July 25th, 2005

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Question about the FMA PS2 games

Hi! Like most of you I'm a huge fan of FMA and can't get enough of it. I'm quite interested in playing the FMA PS2 games too (regardless of what reviews say) but being that I'm not fluent in Japanese I'm going to have to go with the American licensed version. My question is, can anyone tell me what spoken languages are available on the current American released games which are, the first game being "Broken Angel," and the second, "Curse of the Crimson Elixir." If there is a choice for Japanese language are there also subtitles?

Also, does anyone know if there are plans for the third game, "Kami o Tsugu Shoujo" to be licensed in America? I know it's fairly new even in Japan but I just wanted to give the question a shot.
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Fanfic - Ishbal Dreams update

After a long pause, I updated Ishbal Dreams with two more chapters. Surprisingly enough, the second is entirely het, a sweet piece of Greed/Lust. Also, The entire first season is now beta-ed, you might want to read again. ^^ Many thanks to midorigirl Sorry for taking this long. ^^;

Here's the entire list of the chapters (1-21): Ishbal Dreams Linklist

X-posted on fma_yaoi and hughesxroy.

Please note, that the second season is still not beta'd. Any offers would be greatly appreciated, even for one single chapter. Thanks for understanding.
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Super Elric Bros. 2 (squeal to Ragweed's doujinshi obsession)

Once again, it's late, and I have nothing better to do than spam the communtiy with Doujinshi *waves banner*

So, here's another crack!doujinshi. This one's called "Super Elric Bros. 2" You can tell by the title this one's crack. But unfournatly, unlike last time, I have no friggin' clue what's happenin' in this one, so if someone could trasnlate, even just roughly, you will be worshiped by me, and my little Wrath plushie.

Oh yeah, heavy images on the other side of da cut....

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Images and questions

Gah, it's late, I should be asleep @_@ But enough about that. ^_^ I come bearing requests and guidances from the all-knowing FMA comm. Because you guys rock like that.

I need a couple of images, the first being Izumi. I need a full body shot, perhaps along the lines of a character profile. My friend is cosplaying her and I'm in charge of making the costumes, so I need a breakdown of what Izumi wears. (Referring of course to the long white dress thing and black pants.) I would prefer having a photobucket or imageshack linkout, rather than a picture insert, because my computer is picky about what it wants to save. ^_^

Next is the picture used in this comm's layout, of Ed and Winry in the school uniforms. I saw the picture once but forgot to save it and haven't found it since. @_@ Once again, a linkout would be much preferred.

And lastly, does anyone know if there's a Riza Hawkeye keychain? (My friend reeeally wanted it for her birthday @_@) I'm pretty sure they exist, I remember seeing pictures somewhere, I just need a step in the right direction as to where to find it. ^_^

Any help on these matters is greatly appreciated! Please and thanks, you guys rock! ^_^
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hearts [jin&kame]

(no subject)

Behind the cut is an image (duh LOL) Anyways, I've looking for another version of the image without the book crease in the middle of image. If anyone can post a better version, I'd be very happy. ^^ Thanks in advance!

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Fanartz, yo.

I was going to draw Roy. Not just any Roy, emo/angsty Roy, with a "buy one, get a ghosty free" kind of deal. I was colouring the background red, and I told terrierlee that it was looking like blood, and she made me keep it on threat of death... so it turned into suicide!Roy.

If you don't like blood (even not-real blood), don't look under the cut :D Also, mild episode 25 spoilers
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super serious arting

(no subject)

Icons, what else?

Rules? Comment if you like/take/whatever. Credit is nice, but not required.

The rest of the post can be found here;
Included: Kenshin, FMA, HP, Bleach, comic text, A-girl, NGE & yuri manga.
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sleeping beauty

A fanfic I submit

TITLE: Hey Dad
CHARACTERS: Ed-centric
RATING: G - PG at highest
SUMMARY: Ed takes a break from his travels to write his dad a letter.
A/N: Also this takes place place before Ed knows the truth about his father and all that good stuff. Maybe spoilers for Ed's father, but I am doubtful about that.

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I wanted to know if anyone had any links of fanfiction/fanart of anything Hughes x Gracia. I'm suddenly on a little spree with them, oddly enough. Any involvement with anyone else if fine (i.e. Roy x Hughes, but with Gracia in it. You know.) I also am in a dire need for Ed x Envy or Envy x Ed. Non-con, anything. I don't care. If anyone has any to share, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. ^__^

(crossposted at fma_yaoi but the format is changed slightly. ^__^;;)
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Full Metal Alchemist 2: Curse Of The Crimson Elixir

Hello my fellow FMA fans ^_^!!!

I just got he snd game saturday and finished it yesterday ^_^;; and I'm SO IN LOVE WITH THE GAME!!!!!! I need to play it again to unlock some stuff. How did you guyz like it?

I was also wondering if anyone had gifs of the anime cut scences or of te game itself. In icon form or just a regualy ol gif. PLease? I would really love to have some, and I'll credit you and all when I use it =D Thank you so much!!!
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WARNING! Please read.

I hope this isn't too OT, but I feel it affects FMA fans in a way. Regarding the FMA chibis at the Amestris Adoption Agency, it has come to my attention that someone has been claiming the artwork as theirs and selling them as bookmarks for a profit. This girl has been named as Frances Liu, a 13 year old residing in San Jose, California. The notice was sent to me by someone who was under the impression that Frances had drawn the chibis (as she boasted), until the person happened upon the Adoption Agency.

Now, first of all, I am NOT going to take down the site, so rest assured, your chibis are safe. ^___^;; However, I would ask that people be aware of this and not be taken in by ANYONE claiming to have drawn them and are SELLING them for profit. These chibis were drawn just for the love of FMA and for fans to enjoy. If I ever decide to market them as bookmarks (which I doubt will be anytime soon, if ever), a notice will be posted on the main site. Till then, any reproductions you see for sale are wholly unauthorised by me (Cerise art_de_cerise) or my co-webmistress (Kri krichira) and are considered just plain stealing. If too many such reports arise, the most I'll do will probably be watermarking, but we don't want siggys splashed across our favourite characters now, do we? XD

There isn't anything much I can do about her actions, and I'm not going to pull down the site just for some silly little girl. But please, if you see her (or anyone else) attempting to scam someone, call them on it or something. Though it really is up to you. It just annoys me that something we're doing for everyone to share in, is being used in this way. Well, the art-stealing part also annoys me but seeing as there's not much we can do alone, please be aware of this and help raise awareness! >=D

Thanks for reading~! And also to all the 414 (and counting!) people who have signed the registry (eg.guestbook) thus far! I'm really truly sorry to have to break the hiatus in this way. ~>_<~ Also, I hope no one goes around accusing any random person unfortunate enough to be named "Frances Liu" if they're the art-thief. Unless, they claim to be the creator or are selling the bookmarks. In addition, I have been considering the possibility of the claims to be untrue. The last thing I want to do is be a part of someone's personal agenda. So exercise caution with the name here, please! The main thing stressed here is I am not selling the chibis as bookmarks and anyone who does is just plain stealing. =) Thanks for your time. As is usual, FMA luvluv first and foremost! ^___^!!
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