July 2nd, 2005

[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Friday's FMA Gathering Report!

The Friday FMA fan gathering schedueled for 6:30 actually happened at 6:00 XD

And I have pictures and a personal report!

Shoutout to our mod, billypilgrim who cosplayed as Ling, (sorry I had no photos of you on my digital camera!) and was my manga cosplayer buddy for the evening!

Full Report on my LJ! :3
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I need a little help, please.

Awhile back I found a Japanese fanart site where the FMA guys were being drawn as the Lord of the Rings characters (Riza=Legolas, Ed=Frodo) and I lost the site adress. Does anyone know it? It would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to delete if this is spam.
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FMA jacket search

I was looking through Ebay after I saw the entry about the Hagaren bubble bath, and I found this really cool jacket! The box it supposedly comes in looks official to me, but I can't find another one anywhere. I've looked through Ebay, did searches on Yahoo, and went to a bunch of cosplay sites, but I can't find another jacket like this one at all. :*( I would buy this one, but I can't use Paypal (correction: my mom will not use it) and the shipping is pretty expensive. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you could tell me: 1) if this is a real, official Hagaren product and 2) where could I find another one? XD Thanks for any help/sympathy/random love.
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FMA shirts!

So I went to Hot Topic and decided I'd lived long enough without an FMA shirt. I decided to get this one:

I got a large (shoulda gone XL but ah well) and it just happens to line up on me (being a B) that Roy's hand is groping my boob. lol. and he's got his fingers splayed out wide too, which makes it even funnier. So I now call that shirt the "Groper Roy" shirt.

Just to let Roy fangirls know, if they want to get groped by Roy, get that shirt in a larger size. XDDD
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More Movie!Aru goodness ^^;;

I just can't stop drawing him T_T.... please someone stop me >_< !!!

This time, the evil Deji brings you a wallpaper sized sketch of Movie!Aru, so if you don't wanna be spoiled, don't look at it ^^

Wallpaper sized since I'm CGing it for wallpaper purposes XD I'll post the finished CG once I'm done with it (40% done already).

Give Aru some love <3~

hope you like it ^^ Comments are apreciated =3
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I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally make FMA icons. There's 10 over at my icon journal, amongst other fandoms.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Check out the rest here. :D
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[sketch] #18// Armor!Al with Kitties for scionis.

Okay, finally got another one up. This time we have armor!Al (sort of, anyway) with kitties! (It's that sketchmeme again, if you were wondering.)

For scico.

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lemmeknow what you think? I'm really sorry if this wasn't the armor Al you were expecting. But honestly, I can't doodle the REALArmor!Al within 10 minutes. I'm not that talented. XDXDXDXD (<- ignore that)
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Fan Art!

Hii again,

I have come to offer Edward fan art! :D Chibi Edwards! Sadly....I mess up on one of them. -.- I wish I could color but the max I got was well black/white.

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I hope you like! Please Review :D

EDIT: New Art! XD Because Crack is love

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