July 23rd, 2005


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Hey hey, big fat movie spoilers so far as who DIES. In icon form! Woot. And it fits LJ standards, so you can use it and spoil everyone on your flist in one fell swoop.

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But I'm not uploading it to 4chan. See, I'm nice. Sometimes.

Now with hot, hot Half-Blood Prince spoilers in the comments. Beaware. HBP/FMA OTP FOREVAR
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Conqueror of Shamballa

Okay, I can no longer handle the wait anymore. Someone's gotta make a raw or have a raw of this movie sometime soon. Who else is with me in saying that they should at least distribute the raw? :( It's enough torture waiting for a sub or to even see the movie. ;-; Raw, sub, dubbed. I don't care. I wants my CoS. X| Who else agrees? ;o;
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Well, I was stuck for what to draw. I wanted to draw something. Not something in particular, just... something. And at some point, I figured...


As it's not really of an appropriate time of evening to be continuing, yet I do have an urge to parade the sketch around, I shall allow you to witness said ballroom dancing.

It's a Riza/Roy pic.

However, I must ask of the community before I continue, what colour should Roy's dress be? :/

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Oh man... where is that raw?!

Okay, now I am seriously addicted to the songs L'arc did for the movie. Anyone else listening too? ;_; Er, listening and spazzing majorly... XD

[Also, I noticed in the song EXISTENCE... the truth for all FMA fans... a woman saying "You will not be able to sleep... so why don't you just stay awake?"]
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No spoilers la! Just question nya!

Okay so. Movie is finally out! Banzai! Yay. Huzzah!

My brother and I have been planning to vacation to Japan sometime in early August for my bro's b-day. So I told him that we should take the chance to try and see the movie on the big screen, but a thought came up: Will the movie contain english subs like I first heard it would? I'm kinda worried because we've been planning this for a while, and neither me or my brother understand very much of Japanese. And I wanna give him some good news. :D Well, if it doesn't have subs, my bro's gf is gonna have to be one hell of a translator for me. XD ((I am not passing up any chance to see it in the theatre! Subs or not! haha))
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Iron Man // i am

In need of moral support...

So, who else is going to resist reading the movie spoilers so they can watch the fansub properly when it comes out? *raises hand* It's gonna be tough, but we can do it!!

In light of that, everyone, PLEASE be careful with the spoilers. There are those of us who want to be surprised when we watch the movie, so please put all spoilers behind a cut. And no spoiler icons. >_
Niall - sunglasses

About the movie RAW... and a request

I thought I'd say this, as my first look at the community is already flooded with posts about the movie.

Japan is different from America. Here, you can find a cam/screener of a movie the day it comes out. In Japan, it is much different. Very rarely will you actually be able to find a cam/screener.

Most likely, there wasn't be any sort of a RAW for the movie until the DVD comes out, and there isn't a set date for that release. (This is of course assuming that there will be a DVD)

And also, be warned of files that look like they may be the movie.  Before you go spamming a link here, download at least some of it, and take a peak at it.  Last thing we need is for the community to be spammed with posts linking to stuff similar to our Aprils Fools' Joke (For those that weren't around at the time, there was a "screener" torrent uploaded the first of April. Last I checked there was well over 1,000 downloads, and it was porn - the community was spammed with it three times I believe, only for it to end up being porn) There isn't any doubt in my mind that some FmA-hating fool will try to pull the same stunt.

There are people out there that are trying to find a cap, but there isn't anything that can be guarenteed. Hell, the Naruto movie, which also has a very large fandom, didn't get a decent RAW or any subs until the DVD came out. So don't get your hopes up, and please try not to spam the community. I know that I wouldn't want it [to see the community spammed].


But anyways, I'd like to ask here if anyone that did see the movie would be kind enough to give me a summary to use on my site?  I can't see it myself, being a poor Minnesotan boy, but would like to have a summary that I can post at my site. ^^

Movie Event Report (no spoilers)

I saw it!! ^___^

I was wondeful. I'm definitely going to watch it again!! *___*
Now, I'm in Ginza's Mac shop, writing this, could'nt wait till I'm back home!!

Well, I don't want to spoil it to you right now, so I'll write about event they hold after movie. It was 15 minutes talk with seiyuu. Paku Romi, Kugimiya Rie, Oguri Shun (Heiderich), Sawai Miyu (SailorMoon, uh, I mean, Noah), Kazuko Kato (Dietlinde Eckart) and director. ^_^;
And, of course, no photos allowed ;____;

Romi was just *___* She was the center of the talk, and everyone looked at her before say something. Like, she told about your feeling of movie, like she was waiting for it come out and such, and Rie just said - "I had the same feeling". When Miyu had to talk, Romi-nee said everything instead of her, and Miyu just repeated what Romi said to her. ^__^
Also, Romi said, that when they did afureko (voice over), everyone was so concentrated, so even didn't take cookies she offered them. But, Miyu, she said, you're good girl, so you ate my cookies! ^_^

The best moment, of course, was, when seiyuu got letters panels for photo session, saying something like "in the middle of showing big hit" (don't ask me, I'm poor in both Japanese and English). And, since they had no mics, people from audience sream out different thing s like "Romi-san kawaii!", "Romi-san kakkoi!" and such. And, then, after that, someone yelled - MAME!!!! ^_____^!!!

