June 18th, 2005

Employee Ed

One mystery solved....

So, earlier tonight vicemage and I were skimming through my FMA DVDs for particular scenes to analyze for cosplay reference. While cruising through episode 3, at the scene where Roy shows up at the Rockbells' the obvious question came up of what on earth happened to the hat he'd been wearing earlier in the episode?

We briefly paused the episode to look at the coat and discuss, happening to choose the scene in which Roy is holding up Ed's letter that is addressed to a name that has seemingly nothing to do with the series.

At which point the answer to what had happened to Roy's hat became clear- James Herbert took it!
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haruma - ecouteurs


I don't know if everybody here read the mailing liste of the official anime website ?
Well, I got it each time but I just don't understand japanase xD (yeah I know, it's stupid :p).
I'll post here the mailing list each time, so if you understand japanese can you tell us if there something important xD in ? Thanks :D

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Balthier & Ashe.


I don't write that often, so yeah... but I decided to write a short fic last night featuring Roy. XD This is actually my first FMA fanfiction. ^^;

Title: Gamblin' Man
Rating: G
Warnings: None. :3
Summary: Roy has a day off, and goes to the casino. XD Written at 3 in the morning, after a few hours of playing the slots at Gaia.

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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

Fanfic: Alchemical Juxtaposition

Title: Alchemical Juxtaposition
Series: N/A
Summary: More exploring of Ed in our time period as an immortal (ala Sandman series by Neil Gaiman). He now teaches a history class at a NJ college, and today's special discourse is our world's alchemy. Askew are major pop culture references, so cookies if you can pick 'em all out. This is mainly just a juxtaposition piece.
Note: All historical information is acurate. I reserached as I wrote.

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brian/justin gundamnook

My first colorbar!

Ok, I have been talking to some of you and we've been discussing who Paku Romi has been voicing recently. And I was saying that I think I've loved everyone of the voices she has been doing recently (no I don't watch Shaman King or Digimon). So I made a colorbar of some of her recent characters she has been voicing!

Fake cut to colorbar!

Enjoy!! ^.^
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Crossposted . . . pretty much everywhere, actually, since I'm hoping to make some AMVs and icons, so it counts as anime/manga/game questions.

Okay, I'm getting myself a new computer, and I'm putting a whack of graphics programs on it. What I need to know is: what are the best programs, by exact name, for creating Flash movies, .mpegs, .wmvs, .avis, and animated .gifs?
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