July 14th, 2005

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Hey sky_dark! You posted a few Roy x Ed and Envy x Ed pics in hime1999's spam thread that I really liked, but never got a chance to save them. I tried going back and finding them, but the images aren't there anymore. Would it be too much trouble to post them again or let me know where you found them? ^^;
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EDIT: Fixed the icons that were too big!, thanks for telling me. =D;;
Uh, hi everyone. I made more icons.. even though I suck and it seems I have no self esteem? Cool! I've had an interesting day on the computer.. I freehanded Ed out of TWO images with a touch pad laptop mouse... WHO DOES THAT? Its painfully annoying, never do it.
I redid my whole LJ layout.. and I smashed my head on my free account. anyone want to donate a paid account to a nice kid that according to grade should be able to get a job but no shes too young? I mean, please... $5 dollars or more. =D I'll do something for you, name it? BUT I'M GETTING OT.
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Fanart for fanfic, w00t

Presenting piccage. Again.
Fanart for Kaltia's All That Matters
Rated... G?
Elricesty-ish, even though nothing is happening o_O;; But ya kinda hafta read the fic for it to make sense, and the fic is very Elricesty. Dun go if that squicks you.

( Love Your Maker )

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Broken Dreamer

A ficlet.

This is a little something involving one of our favorite little psychos, Barry the Chopper. This is just a thought of why he may have snapped.

Title: The Demon In My Mind
Person(s): Barry the Chopper
Rating: PG-13 for language and violence.

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[fic] untitled HP/FMA crossover, part the fifth

Title: untitled HP/FMA crossover, part the fifth: On the the Principle of Equivalent Trade
Author: Stick Marionette
Rating: PG
Spoilers: whole series for FMA, Chamber of Secrets for Harry Potter
Summary: Tom Riddle and Professor Elric have a strange relationship, constrained by an unshakable rule. Harry Potter/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover.
Notes: Last part - and now I can edit this thing into a proper fic and add an epilogue. No more daily spam for the communities from me. *grins*
Previous parts (in chronological order): On the Strange Hobbies of the Great and Unstable
On the Suitability of Geniuses for Teaching
On the Difficulties Associated With Charming a Snake
On the Unexpected Side Effects of Inappropriate Hero Worship

( fake cut - what they have is nothing, a bizzare sort of acquaintance constrained by an alchemical principle... )

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OMG - Another Mockulation/Omake

Hey guys. I come to you today not with icons (more will come another day), but with an omake! I have been inspired by usernameraptorix's omakes from the past couple days and decided to make my own. I'm not taking requests like she is, though. I don't have time to make too many of these, and am only making them ay my leisure. Sorry. In any case, I hope you find it funny!

WARNING: Spoilers for Chapter 39 ahead. Although the text is extremely simplified here, what was originally there could be considered quite spoilerish.

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Mugatu ♬ what seems to be the problem

Winry finally gets the boys to notice her...

Don't worry guys, it's work-safe. XD

Anyway, I apologize because my dad's scanner is a piece of shit, and this was the best I could do. D: I just loved this picture so much I wanted to show everyone right away. XD

It's big, so be careful.

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Ed's face looks retarded and skinny because there's a line that just sort of popped up there on the left side and it... shouldn't be there. His mouth also looks bad. I swear, it's all the scanner's fault.[/end rant]

FMA Song PV's: YSI Links UP!

finally got the YSI links to these FMA OP/ED PV's up ^_^

Porno Graffiti Melissa
Nana Kitade Kesenai Tsumi
L'Arc En Ciel Ready Steady Go
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Rewrite
Yellow Generation Tobira No Mukou He *added*
L'Arc En Ciel Link *added*

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Thoughts on upcoming movie release

Hey, everybody!

I just was curious about everyone's feelings about the upcoming movie. It seems as if a lot of fans are really thrilled about the release, but I was interested to see if anyone has the same views on it that I do. I absolutely adore the series up until the last few episodes, and therefore I'm really not looking forward to the movie. In my opinion, it feels like BONES has kind of defiled a beautiful storyline by adding in their own implausible twists. They made a cop-out kind of ending, and it feels like they've dug themselves into holes so deep, that who knows how they'll be able to write their way out again...Well, I think I could rant on for hours about what I don't like about their ending, but I'll spare everyone.. >_>

Now, I'm not trying to pick fights over the movie or the series, but I just wanted to see if anyone either shared my opinion, or has something they'd like to say...Well, discuss, I guess!

