July 20th, 2005

NYC residents....

This topic only revolves around fans who live in New York City...

I remember I had asked someone here a while back about where I can find FMA merchandise in Chinatown. She gave me some places, but when I arrived there I was absolutely LOST. I didn't know where to turn because of all the stores @_@; Well this time, I want someone to give me the address (if you remember it) or atleast could tell me where it's near at (store, train, etc..). Im going this friday and I don't want to spend hours searching for a specific store just to buy FMA merchadise ^^;

Thank you in advance!
Pensive Bones

Fullmetal Alchemist Return Date for [adultswim]

It seems there has been a date released for the return of the Fullmetal Alchemist dubbed series.

Saturday, August 13th, 11:30PM EST

The source cited by the person who posted this on the ASMB is down but I nonetheless believe it to be accqurate.

The dub will pick up with Episode 27 and move on through until the end.

FMA will also continute to air Monday-Wednesday which means five days of FMA a week.

aru_addict's fanart ^^;

Hey all,

Just thought I'd post a little fanart I drew a couple days ago. It's the first time I've done an actual CG, so it looks rather messy (not to mention cheesy...what with the brick wall and what not ^^; ) But I did spend a lot of time on it, so I like to think the end result was worth it.

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eden || the eagle's head


Hello, lurker around here. I was bored and made a colourbar hit the back button, you still have time to run

It's Antena!Ed from the BlueBird's Illusion Game...em yeah. I know there's a repeat of one of the expresions, but, Antena!Ed only has so many emotions! ^__^;;; Eh well, here goes...

( Cut-o-Fakeness )

(if this doesn't work I'm killing it...

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[PKM] Chatot

Seiyuu mini comic

Posting these up for those who might be interested:

They're from the Fullmetal Alchemist Memorial booklet from an issue of Animedia. It's a mini comic describing what happened during the recording of the last episode.

Funny thing is that the voice actor of Gluttony is the tiny bald guy wearing a blue shirt. And if you look closely, you'll see Gatebabies in the TV monitors.

I'm quite curious to know what they're saying. ^^;
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freddie & sam: nyeahhhh...

(no subject)

hey, all! i'm already done with the second chapter of my fanfic... well, that was quick! O_o

Moving Forward

author: carla, aka cali-chan
rating: PG-13, because of some swearing... Can't be helped, since there will be people calling Ed "short" once in a while. Rating might go up to R, though, depending on my mood when writing later chapters.
genre: AU, romance, a bit drama, really cheap humor ^^;;;
canon: manga ONLY!
pairings: EdxWin, RoyxAi. Hughes will definitely be gushing about his wife a lot...
summary: AU, chaptered, high-school themed, but not your usual sweet-valley high school fanfic. Edward Elric has to become the best track runner there is, for his mother, for his brother, and for everyone else in his life. But will triumph come at a high cost?

in this chapter: we learn the story of the elric brothers.

Chapter 2: Not without looking back.
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partners in crime by beccaplusicons
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RP pimpage

Ever wonder what might happen if FMA characters were wizards attending Hogwarts? Edward casting a spell left and right whenever someone called him short...Roy petitioning to Dumbledore for allowing miniskirts as part of the student uniform...Armstrong standing in front of the portraits trading family stories while flexxing? Whatever it is..that's the setting of the multifandom AU RPG sortinghat_rp. All the info you need right here

Have fun!

Papa to Asobou Drawing~

'kaaaay o.o; after hearing papa to asobou i wanted to draw something about it
cuz that's one of the cutest things i have ever hear in my life XD
is just a sketch~

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comment and i'll give you an Edo-cookie O:!
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ponyo: lovely dark and deep

Prints for Sale!

Okay, here's the deal. I want money for Otakon, and in particular for my Roy Mustang costume. The costume alone promises to cost almost $200; the other con expenses (airfare, hotel, food, etc.) even moreso. Therefore, I have decided to try to collect a little green by selling prints of my FMA artwork, as well as doing commissioned drawings.

The Breakdown
Below is a list of drawings I'm willing to sell prints of, as well as links to sample images. Some are pencil drawings, some are inked, some are colored. All will have the same price: $15 (10 for the drawing, 5 for shipping), regardless of the type of picture; after all, the work is already done, and it's no harder to make a color print than a black-and-white print. There will be an additional fee for any customers who live outside the United States.

