July 4th, 2005

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Just thought I'd pop in an tell you that Vic assaulted the Anime Expo karaoke room Saturday night and sang for the crowd. He did Billy Joel and some song I couldn't identify. I video taped a bit of it and as soon as I can I'll upload it.

Unless someone else wants to beat me to the punch? >.>
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After weeks on working on it! Is complete! Please read my latest fic :D I tried my best and I had someone very special help me!

Title: Fearing the name of "Father"
Author: Ma-chan
Pairings: EdWin, Roy/Riza
Rating: PG
Summary: Edward always though he was a good husband but what would happen if he found out he was going to be father soon? Would be run away from his trouble or stay enough to face them?

Fearing the name of "Father"

Reviews are Nice! :D

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Genie - :O
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Ok, I started thinking about the different types of alchemy available, and what might be possible, so...

::Transportation Alchemy::

more specifically

::Teleportation Alchemy::

Any thoughts?
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He's Ed the stampede! (Art and crack theory)

I'm sure most everyone has noticed by now the similarities between Trigun's Vash and FMA's Edward- Both blond, prosthetic-limbed, red-coated, leather-wearing walking disasters who trouble seems to follow like a shadow- well, except that Vash is tall, and Edward is a bean. *ducks flying tackle by Edward* My crack-theory is thus (and doesn't actually involve Ed and Vash being the same person)...

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Or, if you don't want to bother with the crack-theory, here's some fanart of Ed the stampede. :)

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Meh many Ed cosplays

For several cons I've been cosplaying as Edo. Some more grandly than others. Kamikazecon attendees would recognize me as "Spoiler Ed" or "Ed Who Actually Responds To Being Called Short" Aggiecon People know me as "The ONLY Ed there" A-kon "Movie Ed", "Smexy Ed" , "Spoiler Ed" and AnimeNext : "Movie Ed" "Spoiler Ed"

XD but my cosplays were such fun.
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I thought I'd bring my fanfic over here for your enjoyment.

Title: Complicated
Chapters: 1  2  3  4 5
Status: Continuing.
Rating: NC-17 - NOT WORKSAFE
Pairing: Roy x Ed

Title: Twisted Love
Chapters: 1  2  3
Status: Continuing.
Rating: R
Pairing: Roy x Ed x Riza


FMA movie background guidebook scans

Square Enix recently published a guidebook which serves as a fast background guide so that it'll be easier to understand the movie. It's aimed at those who haven't really kept up with the monthly movie news in magazines such as Newtype and Animedia, so this book compiles some information on the alter!world. (I have not scanned in the staff interviews. If you want them, drop a note.)

It also contains a closer look to Ed's arm and leg in Amsteris vs our world.

Please do not redistribute my scans without permission. That page will be friends-locked in a few days for obvious reasons.


Click on the link below:

home sweet home // [hogwarts]

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Alright, I have mentioned this RP before, but we need more members because we are sadly inactive, so I'm sorry for posting about it again.

There are spoilers so I'll put the info for the community under the cut, with a list of characters taken.

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If anyone is interested in joining, please read the user information and follow the rules listed.

White tern

"Fantastic" sketches

Because some people wanted to see these, and since they're obviously FMA fanarty things, I'm gonna post them here. ::laughs:: Ignore the really quick crappy cg job of the last one, I was bored. The first one is spoiler-free but the second and third contain end of series / movie spoilers, so I'm going to provide lots of gratuitous empty space between the first and second one for those who actually don't want the spoilers.. hehe.

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With hime1999's recasted!series, I never get any fanfic!bunnies; no, the ones I'm attacked with are all cosplay!bunnies. ^_^* So after hime posted this pic, I just had to make Pride's dress clothes. ^_^

And, thus, the results: link to more Pride!Ed pics (more pics via link)

Next time I hope to also have purple contact lenses. X3

The pics won't have any spoilers or anything for the series, since it's more of an AU thing. =) Although, I was rather amused when a few people thought I had spoiled the ending of the series for them by wearing this costume (that's been straightened out now). ^____^

Photos credited to viewpoints, lelola, and stray_wind.

This was worn to the second annual Cosplay Picnic held at Toronto's Centre Island. I think one of my favourite moments of the day was the Japanese tourists that recognized our group to be cosplayers. XDD
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FMA English Voice Actors
2 Travis Willingham

Fullmetal Alchemist
25 Edward
2 Ed, Al and Winry
3 Roy & Ed
4 Roy
4 Alphonse
5 Mustang's Gang
2 Hughes and Roy
1 Armstrong
1 Hawkeye
2 Winry
1 Hughes
2 The Brothers Elric
1 Al & Cat

Fullmetal Alchemist Fangame: Bluebird's Illusion (spoilers!)
5 Edward
2 Ed and Al
1 Roy
1 Ed and Roy
1 "Ed" and Envy


X-Posted like WHOA.
berun hah hah
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I just got the ED song for the new PS2 game!

It's sung by Nana Kitade, the ending song for the 3rd PS2 game of FMA. I really like the feel, it's so sad. I think I like it even better than Kesenai Tsumi now.
Sorry, but I can't post the direct download link, since I got it from an FMA chinese forum and the topic starter forbid me to post the direct download here.
Original Link: http://hagaren.n169.shbiz.net/ShowPost.asp?id=5074
By the way, any of you guys got the Broken Angel OST? I really want to listen to one particular song in it but can't find the link for it.
EDIT: Decision: Since so many people don't speak Chinese and it's hard for them to find the download, I've decided to upload it on yousendit with FULL CREDITS for the original chinese forum topic starter. The topic starter said 'No stealing' but never said 'no moving to other sites even with full credits'.
To shincon: I'm giving you FULL CREDITS here, this was seen by Arakawa-sensei, the great god of FMA.XD
So, the link:
Evil Genius

Something I thought some of our artistic types may like.

I figure this post fits the community since it involves A) Art, B) Weird inspiration, C) Anime, and D) Good looking guys with magical powers.

Besides, I've seen how insanely creative people here are ;)

My site hosts Random-Idea Generators, and until mid-september, there's a Magical Girl/Magical Knight contest. All entries are here.

So far since the contest started, we've only had one entry for a Magical Knight. And I thought, hey, where do I find people that like to draw guys with special powers . . .
Zacky ; Cutie


Heres my second batch of icons that ive made! :D I think im starting to get better at icon making ^^ These arnt too good, but they're kinda okay :D

[x]Winry (2)
[x]Sloth (3)

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