July 5th, 2005

dammit sin//sinbad&ja'far

Le w00t.

*can't remember if this is her first post or not* Well, er... I have nothing too important to say, but I made (oh God, not another one!) crack!Fullmetal Alchemist RPG. XD;; Hopefully, it'll work out. ^.^; Wanna join? Click the pic below! ^_^

{If this is against the rules in any way, feel free to delete it! ^^;)
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Mmm... Crack and a BBI Shirt

..I went to the Edison house in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and amused my self with many lightbulbs. In the end I begged my parents for this little 50 cent light bulb eraser which I have fondly named 'Envy'. Also , I take great pride (no pun intended) in mah shirt. Which I photoshopped and iron-on-transfered myself. The shirt might be considered spoilerific for Bluebird's Illusion... ^^;

( Fake-cut to Shindou's journal... )

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^_^ Yay

Look! Icons! YAY! XD I have one song set and textless versions, eight random icons, and two color bars. All FMA.

Rules: Credit not needed, comments loved, hotlinking not so loved. ^_^


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Whee fun. ^_^

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Dark Reality

A Question

I was watching my brother's FMA series last night and I noticed something. Since he imported the whole series from Japan, there's English subtitles but Japanese text on the menu area. I was (and am right now) watching an episode called "Flame Alchemist" with the subtitle in English saying "Alchemist of Flame". I don't know what it's called here in America since I've never seen the American version, so excuse me if the title's different.

Ok, here's my question: Since there's three parts to the episode, "Go For It Lieutenant" and "Monster on the 13th Stock" plus the main title, is this considered a whole episode or are they seperated into different ones? Is it different from the US version?
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Full Metal Alchemist Art Dump

Time for an art dump of my Full Metal Alchemist artwork. I've been working on prints for Ikasucon and so I decided I needed more Full Metal Alchemist prints. These were drawn, inked, and then marker colored. Then I scanned them and placed a background on them by computer. Please enjoy.

Lust- http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20216780/
Ed 1-http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20213814/
Ed 2- http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20216287/
RoyxEd- http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/20216634/

It Never Stops - More Icons!

Boy, you guys must be sick of all the people posting so many icons lately. XD Well, sorry, but I gotta show these to somebody. Let's think of them as a late 4th of July gift. :p Anyway, this time I only have FMA icons, and my first ever FMA colorbar. Also, the same rules apply for snagging and crediting as for my previous batches. Hope you like them!


ed_block alchemist_shocker

A Fake Cut To Goodies
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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Friday's FMA Cosplay Gathering of AX '05, Batch 2

Woot! I scanned up batch 1/3 of my Cosplay pictures from Anime Expo. Took me this friggen long to get un-lazy and scan 'em...

I still got 2 more batches to go... T_T

WARNING: Possible spoiler cosplayers or cosplay poses in both links!
Link to my LJ!

Also, more photos that I took with my digital camera, in case you missed these...

I know I'm not the only one who went to AX this year... I wanna hear from everyone else!

hi new member :)

hi everyone im new! and i have a few questions! i've only seen tid bits of the series but i've got the jist of it i do believe but what i dont know about is Ed and Winry's relationship..i mean do they end up together do they like each other what??

p.s. spoilers do not bug me, bring um on!
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FMA Merchandise for Sale

Hello all. In order to get some much needed cash, I'm selling some of my anime merchandise via a sale post on livejournal. Included in this post are a few FMA items. (There's also "InuYasha," "The Slayers," and "Rurouni Kenshin.")

Items available are:
- Clearfile
- Roy/Riza doujinshi (Hentai)
- Sticker Postcard book
- Half-size pencilboard.

Pictures of all items as well as tentative prices are located in this post.

Thank you so much!
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Wanna beta-test an AMV?

I intend to compete in the fall with this AMV. It's almost-but-not-quite ready for submittal, and I'd like to find out what you all think of this video. Leave me a comment in this post after seeing this video. Thanks!

The One And Only Edward Elric (tentative title)

"Equivalent Exchange" from the FMA OST, with Aaron Dismuke narrating (i.e. the English intro)
"The One and Only" by Chesney Hawkes, as heard in the Michael J. Fox film Doc Hollywood

Video: FMA. No significant spoilers contained within.

This video is intended to be more of a drama/character profile video, although there are elements of action and comedy contained too. Enjoy.

EDIT: Thanks so much for the feedback. I'm tweaking the video, and I hope to put up another beta version of the video soon. I'm glad y'all liked my work! :)