June 19th, 2005



Oh. My. God. I've been working on Unsettling Affairs for ten months, and it's finally done. IT'S FINALLY DONE!

Now I must pimp it, because yes, it is FMA. Yey.

Start Date: Sometime in October, 2004
Posted on ff.net: 12-14-04
Final Chapter Count: 39
Final Word Count: 205,989
Completed: 6-19-05, approximately 1:40 AM.
Pairings: Mainly HavocxEd, HavocxRoy, RoyxEd, RoyxEdxHavoc. Various others scattered in between your toes.
Spoilers: Hell if I know, I gave up on trying to track what of my writing was actually spoilerific, so let's just say it's alternate ending.
Summary: Ed brings Al back, angsts, runs off to Dublith, angsts, gets with Havoc, angsts, goes back, angsts, gets with Roy, angsts some more, Ed dies, other characters angst, bunch of psycho chimeras come into the picture and fuck shit up, more angst ensues, Ed comes back, Havoc almost dies, insert orgy, angst, smut, angst, splodey. Did I mention there's lots of angst? -Too exhausted from this fic to write a proper summary, check the one on ff.net, I guess.)
Without further ado, the fic: Unsettling Affairs

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Negative Concepts: One-Way Trip

Title: One-Way Trip
Series: Negative Concepts
Summary: Just because you made it through doesn’t mean you can go back the same way
A/N: From now on, the negative counterparts to Ed and Al shall just be called N!Ed and N!Al. For the speaking parts the negatives shall call each other Brother and Al, the regular versions will use Nii-san and Edo. Help (I hope) to keep things somewhat straight.

The mirror was now shattered into hundreds, maybe thousands of little pieces...
natsume- yep!

Scar Resource Guide Project: Data Collection Phase!

Good morning, good morning, good morning! *affects Elysia-chan lisp; fails miserably*

I'm interested in putting together a resource guide for Scar fans, one filled with links and information about My Favourite Terrorist. Very simply, I'd like to create a one-stop guide to all things Scar on the internet: links to essays, image galleries, doujinshi (are there any?!), fanfic, fanart, spoofs, parodies... whatever.

For this I need some help.

This guide will be non-selective, meaning that I am quite willing to link to ALL webpages that are Scar-related, so long as Scar is prominently featured in the content of the site. Webpages will be sorted according to the kind of content therein, and editorial commentary will be kept to an absolute minimum. There will be no determination of which person has the 'best' Scar webpage or fanwork... I just want a place where people who like Scar can easily browse through everything that is available out there. Think Anipike hub... this will be a page with Just Links, and will be updated whenever a new link is made available to me.

I trust the ability of people to judge for themselves whether something is good or not.

It's not like Scar content on the internet is soooo overwhelming that this will be a very time consuming task (I think). I already have a ton of links that I've gathered over time, and very soon a preliminary guide will be up at the fma_scar community (and which will be announced and linked here). But I'm not omniscient, and you'd be surprised how unhelpful Google is when a character has a name like Scar. So, please... give me links. Pimp yourself. Pimp your friends. Pimp early, pimp often. I will look at everything, and the only inclusion criteria is that it must contain enough Scar that any Scar fangirl/fanboy could theoretically find it worth the click-through.
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FUNimation will be launching a Fullmetal Alchemist contest

From Anime News Network:

"On Monday FUNimation will be launching a Fullmetal Alchemist contest in conjunction with Viz Media, Tofu Records, Square Enix and Joyride Entertainment. The grand prize for the contest will be a trip for two to Japan to see a L’Arc~en~Ciel concert, a tour of FMA production studios, $1250 in spending cash and a $250 Hot Topic gift certificate. Ten runners up will receive “buttloads” of FMA merchandise. A press release with details will be available on Monday."

Original Article Here
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Solitude / Text

Since everyone else is doing it...

Title: Little Apocalypse
For: </a></b></a>empty_geas
Pairing: Kimbley/Roy
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG-13ish
Notes: The framing verses are the last lines of T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men", and there's another (misquoted, on purpose) pair of lines from Shelley's "Ozymandias" in there, too.
Words: ~1300
X-posted like a mofo, and fake cut 'cause I'm a comment whore, as per usual.

This is the way the world ends.
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Madoka ¤ Hurt


I am open to fic requests. I desperately need to write, and I figured I get a good amount of requests from here.

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Yay! School is over now and i have more time for my icons! ^-^
Угумс, школа закончилась =3 Теперь можно и аватаров новых наштамповать ^^

Greed [5]


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Feel free to use, but don't forget to credit! -_^
Если используем, оставляем коммент в ключевых словах! -_^

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Pensive Bones

"The Perfect Match" - A Royai Drabble

Title: The Perfect Match
Pairing: Royai
Spoilers: VERY SLIGHT movie spoiler if you can spot it; Post-Series
Rating: PG
Words: 171
Notes: I currently work for the US House of Representatives and my job is to basically sit in the back of the House floor and run errands when a Congressman or his office calls for a Page. So, in my slight boredom the other day during the whole UN appropriations thing, I started writing fanfiction. First, this drabble, and secondly, a post-series thing I haven’t finished yet. I BRING CRACK TO THE CAPITOL! =D

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(C) imbelossien
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Edward Fanart

Whew! Another pic just completed. First up, let me thank everyone for your support for the previous "fantasy" pic. ^_^ This time round, this pic is of a slightly serious theme of Edward. I'm unsure of how ppl will like it though. ^^; I think he looked kinda pitiful somehow.

Anyways, comments much appreciated at link:


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Amateurish Icon Post

As of late, I've really been into making my own icons, so I figured I'd share a few of them with you guys. You may have seen me using a couple of these before, but here they'll have a formal introduction to the journal, and be permitted for use by others. Not that I really expect it, but if you do take one, please be sure to credit. Well, most of them are just crack, but I hope you like them!



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Heh.....so, next time I'll be sure to make new ones and show them in an icon post BEFORE deciding to use one of them myself. That would kind of take away from the initial reaction of seeing it, I suppose..... :/
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