July 10th, 2005


untitled HP/FMA crossover ficlet

Newbie with offering of crossover fic! *sees everyone clicking the 'back' button* No, wait, hear me out. XD

Title: untitled HP/FMA crossover ficlet
Author: Stick Marionette
Rating: G
Spoilers: whole series for FMA, Chamber of Secrets for Harry Potter
Summary: Young Tom Riddle has an interesting conversation with the reclusive man who teaches Advanced Alchemy. Harry Potter/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover
Notes: It’s not crack!fic, I promise. XD I’ve actually got some other FMA stuff written, but they all want to be long and plot-y and I don’t want to start anything long without a beta reader, and this plot bunny just bit me - quite viciously, I might add *Grins*- today.

( fake cut, and last warning - FMA end of series spoilers )

*runs away, omg-I'm-a-n00b-terrified*

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Fic - Once Broken Faith: Antagonism

Wh00tage...got around to writing more of this...

Well, this ficlet takes place after this ficlet, so yeah...>.>;;; I'm jumping around in the timeline XP The whole story that I have so far can be found right here.

Again, this series is open for those who want to hop in...or should I make a comm if people want to join in? I'm lost and confused! *flails*

Anyway, here it is:

Title: Once Broken Faith - Antagonism
Author: jeva_chan
Size: 1,094 words
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Only if you don't know who Hohopapa is.
Summary: AU. The bond of brotherhood is torn by one of the Elric brothers leaving with their mysterious father to attempt to learn the secrets of alchemy to help save their mother...

( He hadn't stayed long--never did. )

"Trust not him that hath once broken faith."
-William Shakespeare
King Henry the Sixth, Part III
There's a Queen song for this.

Question about Roy...

I've been wondering (for fic useage) if Roy's family has ever been mentioned in either the anime or the manga? Actually, have anyone else's families (other than the obvious ones) been mentioned. If so, it would be a big help to me. Thank you.
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Life - Bolsheviks

[FANFIC] 'Between Heaven and Home'

Between Heaven and Home
Cephied Variable

A series of drabbles detailing the life of an Edward who never manages to make his way home.

("This place is hell." he says. The streets make a patchwork of black and white, long shadows cast by the skeletons of buildings hollowed out by war.)

*fake lj-cut*

WARNINGS? Massive post-series spoilers. If you haven't finished the anime, don't read this fic. ^__^;; And, um, very subtly implied pairings. Like, so subtle they might as well not even be there.
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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

Fic: Drinking Buddies

Title: Drinking Buddies
Rating: PGish, just a few curses.
Characters: Edward (FMA), Azrael (my own character from my world of 'Paradis')
Warnings: Religious ideas discussed.
About/Other:Just a random little drabble that got stuck in my head today. There are a few references to some films ('Dogma' included), but this is mainly just characters chattering. Um, a bit of a warning, really devout religious folk might wanna keep away, coz this is is a bit of a exploration on Ed's atheism.

Also, the character of Azrael is of my own creation from my own stories, and is completely (C) me, so please don't steal him.

Collapse )

Comments and Critque are welcomed and loved.
Sakura Silk - refreshisama

Files Request and News

Has anyone seen the files for the Hagaren Radio DJCD Hagaren Housoukyoku Take 2 anywhere? (This is one of the CD that highlights guests and other things from the Hagaren Radio Hour) It's the one that features Lust and Scar's VAs as guests, and has the "bossa" version of "Tsuki no Uragawa" on it.
I've been wanting to add it to my collection and it's out now. Anyone know where I can find it? Another one I'm looking for is the Radio DJCD Hagaren Hosokyoku - Kaku no Chigai wo Miseteyaru Special. According to CDJapan, it's a special that was aired on March 20th, 2004, and features Winry's, Roy's and Hughes' VAs as guests.

I'd also like to find the second drama CD in the Crown Jewel of Heaven arc. I only have the first one for this.

Also, so this post isn't JUST me begging, the third Radio DJCD Take 3 is up for preorder on CDJapan: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SVWC-7282

It will feature Hughes and Envy's VAs as guests, and will have an orchestral version of "Ano Yume no Mukou e."
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Comm pimpage

Do you have FMA Muses/Personas? Seem to get out of control and can't handle the pressure? Feel like you need to let them out for a bit?

Well there is now a comm to do just that. Feel free to dump them in the comm in any open fics and allow them to interact with others (Just make sure you check with the author of said muses before you actually pull them into play). Collabs are more than welcome and any type of fic you wish to write is wide open. Both FMA muses from the series and any Made up personas that deal with FMA in any way are more than welcome to come play in our playground.

Misc grey ixi

FMA Scar/Ed yaoi fic: The One Place, part 2

Title: The One Place 2/?
Rating: Still a measely PG (NC-17 in future parts)
SPOILERS: For the end of the series, yesh, definitively.
Pairings: Ed/Scar
Notes: Inspiration for this fic is owed entirely to herongale, because she made Ed/Scar a believable pairing and I'm just leeching off her greatness. As for who this fic is really FOR... why it's for anax! It was his bloody contest that got it started, after all. (Besides, maybe the kinslayer will enjoy this and decide to write more Voluspa. ^.^ Muahahaahah, oh yeah, Voluspa...*swoons*)
Summary: “It is hard to hate you, Edward Elric. Even then, you were hard to hate. Both you and Alphonse.”

Also, another important detail: I beated and fixed up the first part, adding some bits. Please reread that, if possible, before marching onwards? ^^/U

The Once Place, Part One --> Fake cut to the previous part.

The One Place, Part Two --> Fake cut to the update.

Your eyes are heavy, you feel sleepy. You feel the irresistible urge to leave comments on this fic...
Soul Eater- BAKA

FMA pictures and merchandise from JAPAN

Hello! Just a quick post that amused me to no end.

Some of you whom don't know me.. well I just got back form spending 8 days in Japan.. and I will be uploading pictures and so forth as I get to them ( cause I have over 900+ X__x ) but I had to post this advertisement in the local 7/11 (( called AM PM ))

Cut cause it involves the movie.

Collapse )

I think it had something to do with a free .. toy or something./. I have a pencilboard of the boys I am going to edit and upload in this post at a later time.. but I figured this was just a little quickie to show everyone about it who is excited about the movie.

:) Lemme know if this is okay.. I figured it would be under a cut.
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Wall-E & Eve [1]
  • kirchu

Hi everyone! *waves*

I just made a community called anime_quotes, and you guessed it! It's a community of anime quotes! But since I just made it, I need a couple of help from you guys! You guys can help by joining and post some Fullmetal Alchemist quotes on there. :) It'll also be your source of quotes from anime!

Thank you for your time. Back to your daily...feeds of this community. >_<;

But oh, here's a big scan that I posted earlier today - just in case I get pomato'd at for spamming. :|
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