June 15th, 2005

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hm...well, I don't really make icons all that often anymore, but for some reason I decided to go ahead and make some. (Okay, okay, really I'm just mustanging to avoid typing up the story I'm supposed to be doing). They're full of angsty goodness, so enjoy. Perhaps I can be persuaded to make more later.

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Edward- Wicked mind

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Title: Hopeful Hungry
Rated: Not work safe
Pairing: Gluttony/Edward, hints at Envy/Lust
Summary: Gluttony was trying to find something that wouldn’t leave him hungry.
Notes: Yes, I wrote a Gluttony fic with a pairing, be afraid, be very afraid. Actually, it came out much better than I expected.

( He was hungry again )

fma candy dolls

Having fun with the website: candy doll. I have way too much time on my hands sometimes... >_< I tried making Hawkeye, but it didn't come out great...Will try again. And possibly try make Winry and maybe Lust....In modern clothes XD.


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Ed. It doesn't look like Ed..Looks more like Alter! Ed...cause of the hair >_<

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A Crossover on the way to a Karaoke Tragedy

i'm not sure if anyone has heard these but they are absolutely something not to be missed! ;P

wanna hear Ed and Al sing Melissa? ( yes )
earlier, Naruto corrupts Ed into Sexy no Jutsu teaches Ed his version of Envy's ability ( Edo no Henge )
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NOTICE: these are authentically Ed, Al (and Naruto). in other words, Romi Paku, Kugimiya Rie (and Junko Takeuchi), their japanese voice actors/seiyuus. ;)

if you want more crazy stuff like these, tenjoukreuz has the show included in most of her Naruto radio files.

MIRROR: (both files)

I come bearing Mustang Drabble! (Spoilers AHOY!)

Just figured I'd drop off this little drabble here. For anyone who hasn't seen past episode 25 DO NOT READ! THIS HAS SPOILERS FROM ALL SORTS OF EPISODES!!!

now that Ive got that out of the way.

Title: Just a little Longer
Rating: G
Warnings: SPOILERS!!! all for after ep. 25.
Roy can't sleep and his mind wanders to everything thats happened.

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done in about 10 minutes. comments adored!
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Lost Heaven -L'arc~En~Ciel

(1rst time I post! #>.<# forget about my awful english XD)

please forgive me if someone have posted it before ^^°°°
For those who have already seen the film teaser (FMA-Shanbara Wo Iku Mono), I've found the ending theme "Lost Heaven" by L'Arc~En~Ciel (Ready Steady Go [2nd opening]^^).
I just can't wait any longer T.T!!
Sorry if it's not high quality ^^°.
Lost Heaven
I've found it on a French website and dunno if I'm allowed to put the link here... >_>. Sorry é.è
Any way, you can found an extract of the song of the official L'Arc~En~Ciel website here(clik on Lost Heaven ^^°°) but it's not very useful any more ^^.
L'Arc~En~Ciel official website
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I unveil... old challenge!crack...

Many days of weeks ago, youkofujima mentioned a little game where you take activities and FMA characters and draw them out of a hat, and then write or illustrate them. After starting and then forgetting, I am ready to unveil for you six slighty-wonky (since it's been too long since I've really drawn, and I used a camera since I have no scanner) crack drawings. This is image-heavy, to warn those of you on slow connections, and number three could be interpreted as slightly spoilery for manga and anime. Enjoy!

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I've been a lurker for a veeeeery long time, waaaay back when the FMA fandom was still a tiny little thing. *remembers those days fondly* Er, anyway, sort of disappeared off the radar right about when the dub was released in America, came back to find the fandom ginormous and decided I might just contribute a little something to it as well! *takes a deep breath*

So, I come bearing... a lot of stuff, really. There's not particularly good art, slightly better fic (though I'm still not happy with it, @_@) and a wallpaper I tossed together real quick.

Can't say any of them are really good, but I hope some of you will like them. *grins* Do let me know what you think, yeah?
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Supersizers: Stayin&#39; Classy Since 1954

Fanart- Greed, Kimbley, Roy


Kimbley Disturbingly Happy (Rated PG.)

Kimbley Sleeping (Rated PG.)

Greed Laying on a Bed (Rated R. Warning for full-back male nudity.)

Studies of Roy (Rated G.)


Pre-Sealed Greed Angry (Rated PG-13. Inspired by "Perfecting Loneliness" by blue_soaring.)

Pre-Sealed Greed in an Opium Den (Rated PG. Warning for mild drug use.) This is the "sequel" to L'Heure Verte (Rated PG. Warning for alcohol use.), which has an accompanying fic by tookhernowhere.

Black and White

Kimbley Has a Shiny (Rated PG-13.)

Enjoy! Feedback is welcomed (and coveted)!

Icons update

I was so excited when i saw my todays friend list so i've decided to make some icons of my own too...
Какое у меня настроение, такие и аватары.. Депрессняк одним словом -.-

Ed_Greed [1]
Wrath [3]

//These Wrath icons are made special for evil_mazoku Hope, you like them ^^


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Feel free to use, but don't forget to credit! -_^
Используем, но не забываем об авторе! -_^

Crossposted to bebi_vegeta , fullmetal_icons , ru_fma
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Zacky ; Cutie

FMA Sketch

Okay, this is my first Hagaren sketch that ive ever done, so I know it sucks >_< I drew it a few weeks ago but I never got around to uploading it until now, its a sketch of Moofy Wrath and it kinda sucks, but whatever ^^''''

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Well I haven't made an icon post since I think March? I think my icon skills have gone downhill since then. :/ Well you guys be the judge of that. I actually branched out and did a lot of other animes. I usually do some anime but this time I did different ones! So yeah anyway enjoy! Credit is always nice. Please add join/add i_consent for more icon goodness.

>> credit if taking [please credit to filipinoz_rule, and not i_consent :)], comment, enjoy
>> brushes and textures provided by 100x100_brushes, teh_indy, dearest
>> images from google.com, ANIMEGALLERIES, cap_it kurogane, Some are images screencapped by me
>> Bleach x1
Chobits x5
Chrono Crusade x7
Card Captors x12
Escaflowne x12
Evangelion x12
Full Metal Alchemist x17
House of Flying Daggers x3
Inuyasha x9
Lain x3
Naruto x15
Slayers x7
Mr. & Mrs. Smith x4
Tsubasa Resivoir Chronicle x2
White Chicks x4
'X' x2
Misc. x1

>> total; 118


( more various anime over here! )