July 6th, 2005

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This is a little drabble/poem I wrote a while ago. It's sort of introspective-y, from Roy's POV. There are spoilers for Episode 25, but no other warnings besides that. Please enjoy!

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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Question about Fullmetal Fantasy Fan Film

I have a question about Fullmetal Fantasy. How spoilerish is the fan movie? Do you need to watch the whole series or just general knowledge of FMA?

Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about. Fullmetal Fantasy is a live-action fan film directed by Vic Mignogna, Ed's english voice actor, with a cast of fellow voice actors and FMA cosplayers. It is only shown (for now) at anime conventions Vic (and I think other FMA english voice actors) attends.

By the way, does anyone realized that Vic will be at Otakon this year? So, maybe there's a possible that he'll show Fullmetal Fantasy there? Too bad I can't go this year. :( But, some of my friends will be there and would like to see it.

[Edit] I forgot to add that some of my friends only seen the first half of the series, so they are worried that they might get spoiled if they see the film.

New Here

Hi! I just joined this community because I (of course) love FMA. I've seen most of the anime and read the manga up to chapter 48. It was very hard to find a good FMA community for some reason, and I'm glad that I finally found one that I like. I love the layout! So cyot! ^^

Um, I have a small question. Is alchemy real? I don't mean real as in the way it's showed in the series, but real as in...it can happen real. I've heard that there is such a thing as alchemy, but it's a bit different then what we see in FMA. So what would be in real life?

Sorry if this question's a little complicated.
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MCR - make some noise


OMFG FINALLY. I've been waiting for, um. Two weeks now? My State Alchemist Pocket watch just came in the mail! *frolics* And I come with pictures! X3

I had a video of me showing it off and everything, because the pictures are kinda blurry, but my computer is being a tard and I can't upload it. ;___;

I'm really happy about this watch though because it's like, the real thing with the right date on it. Y'know how those immtation ones have the wrong date on 'em and stuff. XD;;

Well, yeah. I dunno if you care, but you can look if you want!

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Pre-con Envy photoshoot

Yeah, I know Otakon is over a month away, but I'm impatient!  I want to dress as Envy now!  Thanks to digital cameras with timers (and being board) here's a few pics of my nearly finished costume.  I really shouldn't look that much like him.  It scares me.


Up until now, I've always cosplayed the sweet, cutesy chacters but this is too much fun! 

I still can't believe I'm going to show this much skin in public... O.O

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I was trying to work on the next drabble for Twilight and Dreamings and this little plot parasite attached itself. It's a short fic about the origins of Breda's fear of dogs. I tried looking around to see if backstories are developed without spoiling too much for myself and didn't really find anything, so if it's non-canon or AU, let me know and I'll take it down.

Anyway, here are the three parts of "Cynophobia":

Chapter One

Chapter Two

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Okay, I know this has been asked several times, but the computer that had my fma image songs and other FMA songs on it was stolen. I was wondering if someone could give me the likn to the site where I can get all of them. Thank you.