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This list is subject to change. If there is a picture I've posted in the past that you really love and would like to have a print of, but don't see on the list, let me know and we can arrange something.

Buying a Print
If there are any prints you'd like to buy, comment here or email me at Arel.Kagai[at]gmail[dot]com. I would prefer to use PayPal, but if you'd rather just send a check or even cash, that's fine. We can work out the details in the email. Once I recieve pyment, I'll send you the print. All prints will be on high-quality, glossy photo paper and will measure 8.5 x 11 inches. The price for all prints, as stated above, will be $15 American: $10 for the artwork itself and $5 to cover shipping. And additional charge will be added for international buyers, and will vary depending on the actual cost of shipping.

In addition to selling these prints, I will also be selling commissioned drawings. My only request is that they be FMA-related; anything else goes. These will be pencil drawings, not inked or colored. The price will vary based on the complexity of the drawing. If you want just one or two characters, then the price will be $15, just like the prints); however, if you want several characters with a complex background, the price will go up to $25. If you'd like to commission a drawing, then the rules are the same as with a print; just comment in this post and/or email me at Arel.Kagai[at]gmail[dot]com, and we'll work out the details.

Also, remember that for prints and commissions, if you buy more than one, all additional prints and comissions are only $10, since they can be shipped together.

All right, I think that's it! Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Just leave a comment to this post, or email me. Hope to do business with you!

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As I said previously, I am a rather heavy lurker here so I'm not sure if this has been posted here before or not, but ... a friend, teruhisa, and I are doing some research into a photoshoot we're doing and she found this screencap of Ed and Al. At first ... I didn't see anything, but then she busted out laughing and when she pointed it out to me ... well ... there was much hilarity to ensue. Anyway, thought I'd post it, see if anyone else saw it ... just because it's funny and just goes to show that even the animators enjoy innuendos ....

(much apologies if this has been posted before, feel free to delete if it has been)

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Crack anyone?

Oh, I hope this doesn't come back to haunt me...

This was my friend's idea, and I thought it would be too funny to post it here along with a picture and lyrics for your enjoyment!


(I don't know how to make a cut, so you'll have to read the comment -_-'')

some goods

okay, it's so hot in summer, but still, i can't resist, if it's ramen made of Al or Ed ^_^

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it also had a card inside, i got one with armor!Al, what a pity ^^;

also, had some shopping in Animate yesterday, most of you, may be, saw these things already, but, still, want to share *_*
and, since it's before the movie, they give out stickers with movie frames, choice of six, one for each ¥1000 spent.

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Fan Art!

This is the type of art I spend WAYYY too much time on. Two full days just drawing this, why? Because I get lazy and picky. This why I stick to Chibi Drawings. I do much cuter on those...

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go then...

Another one I'm afraid...

I warned you it would only encourage me...

Title: Cold Turkey

Rating:Pg, if only for language, and even that isn't all that bad

Genre: little Havoc love, yo

Pairing: isn't one...just Havoc

Warning: none


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Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. 2 Manga Comparison

I finally fixed up a few things with this comparison. People have feared that once Viz got its hands on FMA, it'd turn out to be badly translated like Dragon Ball (the Z-anime equivalent) or Naruto or One Piece. I can assure you with this, that's not the case. There's an occasional goof up here and there, but nothing exactly changed on purpose aside from calling Ishbal by its rough translation, Ishvar, despite all of the current sources list it as officially being Ishbal. Enjoy the small read cause Viz and FUNimation are giving me less and less to work with. >_>; I guess that's good, though.
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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

LA Cast

This is an old topic (actors for an imaginary live action FMA movie), but I was bored and this was a fun way to kill some time. Take it all with a grain of salt, my knowledge of celebrities is pretty limited. Don't throw rocks at me for who I chose for Ed, I personally think he would be played by a no name but...


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FF Ficart #2

Finished another! Yay! This is for On the Unexpected Consequences of Inappropriate Hero Worship. Check original link and yadda here for fic link and first comikku.

Pic rated PG -- PG-13ish, me guess. I took some measures to make sure even the littlest teens can watch X3

On the Dangers of Eavesdropping

Also, a little Elricesty gag piece. Very tame.

The Big Fight

Second is x-posted to elricest