June 17th, 2005

Tada!, Ed tada!
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An informative scan~!

Zra drew last night, but not only did she scan the fanart, she scanned what appears to be an overview Timeline from the Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Book: Story side.

There's more time lines, but this is the most all encompassing one:

When I'm able to, I'll scan the other time line pages and post them. (They appear to list things, not only in the order that they happened, but seperate them into character specific timelines for many characters, as well as listing which episode the event occurred as well as where the even occurred! But that's all I got out of it, aside from year. Damn my lack of Japanese skills.)

Huge scan is here!

I like how it references Ed's age in each year. I wish it listed Winry's birthday, but it doesn't. (It lists Roy's and Hughes--both 1885--and Riza's in 1889. And yep, it marks Al's too, but I think that's it for the birthdays.)

I think the other list of years since something has something to do with the Ishval war. (Since the end of that war? Or what? I dunno... Since someone joined the military? See? I'm clueless as to what it means!)

It'd be AWESOME is someone wanted to translate it, since I bet many would like an official timeline reference. *hint hint, nudge nudge*
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Bonjour, mon ami

Does anyone know where I might be able to find some English sound clips? Namely, of Ed reciting off the elements required for a human transmutation (episode 1)?

Thanks so much if you can help *skitters back to his hole bed*
Worship me, Ed worship me
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Hmmm..... smexy....

Zra drawededed! =D

First she sat down and tried to draw. But to no avail nothing would come out!

ANd then Zra made sudden breakthough progress!

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Is it a picture of younger happier day, or since they look older than those days in the drawing, is it of a 'what if' scenario in which loss of flesh did not occur?

Zra was so pleased to be making progress than she had to continue!

She intended to try and get a nice 503 drawing done, but Ed and Winry must be arguing right now. Or Winry was arguing while Ed was being oblivious to her and the world.

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Once again, Zra was happy, and wanted to draw some MORE! Ed can't sleep forever and has to get properly ready to face the world in the mornings himself....

Collapse )

...or did Zra just want to catch Ed off gaurd as he got dressed in the morning... or an excuse to draw his backside... OMG did Zra try to channel manga!Winry's back fetish?? (Nah, looks more like an ass view to me.....)
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FMA Movie: Opening song

i saw it from a chinese board (Blue Bird's Illusion's one to be exact):

L'Arc~en~Ciel × P'UNK~EN~CIEL
「Link/Promised land 2005」
2005.7.20 ON SALE

☆劇場版 鋼の錬金術師 シャンバラを征く者」オープニングテーマ(7月23日公開)
☆ポケメロJOYSOUND CMソング(6月22日特設サイトOPEN)

1. Link
2. Promised land 2005
3. Link (hydeless version)
4. Promised land 2005 (TETSU P'UNK vocalless version)
5. Promised land 2005 (TETSU P'UNKless version)

■初回生産限定盤  KSCL-881~882 [CD+DVD 2枚組] 1,300円(TAX IN)
DVD:「劇場版 鋼の錬金術師 シャンバラを征く者」劇場トレーラー2Version等 収録

■初回仕様限定盤 KSCL-883 1,020円(TAX IN)
※初回特典:「劇場版鋼の錬金術師 シャンバラを征く者」ムービーフィルム封入

according to the board, Promised land 2005 is the opening, but i'm not sure ^_^;;
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hallo, i'm new to this community. i've been stalking it for some time now, heh heh. my name is lizardqueen and i thought "Why not show off a little drabble i made?" um, i hope it's suitable.

heh i wrote this in 20 minutes.

Title: Tuba Lessons
Author: lizardqueen13
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Scar/Al
Rating: uh, probably R-ish if you can catch my drift...

x-posted on lizardqueen13's lj.

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The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang (Parts 18 - 21)

Title: The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang
Author: Dria
Spoilers: Still none
Warnings/Pairings: Roy/Ed. Implied past Roy/Hughes. The angst is finally over and from part 20 onwards we have kissing. About time too.
Author’s Notes: As usual all parts can be found on my website as well as here - Parts 1 to 5, Parts 6 to 9, Parts 10 to 13 and Parts 14 to 17. This is all I’ve written of this fic so far so it’ll be a while until anything more gets posted.

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Collapse )

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TBC at some point in the future…
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[doujin] Page three of my Kimberly/Al doujin

At this point, I think most people know the drill, but...

Page three of my Kimberly/Al doujinshi is up at the calm_bomber community. Due to the subject matter of the doujinshi, however, the post is under a members-only lock, which means you have to join the community to see it.

Title: F@ggot (inspired by the song by Mindless Self Indulgence)
Pairing: Kimberly/Al
Rating: Whole doujin is NC-17, but this page is PG-13.
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, blood, offensive language, the works.

Also, this doujin contains some spoilers for the end of FMA as well as spoilers for the movie.

Page 3
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Yamashita fight-O!

help in finding a post.

I need help in finding a post in this community.

A long time ago (by which I mean a very long time ago), there was a discussion in this community about Roy's gloves. I think people were commenting on it's scientific accuracy and someone came up with a real life alternative to it? I've been looking for this post but it's quite impossible, having to go through the archives of this community T_T If anyone has the link to this post or any related post (discussing Roy's gloves), I would really appreciate if you could give it to me, as I need it for a school assignment.

Thanks in advance and I hope this request isn't breaking any rules.

Horray for Chibis!

I have this compulsive need to draw everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING) chibi.  

I've been working on a FMA chibi set and here's a preview:

Ed  http://photobucket.com/albums/v294/Haylerzz/?action=view&current=Edward2.jpg

Al   http://photobucket.com/albums/v294/Haylerzz/?action=view&current=Alphonse2.jpg

Envy  http://photobucket.com/albums/v294/Haylerzz/?action=view&current=Envy2.jpg

I have to say that Al is the most difficult chibi I've ever drawn! ^_^;  I've seen lots of chibis of him, but I had to make him go chibi my style!

I do plan on drawing more... a lot more.  I want to at least do the main cast, but I will do others by request.  Please don't steal!  I sell these things!  If  used, please credit to Kasandra_Callalily (my Deviant Art name).

Some day me and my army of excessively disproportionate chibis will take over the world! ^_~