as a writer. From beginning to end, the story thrills me and crumbles my heart in the most deliciously descriptive ways. The plot is anything but boilerpot: anax has created a kind of adventure-mystery under the guise of porn.

Yes, there is porn. I'm not going to recommend this story to people under the age of 17 for that reason. But when I say "porn," all I really mean is explicit sexual content. That does not describe, however, the artistry and emotional resonance of even the steamiest scenes, however... imagine Michaelangelo's David. Pretty hot, but also sublime. This is kind of the same.

If you are interested, please follow this link, or go browse through the fma_7sins community's recent posts. From the latest chapter you will find all of the previous chapters linked, for easy reference. Anyone who is looking for a new kind of Fullmetal Alchemist fan story is urged to check it out.

(crossposted to fma_yaoi)
APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

New Community Ad: FmaxGaiman

This has really come up an sort of a spur-of-the-moment type of deal, and it's mainly due to all the FMA/Sandman crossovers, but I figured what the heck.

For anyone who's been writing Neil Gaiman and Fullmetal Alchemist crossovers or been drawing anything of the sort, I made a community called fmaxgaiman for posting them to a specific audience.

*Buggers off to finish the rest of GOFMA*
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Yet another Roy x Ed fic-dump

It's me again, bringing some of my yaoi drabbles in from my archive. Pardon the spam and enjoy! Do note that these are all REALLY fake cuts. Sorry!

Title: Dream
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: Roy had given up all hope, until one dark day he had a strange vision.
Warning: Major Post-Series Spoilers
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Introspective, angst, sap, some emo!Roy.

Title: Not Again
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: It really sucks being a fanfic character some days...
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Quick cracky humor, parody, some meta.

Title: Soft
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: The sorta almost sequel to 'The Grand Struggle'. After an almost argument, Ed leaves on a mission and Roy clings to what remains.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Fluffy, with a bit of melodrama/angst.

Title: Understanding
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: Many people TOLD Roy Mustang that they understood him.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Fluffy, Introspective, some angst.

Title: Crush
Pairing: Hidden, some Ed + Roy
Summary: A teen in the military has a crush, then later a severe attack of the irony.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Introspective, angst, slightly confusing, and with a vague ending.

Title: That Word
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Summary: There were some words Ed hated, and some he didn't think he needed to use. Another quick drabble, this one fluff.
Rating/Genre: PG-13/Sweet, introspective fluff.

Thank you!
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freddie &amp; sam: nyeahhhh...

lots of kagura and lots of roy

iconses! ^_____^

[10 hagaren]_ elric brothers, liza, kids!edo+win+al, winry, ed, lots of roy
[8 girls of inuyasha]_ kanna, kagome, sango, lots of kagura

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i will soon! do not worry!).


_don't direct link
_check out ickyblue

7_ 15_
( tooku, tooku, omoi hatenaku... )

and please check out/join good_animeicons!
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Lovely Dean

Colonel Mustang, can I have my brain back please?

Hi kiddies, it is me. I don't have much to offer you in today, but to make up for it I bring you a fabulous talent. She comes bearing icons and Journal Layouts.

A fic has eaten my brain. So my iconage has suffered. I hope timeturner's exceptional talents more than make up for it.

OK! You know the rules! However, timeturner requires icon credit =) Do Not by any means hotlink any of the images. We good? Ok then, let's go!

Teasers: Sky: TT: Al-mo

(If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have....aw you know this one)
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