June 29th, 2005


Hey. This is my first post here. I usually don't bother with introductory posts and I'm not about to start. I'm just here to let you all know that I've updated my MP3 rotation site with all of the currently released character song files. Someone was asking for the Winry file earlier. Someone beat me to giving the files to them ~_^ (no hard feelings), but I figured I could still share them, as well as all of the others, here.

Enjoy them!

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Yep, it's me again.

All right, this little plot parasite was inspired by this. Namely, the part about Sues trying to transmute humans and nothing really bad coming of it. So, to counteract that, I wrote a short piece about a human transmutation that goes horribly awry (sp?).

Again, it's a two-parter. I wasn't going to post or even write the second part, but the first felt unfinished, so voila.

Just a quick note, I haven't finished the anime yet, so I'm going off of the manga. I'm also going with the assumption that everyone that performs a human transmutation sees something different.

The first is PG-13 for blood. It's here.

The second is PG and is kind of a follow-up chapter. I may delete it later and leave the story hanging. It's here .
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Part of my ongoing campaign against my case of literary stage-fright. :takes a deep breath and posts:

Title: Stray
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Erm... Envy?
Warnings: Character death.

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Envy's ability to change into pretty much anything - as showcased in the manga - has the evilest possibilities.
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*glomps Martel*

Hi! First time poster, sorta-long-time watcher. Yoroshiku.

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Keep in mind, the fanart isn't spoilerish, but the comments about it *could* be, for episode 40...so be warned!!
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South Park FMA Characters #4

More SP/FMA characters, lol. I'm sure your going to get sick of these eventually, but until then I'll keep posting them. Hope you like them, I attempted Greed in his armor form (is there a name for it?). Either way he's much more cuddly this way XD


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Title: Testimony
Author: Chauni
Warnings: Spoilers all the way through the series, hints of Elricest, drama
Author's Notes: I had the idea a few days ago, but I finally got a chance to write it. I slid my favorite quote in here and changed it a little, but if anyone has ever heard Radiohead's "True Love Waits", they'll be able to pick it out.

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Some help?

I was wondering if anyone could give me the link to the first chapter of the fanfiction, Pawns. I was looking for it, but I couldn't find it. >.<

Thanks in advance.
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Ficlet: For Her (Gen, Hughes-Centric)

Title: For Her
Genre: Gen, Hughes-Centric
Rating: PG
Summary: Hughes muses on his friend and on his daughter. Now, he finally understands something.
Beta: forgottenlover
Warnings: Introspective. Spoilers for the first five minutes of #25. Just the first five.
Thanks: akira_chan, you had a line in one of your fics that bunnied me. Evil woman. You rock!

Fake Cut Below!

( He never thought of himself as a hero... )
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Title: Glue
Rating: G... for Glue
Summary: ....glue
Dedicated to Arty, who mentioned something about glue and Envy.

It came in a tube. It was something only non-alchemists used. Envy was curious. After the man left, he broke into the little room and snatched the tube off the little wooden table. He squeezed one end of the tube. The contents shifted up. He squeezed the other end. The contents shifted down. Gleefully, he squeezed both ends at once as hard as he could.

Hours later, Lust spied Envy stumbling into their hideout with a poodle, a chandelier, 3 pairs of shoes, and Bette Midler stuck to him.
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Boingy Boingy Boingy

Contains squickish elements and more innuendo then you can shake a stick at. :P

Title: Boingy Boingy Boingy (don't ask.)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: The identity of 'that person', I guess.
Warnings: It's sick and cracked. XD

(Is this how y'do it? :P)

I blame this on lack of sleep, for it was written at four in the morning, if I remember correctly.
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RP/FMA Buddy?

Random question.

I'm going to be on the computer half the night, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to RP with me. Or just talk about FMA/anime. XD

I have AIM or MSN. Anyone interested? (And I like yaoi and het. I'd try yuri. XD)
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I'm looking for the new Plushies of Munich_Ed and Mustang. I know they have some at Cartoon passion and also that they have a Canadian site. The problem is, I e-mailed CP (canadian) to enquire if they would eventually get the plushies... but they haven't replied to me... my friend sent a letter last week and they didn't reply to her yet either.

Anyone knows of another place I could buy them? Canada would be nice but from the US is good too.

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Still Nina

Okay, I don't think this could have been posted before, but if it was I missed it -- and it was new to everyone else I asked, so...

I suggest checking out this song, titled Still Nina.

From the music page of D.C. Simpson, otherwise of Ozy and Millie fame.
12. [SND] Still Nina (4.2M): The first song I wrote in 2005. Like "London," it's about a fictional character, and you'll either know the reference or you won't, but it's not a requirement; it's just a song about losing someone you love and not being able to stop it. Lyrics.

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FMA RPG anyone? XD

I did this a while ago and I thought I might share. Somebody was thinking about transmuting FMA with D&D and I wanted to help. So behold the Human Transmutation Failure Chart. Very useful for Mary-Sues and Gary-Stues.

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Russell cosplay

Finished up the main stuff for my Russell cosplay. Still messing around a bit with the Russell wig because it looks kind of like a bowl cut from the front because of the roundness. >>;

Anyways, pictures.

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no other ones since i can't really find a place to put the camera and take cool pictures. I look too pudgy as always. >>

Those going to AX, look around on Saturday and maybe Sunday for this. :P