June 26th, 2005

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FMA fighting game

Does anyone have any translations/FAQ's/unlock list for the FMA fighting game Dream Carnival? My boyfriend recently pirated procured it for me, and it's alot of fun. Yeah, it's simple, no big combos or anything, but if you're used to/like Super Smash Brothers, you'll like this. It's full of crack too, for instance, at the end of the Roy and Riza Scenario mode (you play as them against a few other pairs of characters, ending in the Fuhrer by himself), you get to see a little ending cutscene, shown through pics that display reactions (much more expressive than those used in the PS2 RPG) that Roy and Riza go out on a date, 66 busts in and starts cooing over Riza, then apparantly he's garnered her a legion of fangirls who soon stampede, leaving Roy dateless and a little depressed.

And in the Ed and Al one, Scar cannot bear the cuteness that is one of the kittens stored in Al's armor... he gets hearts for eye.... hearts

So if anyone has any information to share, I'd muchly appreciate it!

Note: I've already tried all the usual suspects, Google, Gamefaqs, etc.
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No, I don't think so.

More Icons

This will be crossposted elsewhere... eventually.
[x] Havoc - 2
[x] Lust - 3
[x] Dante - 4
[x] Dante/Rose - 3
[x] Hohenheim/Sloth - 1
[x] Hohenheim/Dante - 1
[x] Winry/Sheizka - 3
[x] Winry, Sheizka, Ed - 1
[x] Ed/Winry - 1
[x] Ed and Armstrong - 1
[x] Roy - 1
[x] Winry/Sheizka Journal Header - 1
[x] Havoc/Lust Journal Header - 1

Most icons are from episode 45, though there are spoilers from before too, I suppose [Dantes body, I guess, if it's really a spoiler]

Icons over here
The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Nintendo DS Game Website & Commerical Update

Official Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy website. For the Nintendo DS. Japanese Only. Flash Required. Game Release Date: July 21st:

Two FMA:DS commericals (Windows Media Player 9 and up Required). Go to the "Hagaren Movie" Section at the bottom of the page:
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[alfons] neverland

winry's songfile cover~~

thanks for all ppl who uploaded winry songfile at least XD
i must say that i've waited for this one so long. however, i've downloaded one pack of zipped songs, but there's not cover scan included. can someone post big version of teh cover? i'll be gratefull~~ ^^
berun hah hah
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BOY FRIENDS! - romaji lyrics

I downloaded the Winry Song File from this comm today, and spend whole 55 minutes listening to this song over and over again and checking the lyrics, I've even sung with the instrumental version, and finally, I've done it. I'm going to do 銀時計 also, I did BOY FRIENDS! first 'cause it's easier, and no, I would not do the second song, it's simply...
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If anyone spotted someone stealing these lyrics, please report them to me, I would give you cookies for doing so.
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  • miki05


I am sorry if this question may sound childish but, does anyone know if FMA is translated aside English and Japanese? I want to hear how Ed sounds in French, Spanish or even Chinese...I am just so curious.

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  • corinn

Anime Expo 2005: Your Friendly SoCal Tour Guide


Anyone else staying at the Four Points Sheraton? I'll be there Friday afternoon through Tuesday morning. (WOOT! Fourth o' July on Monday~!) I'll probably be doing anime trades and marathons, because a friend is bringing her computer. There's a strong chance of watching FMA and Princess Tutu. Also, we have pool toys and it would rock to take over the swimming pool with people we can actually socialize with. If I like you at the con itself, I may ask you over anyway, even if you don't stay at 4pts. Depends on my friends.

If anyone else is going to stay for the Fourth.... we should have a big beach party down in Huntington Beach or Long Beach. My friends and I are familiar with the area. If we go to Huntington, which is nicer and has more parking and bigass firepits for the pyros, parking costs about $8/car. Just so you know... Ah, it'd prolly be crowded near Huntington Pier, so we'd prolly park waaaaaaaay on the end of that beach, where it merges with Sunset Beach. (By the Jack In The Box, for those familiar with the area.) The convenience stores on PCH sell firewood for the pits, so we dun have to worry about that. *shrug* It'd rock to have a party.

( Fake cut to stuff to do in the area, if you're willing and able to drive. Includes: Anaheim area, SoCal attractions & major shopping areas, Long Beach area, and beaches. )

If anyone needs help with their cosplay-- like, having someone draw Ouroboros or Flamels or any other body art, I'll help. =D

I'll be cosplaying Trisha Elric from FMA. X3 So I'll look like a country housewife, complete with apron. XD I'll be walking around with a Winry with short black hair XD XD XD and possibly a very authentic manga!Paninya (no automail arm), if slvrstarlight got her camo pants...

Crossposted a couple places.
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FMA Comic

Currently working on FMA comic ^_^; I am not obessed, just very into drawing lately, and since the only story that come are from FMA I just draw it ^_^; I apologies if it's a bit crappy, just a sketch for now. =) Also EdWin comic so um...is gonna be cute, YES they are sleeping together. XD I am also very impress the fact that I drew Trisha so well, considering its the first time I draw her.

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Please comment!

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Yuri Demon

Mini Cosplay photoshoot pics....

Hiya everyone. I come baring FMA cosplay pics from a photoshoot that my friends and I did this past weekend. My friend and I thought that we should get pictures of our Ed and Winry together because we support the fandom so much. ^^ I was the Ed and my friend (Otakutre on cosplay.com) was Winry. I'm wearing a military version for the reason that I thought it was be cute. ^^ Slightly image heavy under the cut...Well, enough of my jibber jabber....

Onto the pictures....but first...a teaser..

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We had alot of fun with this mini-shoot. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. ^^

x-posted in a few places...
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Hiro from Heroes


This weekend was Jafax, the local anime con by my house. I saw some great fma cosplayers and I was wondering if anyone from this community was there. it was in Allendale, michigan. I'll have pictures up soon
home sweet home // [hogwarts]

A little help!


I recently found out that the WInry songfiles were out, and so I downloaded them. But then I realized I barely have any of the other songfiles, and then so my search began. I have checked the memories for the community, checked some of the websites there(Got the Alphonse songfiles that way...), but I'm having trouble finding the Roy songfiles, and Asu he no basho from the Edward songfiles.

If anyone could direct me to a direct link, send it to me through email on yousendit or even over AIM, I'd be greatful, and So happy it's not even funny.

If I've been really stupid and completely missed the link in the memory section, I'm really sorry!

If anyone could help me, please comment! It's greatly appreciated, thanks a bunch!
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hikki [ utada hikaru ]

Fullmetal Emotions - Mood Theme

I just finished my second ever mood theme, and naturally I wanted to share it with you all. Features various of the FMA characters, though I couldn't incorporate everyone in. So sorry if you happen to be a diehard Scar fan!


1) No hot-linking. All images and instructions for setup are located inside the .zip file.
2) Please comment if you take it.
3) Please credit in your userinfo if you use it. "Mood theme by adaneko" is good enough.

Any feedback is much appreciated! It'll help motivate me to start on a new mood theme. Anyway, I hope you like it.

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