July 1st, 2005

The art of FMA in Newtype's July issue....

I don't know if this was posted before....But the July issue of Newtype has the art of FMA in it.....I didn't see any one talk about it over here so I didn't know if it was posted here or not. I just wanted to let people know about it. I might scan the pages in later if I have time.....

If this was posted before feel free to delete the post.....
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Icon Giftiness ^^

Hiya! Er... I think this is actually my first time posting in the community. O_o At any rate, I've had the urge to make this for a while, and I finally did... and I think it came out nicely. XD Anyways, there's an LJ icon and an AIM icon... Since they're small, I won't LJ-cut. Hope you enjoy! <3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Rough translation I whipped up in half an hour for http://www.itmedia.co.jp/games/articles/0506/30/news036.html
Kudos to light_hohenheim for the link.

I've translated all of the text, but it's been a while since I practiced Japanese so there might be some errors/parts left out. Feel free to correct me.

I'm also not sure if Noboru-san's last name is Kaiten or not... :shrugs: I think it is... XD

Parantheses are my thoughts. :P

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Dunno about you, but I'm dying to see it. :laughs:
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FMA pizza hut

Allo! ^^;; A while back someone posted up a link to a Pizza Hut site that was giving FMA!Movie related thingies. I lost the link ;_; Can someone help me find it? I've been looking for it without luck.

Thanks in advance!
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[doujin] Page five of my Kimberly/Al doujinshi

Same old rules: Due to the content and subject of this doujinshi, the pages are locked to the members of the calm_bomber community. You must join to view.

Title: F@ggot (inspired by the song by Mindless Self Indulgence)
Pairing: Kimberly/Al
Rating: Whole doujin is NC-17, but this page is PG-13.
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, blood, offensive language, the works.

Page 5

See you next week, if you don't decide to back out now.
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Funimation's FMA Contest

hey this is my first post here and Iwas wondering if anyone else entered Funimation's FMA biggest fan contest.. well you had to say in 100 words why you love FMA and behind my cut is what i wrote and just so you know... my entry is ultra lame and there is no chance of it winning lol but here it goes

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if something about this was already posted you can delete it mods = )
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Quick Request!

All I'm requesting is a quick picture of Ling from the FMA manga... I'd appreciate it as I'm afraid to go to FM-A.com's manga viewer, (EEEEEEEH, THE SPYWARE AND POPUPS SHALL CONSUME ME!) and all I need is a simple face-shot...

Muchos kudos, cookies, and thank yous for all help I receive! ^^
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FMA doujinshi for sale

Hi guys! Just wanted to make a small announcement that I'm auctioning off "Est Est Est" doujinshi by the incomparable Yakumo Izumi (of GD-mechano), where the starting bid is not a million dollars, and you have the option of getting a complete translation of the book, as well. :) (not available anywhere else, to the best of my knowledge?)

If you're interested, please check it out. To the rest of you, sorry for the spam!
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(no subject)

:3 Afternoon! In a few weeks it's time for Connecticon (in Hartford), and since it's my first con, I was hoping to arrange to meet up with some fellow Hagaren fans~ If any of you have plans to go, tell me! And we'll plan to meet up and be silly fangirls!
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So.. Icons...

Alright, first post...
I made some icons and I was like "Oh well, ignoring the fact most 12 year olds could make these... Lets show the world!"

One of them is sort of spoilerish for Ep. 50... but its nothing big, I'd say..

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There should be more but PSP was like "NOPE SORRY" and closed on me! It was really neat! I was excited I got to experience something so great!

P.S. If your parents are like "wtf your laptop is new? You have 10 Gig of memory left?" don't let them see your 8 gig FMA folder. =D
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Fan Art! ^_^

I don't know, Ed looks a bit weird for me but hey, I done worst, so can't complain. XD I always wanted to see what would be like drawing Ed and Al in Suits...Well I drew it. Currently trying to ink it. ^_^; But here is the pencil sketch! I know Al is taller, I tried to make him taller...but I never finish making his hair. Such a lazy butt I am. XD

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Please comment =)

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Anime Festival Orlando

Attention y'all! I'm trying to get some people together for AFO this year, which is August 5-7, and I'd like to know who's interested! You don't have to cosplay or anything, but it'd be nice. We might be able to have a FMA take-over, mwahahaha! My friend is cosplaying as Ed and I'll be ghetto!Al and possibly Winry too. But it'd be so awesome if we could get a whole group of FMA fans together to storm the place.

The gathering will most probably be on Saturday around 11am to noon, but it hasn't been decided yet. So please comment if you're interested! I hope we can get a big turnout. ^__^