June 22nd, 2005


Any Fury fans out there??

Okay people, I know you're out there. Show yourselves. If you're a Fury fan, please, report here in a comment and if I see that it would worth it, I'll found a Fury community. I don't want to take careless steps and I won't do anything until I'm certain that my efforts will pay off. Why make a comm when nobody wants to join...? So if you like the idea, say so and perhaps we'll have our own little place to "fangirl" about our fave character.

Of course, if there are more capable people, with the desire, free time and experience to moderate the club better than me, just tell me and I'll hand the job over to you. Please, report too if there's a Fury comm already, which I didn't notice; two communities would be illogical to maintain.

Have a nice day.

EDIT: Eight in, two more to go. Does anybody know, where kawaiimae and swirling_chaos are hiding...?
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From www.fullmetal-alchemist.com

A Drabble for Thee.

Allright, music is the inspiration for many, no? Well, I have been struck down by a bit of a song that, when on repeat with this drabble, works oddly well.

Title: Do What I Must
Person(s): Hohenheim (Ed and Al's father)
Rating: G
Word Count: 206
Info: Inspired by Sarah McLachlan's "Do What You Have to Do." Mostly by the following lines: And I have the sense to recognize that
I don’t know how to let you go

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FMA 100 Themes: 10/100

Finally! Here they are! Themes 6-10 in my FMA 100 themes. Some of these...are a little on the crack side. I've been in a kooky mood lately and not sure why.

Themes 5, 6, 8, and 10 contain spoilers! SPOILERS! Okay, maybe not if you don't reeeeally look at them, but just to be on the safe side, better to see the entire series before reading these.

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I was just wondering if anyone could tell me were I could get the two latest chapters of the manga.I've been off for a while so I kind of need to refresh my memorie
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Atoli ♫ catch the color
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(no subject)

^_^ Another Ed/Winry fic! This time it's multichaptered :D

Holding Out For A Hero

Summary: It’s funny how much a fairytale can influence a dream. Damsels in distress, and valiant knights in shining armor coming to rescue them. But the shiny about this “valiant” knight is his arm and leg. Ed/Winry

Chapter 1: One Upon A Time

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(゜ω゜) んーごくらくー

Pic dump including Shirtless Ed Propaganda

So. Sometimes, I draw pictures. Collapse )

I am always filled with questions but I don't feel quite right asking them without some sort of gift to the world. The two most burning ones, at the moment, are: where's the Roy x Sche...Shes...look, I love her, but I can't spell her name? And does anybody have that doujinshi where Ed is sitting in Roy's lap and Roy is talking on the phone and doing naughty things to Ed? Also, one apparently by the same people where they go to an onsen and Ed blushes like a mofo.
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Bradley/Ed ficlet

Here's Bradley/Ed for the Slut!Ed ficlets.  I'm not too happy with it, but I'm hoping to get the anime soon, so I'll write an anime version then.  This is mangaverse, so it definitely contains spoilers.  ^_^


Hospital Visits )

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Plea for HELP!

I'd like to make a request of all you crazy fan geeks out there. Having never read a doujin (I've already been bugged about it, so hush!), I was wondering is any of you could link me to some good quality english doujinshi.

Thanks a million!
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Wallpaper - FullMetal Alchemist [Edward Elric]

YES, I am perfectly aware it isn't a particularly clear picture. If anyone wants to get me a better quality one, I'll redo it. >F That's the best I could manage. Think of it as part of the artistic effect! Artistic liberty also taken with the quote, and no, Harry Potter had nothing whatsoever to do with it. "The Red Tincture," or "The Great Elixir" just didn't sound right for this. XD;

Click here, anyway. I do think it came out all right... though I really need to find some new fonts. -.-

Hope you like... let me know what you think!

Cross-posted to fm_alchemist and soera.
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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard


Someone posted a link to the Drabble Matic thinger... and I went to TOWN on this thing... It's like sick and twisted Mad Libs!!

Warning: All of these range from PG-13 to R rated... you are forewarned...

Intended to be Ed/Winry... but...
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Izumi/Sig fun
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I couldn't resist to try... a Roy/Hughes one... XD
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This has been x-posted to my LJ with different characters for the second and third drabbles...
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[FMA Fanfics]

Hello, this is your friendly neighbourhood rabid genficcer going a-plugging.

First, a variety of drabbles, all gen. There's one starring Roy, one Greed, one Envy and one Ed. Enjoy.

Next, there's an AU which I'm not sure about but which kaltia told me to post. For shame, you big bully, for shame.

Title: After
Author: kazaera
Rating: PG-13 for mention of torture
Genre: AngstangsangstANGST.
Characters: Ed and Greed
Notes: This is an AU, starting after one of the early eps. The military finds out what Ed did. I think you can gather the rest from the context.

( He has forgotten how long it has been. )
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