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{ PotC; rain }

More music questions

I was wondering if anyone had L'Arc-en-Ciel's "Link" from the FMA movie. I know it's out, I just can't seem to find it anywhere.

If anyone has it, I'd be much obliged if they could send it. ^_^ Preferrably via file transfer on AIM. I can be reached at ViolentAki.

Please and thank you!
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Apparently, this coming Saturday, there is going to be some kind of talk in Shibuya, near where I live. I'm not entirely sure what it is going to be about, but it involves the movie (my ticket has "Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerer of Shambala" on it. Paku Romi is supposed to be a guest there. My friend managed to aquire three (very free) tickets for me, her and another friend of ours. I shall let the rest of you know (and maybe supply pictures)of what it was about later on Saturday evening. With any luck, I'll be able to meet Paku Romi and talk to her, cause God knows I can speak this language..</sarcasm>.

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Navajo Coyote

FMA Clerks crack

ok, this bit of crack was thought up the day after I was doing some early morning chatting with therish. we ended up discussing the berserker song off the movie Clerks and putting it to where Legolas was singing it and then it got to a few others as well, but I forget what exactly. but anyways, I ended up thinking up FMA Clerks. here's a bit of it, that includes the 'Berserker' song.

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Pensive Bones

New Hot Topic Merchandise

Here we have a very nice black shirt again with just Ed and Al... but I really like this one!

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And this is a really nice shirt for the girls. I actually saw it in a store in St. Louis before it got on the website. It's VERY nice. I'm a fat chick though so they didn't have my size. But it's a really nice t-shirt.

I actually thought it had movie!Al on it, not Edward when i first saw it, lol.

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Other new merchandies includes:
- Anime Word Tees
- A Wolf's Rain Tee
- Trigun Cross Necklace

Now that I'm on my own computer, I can send Scott all those official artwork things you guys sent me too! ^_^

My Mockulation: Part the 2nd

Blargh......here be the "total random crap" omake that I promised you guys in my first one. I would have waited until my next big icon post to reveal this, but I'm not gonna be at my computer for over a week starting in a few days, so I wanted to leave you guys something while I'm gone. Anyways, I hope you like it. I had lots of fun with this one. Lemme warn you though - it's really big. So tell your browser that ahead of time and maybe it won't scream in agony. ^^

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Dante's Divine Comedy vs FMA 7 Sins

Just some interesting stuff since I just finished taking my final on the Divine Comedy (We did The Inferno), and thought I'd do a little FMA comparison as well as just a little insight. Mind you I do not believe in Hell or the 7 deadly sins, BUT it's fun to think about because my brain is cracked out on FMA sins thanks to that test X3! and thought I'd share since it really is quite interesting.

Dante's Divine Comedy - Purgatorio (Purgatory) compared to FMA's 7 deadly sins CONTAINS SIN SPOILERS
dm grunge

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I can't access the memories feature so please don't yell at me. I'm interested in buying the pocket watch on Ebay, how do I make sure I don't buy a fakeity fake fake?

I know not to get the double 11, but what else should I make sure of?
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Mana-sama - Staring at me

Random Ed Cosplay pics!

Hi everyone! Y'know, I love cosplaying. Especailly cosplaying Ed. It's the first real good costume I've compelted and I'm damn proud of it! But you wouldn't be able to tell from the amount of pictures of Ed!me on the net... I'm a loser, I still haven't uploaded/posted my Anime North pictures (it was almost two months ago!) but if there's still a desire, I will. One day. Anyways, to tide you over here's some photos from my last Ed photoshoot. I've changed my hairstyle so unless I grow it out or buy a wig, the costume will be retired for now. I'm proud of the pictures I got though. I hope you all enjoy!

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Comments are appreciated and loved. If you happened to see me at AN, drop me a line and we can chat! ^^ <3