June 16th, 2005

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FMA figures

I saw this figure selling at my local anime store and bought one for myself. It seems to be a rare figure on the net so i would like to make it avalible for FMA fans out here =3 Will ship to US/Internationally, please ask. All prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS

( FMA ED & Al figure for SALE )

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Does anyone know where I can download the opening video of Ready, Steady, GO? I really want to get some screen grabs of the bloody snake and cross symbol, and I can get it from a video file, but I just can't find one for myself...

Thanks! ^^
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Yaoi fanfic: "The One Place" Ed/Scar

Title: The One Place
Rating: Measely PG
Important SPOILERS: For the end of the series!
Pairings: Ed/Scar... pre-slashy?
Summary/Notes: Er... for anax and his evil contest. ^^U Inspiration is owed 100% to herongale for her incredible fanfic: "The Flooding Dark, the... somethingorother" XD Go read THAT!

The One Place (ultra fake cut!)

And now, back to Ed/Havoc-ish things... Ph34r my x-posting skillz! Yah, F-LIST, sorry for the x-posting spammish-ness!
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looking for a bigger version of a scan...

I've been looking for a bigger (like, huge) scan of this for a long time, but I can't find anything... I dunno, maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. ^^; If anyone can find it for me, I'll love you forever. :D

And... so this isn't just a request, here's a couple pictures of my plushie & figure collection-

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I have too much stuff... butIneedmore! *bank account weeps* XD

Yeah, well... that's it I guess. o.o *flees before she gets shot* ^^;
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Icons from Meh!


This is my first time posting icons so please bare with me ^^; I am also not very good as you can tell, but I am trying! If you plan to use it, please give credit to Ma-chan :3 Which is my nickname~


It has been cut and added to my Journal :3
Teh Icons

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Let's be Bad Guys

Question on Art Books

I've been wanting to purchase an FMA art book, but I don't know which one would be the best for me. Art book-wise, could someone tell me which is the best in terms of lineart and character illustrations? I want one that has the most linearts and character design pages so I can use it to further my art and cosplay. I know about the Initial Materials book, but I believe that there is one (possibly more) that contain more linearts and such in it. Thanks for all the help! *huggles and Al cookies*
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Izumi Cosplay: Part #2

I showed my coat before (along with Gundams raping plushie!Alphonse- but ignore that for a bit XP), but now I got most of the outfit done! Also, since it's the end of the school year, I've gone and got my hair done nicely for a short photoshoot of my almost-finished cosplay! :D All I have left to do is adjust the coat a wee bit more. Then one other thing, but I'm going to see if you guys can find it. :3

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