That was it. And, Romi gave out air kisses when she came out from stage!! *__*

They were different things for sale in the hall before the beginning of the movie, but I didn't buy anything, except pamphlet. I may scan it later. ^_^

Well, it' the one of the happiest days in my life, and I was very touched by movie itself. Guys, believe me, we had to wait for it for so long, it deserves it.
I wonder, how many times I'll go to see it again! ^__^
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA movie omake pic

I was cruising the usual FMA japanese and chinese forums and I found a omake drawing by Arakawa. I have no clue where it came from, but I'm assume it from the FMA movie pamplet some people were talking about.

Warning Spoilers for End of Series and Movie! Duh!

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I have no very few Fullmetal pics because my computer crashed between the end of the series and now. I want to make icons, but lacking the material to make it--well, y'know. Problem.

So what are the best image sites? Screencaps, wallpapers, manga scans, promo stuff, calendar pics, artbook scans, whatever. Just about any sort of link that you can throw my way would be eternally helpful! Thanks in advance~

(I'm not using google because I'd rather have people tell me what the good sites are instead of wading through them using dial-up ._. I miss highspeed.)

Movie gets mention on Mainichi Shinbun online edition

'Full Metal Alchemist' (sic) moves success to big screen"

"Full Metal Alchemist Shanbara wo Yuku," the movie adaptation of one of Japan's most popular comics, opened at theaters across Japan Saturday with director Seiji Mizushima urging filmgoers to get their teeth into the flick."

Full article can be found here.

Sweet. Their translation could use some work, though... Hiroshi Arakawa?! What the Hell, Mainichi, what the Hell?
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[crack]fic dumpage

Today I have not one, but all my Alchemist of Oz fics for you today, including a new one. In case you've missed my previous posts, this is a crack-fic parody of the Wizard of Oz, FMA-style. No pairings as yet...nor any spoiler warnings really...just crack.

Follow the fake cuts!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8 *new*

community: alchemist_of_oz

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Gag comic & icons

Hallu. I'm kerspazzling about the movie right now, but as I have little time, I can't much look into it >_<

What I can do is present yet another Elricesty gag comic X3 I forgot to mention the first time that Al's appearance is movie spoilerish, so yah.

We have part 2 of "The Big Fight," "The Big Fight Remix" featuring Shen's Crack, and some crack icons. Hope everyone enjoys ^-^

( I'm all witted out )

x-posted to elricest

FMA 3 PS2 Game


Did anyone also got the game? I downloaded it (*sobsob*) because I didn't have the money to buy it like I did with FMA 2 and FMA 1 JP Versions :/
So um... how do you like it? ^^
It's kinda like the 2nd game, but they alterted some things and added new weapons to use, also gave the option to change role with Al at any time.
So... expressions, please ^.~
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I have finished it~

For a distraction from the fuss over the movie, I bring you a completed version of the picture I posted yesterday. The ballroom dancing one, yes :D

It took longer to finish than I'd anticipated...

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Pensive Bones

Hot Topic Suggestions

Okay, here is another one of these topics...

I did this ealier but a lot of the links were either deleted or sever bandwidth was expired. So, this was definately a bummer to find out. I was in DC so I wasn't able to download them to my computer (considering mine was in Missouri) and I was hoping to send an email out this weekend.

So, here is what I need.


I need LOTS of artbook scans, magazine scans, trading card scans, etc.

Links, personal links, websites, anything. I'd appreciate the help getting the resources.

I'll take anything you have to recommend. And if you see something that someone else posted that you like REPLY TO IT! Show that there is a popular support behind a certain design. That always helps in the marketing world.

Things I Need Specifically:
- A clear ouroborus
- Military character scans and artwork (especially Hughs, Havoc, and Roy)
- Anime Artbook scans (not manga... I can find those easily)
- The little picture frame artwork thing of the military characters standing
- The little artwork thing of the military characters' faces in columns
- Scans of those artwork things you can buy in black cardstock like frames at conventions
- Chibi artwork such as my icon... and others =D

I NEED STUFF OF THE HOMUNCULI TOO! I can't believe I forgot them >>;...

Thanks for all the help as always guys!

I REALLY NEED STUFF WITH THE HOMUNCULUS GUYS! And possibly Izumi and other characters. But DEFINATELY the homunculi.

I really need more homunculus stuffs D=

New Requests:
- Izumi throwing Ed and Al around
- Izumi with her spatula, larger and clearer
- Scar stuff