June 27th, 2005

big gun!

I am not responsible for any mental scarring caused by this fic...

The idea for a fic along these lines came to me in a dream, only that one involved the Fuhrer... by the time I had my laptop booted, I lost most of it. So I've improvised.

tir_synni, this is the story I was talking about.

Title: Remember the Lilies
Rating: R for gore
Characters: Roy, Hughes, Scar
Warnings: Character death, gory, and angsty is putting it mildly.

If you're looking for Hughes cuteness, lookit the next post down... not here.

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*waits for the squicks*
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Negative Concepts: Brothers will be brothers

Title: Brothers will be brothers
Series: Negative Concepts
Summary: The four finally make it to the train, N!Ed is having to use his brother as a hiding place, and is anyone up for a little helmet toss?
A/N: Had some fun writing this part out. So far the series is hitting 13 pages in works (10 point font) with a word count of 10507 words @_@

They had to be careful, otherwise the situation could become quite a hassle rather quickly...
Who Knew?

When your fandoms randomly cross, you know it's going to be a very bad day...

Especially if they're Fullmetal Alchemist and Mystery Science Theater 3000. I suppose a slight crack warning is in order.

A while back, my friend and I were watching an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in my dorm room. The episode featured a Mexican Christmas movie and I swear, only we could find Fullmetal Alchemist parallels in a Mexican Christmas movie.

These screencaps were going to end up as photo edits, but right now I don't have the time or effort to do that. So, just enjoy this small peek at Roy wish fulfillment and a slightly nasty jab at a certain female character. No harm intended, but you may want a fire extinguisher...

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Question ^_^;;

Does anyone know where Gates of Dawn comes from? i downloaded it from a site with FMA music without writing down where it came from (like the anime, game etc) and i need to sort it into my playlist *__*

i thought i could find the answer on google but i couldn't .__.

thanks in advance ^_^
Solitude / Text

Solve et Coagula-- EoS smutty fanfic offering of DOOM!

Title: Solve et Coagula
Pairing: Envy/Ed/Hohenhiem
Words: ~8,200
Genre: Smut. Unadulterated, unapologetic smut.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Entire series, wholesale. End of series
Warnings: Incest, pedastry, bondage, language, nonconsensual/coercion, biting/blood,
Other notes: Line snagged from Blake's "The Tyger" somewhere in there, abused Biblical references...
Dedication: For </a></b></a>absolut_artemis, </a></b></a>chauni, </a></b></a>yuuo, and </a></b></a>malica_blacke, all of whom inspired or strongly encouraged this particular bit of weirdness that I gave shape. Love you guys! *kisses*

Crossposted all over hell and creation.
</a></b></a>envy_x_ed, </a></b></a>fm_alchemist, </a></b></a>fma_fanfic, </a></b></a>fma_yaoi

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big gun!

(no subject)

This is the second part of my Havoc the Loyal series.

Title: Waiting Patiently
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none really, though there is a reference to an episode somewhere in the 40s.
Warnings: none

(Is it real?)

lemme know if you ant to read the first one, as I highly recommend doing so if you haven't already.
Girl - Naughty Girl

Random FMA List

The following is x-posted and fake cut to my LJ as my f-list seemed to enjoy it and I figured everyone likes having their day brightened a bit. ^_^

Lately, I've been thinking about the FMA fandom a lot. I was thinking about all the wankery, bitching, overly-opinionated-and-proud-to-scream-it-in-your-face types, trolls, scary people, and overall angsty tone of it all.

...So I decided to be different. To do a post about all the WONDERFUL things in the FMA (LJ specifically) fandom. Because as fun as bitching and wanking is (God knows I've done enough)... it's best to step back ever so often and be thankful for what you have.

Thus I present: Things I love about the FMA (LJ) fandom!

( Look Ma, a cheerful post about the fandom. OMG! )
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(no subject)

I was finally able to find some pictures of my Sloth costume from Anime North 2005. Unfourtunately the part I worked hardest on, the back stripe (which got stuck back onto my back by Vic himself *fangirl*), got no pictures. Here's my cosplay.com gallery with the two photos I have.

Don't have any plans to wear it anywhere else, mainly because I don't feel like sewing myself in again :P
Pensive Bones

Minor Hot Topic Update

So, from what I've seen of the possible future release designs....

I don't think that Hot Topic is again planning to really use the English title as the predominate title.... well, EVER again.

I can't upload things on this computer so it'll be a while before I can update pictures for folks to see some of the ideas that are running around.

Now if I can just convince them to lay off the human transmutation circle and using only Ed and Al it'll all be set....

Anyways, thoughts, questions, comments, requests for merchandise (not just FMA) please post them here... haven't done one of these in a while and I want to get some stuff to send out to Scott.

He'll be at Anime Expo so everyone say "hi!" who is going to be there! It's his frist convention. Be gentle, lol. =P
roses wither away

Because I'm feeling generous...

A few scans that I haven't seen yet, as large as I can manage them... (I have even larger, but they resize or lose quality on the servers. Boo.)

These are from some of the Funimation promotional cards that I've been gathering up (and that people have been finding for me) at various cons...

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And a card that came with the second GBA game...

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Apologies if these have already been posted, but I didn't find copies of them in my massive folders of downloaded junk, so I figured they're safe. ^^

..help please!

Hello! Does anyone know a site where there are scans of the FMA characters? I need one of Lust for a cos-play. I need to see clearly what she wears and stuff ^^; Thanks in advance.
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[FMA Fic]


Title: After III (working title)
Author: kazaera
Rating: PG or PG-13 for bad words and angst.
Genre: Angst.
Pairings: None.
Notes: This is part three of the After... well, it certainly seems to be turning into a series, and if anyone can suggest a better title, I'd be incredibly grateful. Previous parts can be found here and here. An AU in which the military found out what Ed and Al did around ep five and Edward was taken to Fifth Laboratory.

( Nobody seems to stare at the odd procession making its way down an alley in Central. )

X-posted to ishnaru, fma_gen, fm_alchemist and fma_fiction.
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Yet Another Icon Post! (last one for awhile)

Once again, I have more icons for you, though I did a bunch of serious work with most of this bunch. Most are for FMA, but I did a few from one or two other series as well. No spoilers, except for one that kind of hints at a spoiler, but it's not that bad. I haven't seen the second half of the series anyway, so it's practically guaranteed that I'd have un-spoilerish icons. XD Normal rules for snagging apply, and comments are appreciated as well! Be nice, though - some of these were the result of simple experimenting, so they may not be as great as they could've been. ^^'

Fullmetal Alchemist x21
Normal/Serious x13
Crack/Crackish x8

Rurouni Kenshin x3
Normal/Serious x2
Crack/Crackish x1

Yu Yu Hakusho x3
Normal/Serious x2
Crack/Crackish x1

Preview: ed_smile ed_blush

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