June 14th, 2005

People die and Yuna dances
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Winry - fanart

First post to the community, although I've been watchin it for a while.

Done my first FMA fanart today, a quick one.. but I'd be glad to receive your comments. ^^ Contains japanese text spoilers for chapter 48, no image spoilers.

Link for the image on my DA account: here!

Thanks in advance!

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Wewt! Another fiction! Damn bunnies are just popping up everywhere! I swear, they pounce upon you when you least expect it! I’m having a bit of fun with this one, although I honestly should know better than to try working on two fictions at a time. Ah well. I’ve been working on this, when honestly I should have been trying to finish the other fiction. I’m the goddess of procrastination it seems. Decently long chapter. Or at least long compared to how my chapters normally are in fictions… Comments and crits welcomed, and loved (and quite possibly molested).

Title: Adamantine Dreams [Chapter 1 - A Reuniting of a Sort]
Series: Hagaren
Coupling: None really in this chapter, Alphonse Heidelric x Ed planned for later.
Rating: PG? I’ll give it a PG-13 just to be safe. X3
Disclaimer: I don’t own Hagaren, nor any of the sexahness that is the characters. They belong to Hiromu Arakawa-sama. Love her, for she is the_almighty. The lyrics at the beginning are from ‘Four Seasons’ which is from Inu-Yasha: Tenka Hadou no Ken. I don’t own that either.
Other warnings: This fiction takes place after episode 51, and thusly… is quite spoiler-filled.

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KH; OT3; its simple & clean.

A weird point.

So due to a recent post in the community which shows the new Animage scans ( as seen here ), I came to notice something slightly offish that I don't think anyone else has quite picked up on yet. If they have, my apologizes I over looked it. Anyway, check out what I notice and tell me I'm not going crazy ... or prove me wrong. Spoilers abound, that should go without saying.

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Image Search Help

I don't know if this is allowed, but.........does anyone know where I can find some good 100x100 pics of Armstrong? I want to find a clean one to use as icon fodder, but I've found it really heard to find FMA anime/manga pictures of that size online that haven't already been tweaked into personal icons, so..........can anyone help me out? :/
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Madoka ¤ Hurt

Roy no Meme....

I wanted to know if anyone had a (preferablly translated) Roy No Meme Doujin. (It's the sequel to Gun No Meme. O_o;;) If someone could send it over YouSendIt. I'd love you forever.

Or ANY Doujin for that matter. I have none. >.<;;

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hxh // kiru // the internet is for it

[sketches x3] Al w/kitty, SDLust, crapHoho-papa.

Okay, school's over, summer has started, I have time, so I'm trying to finish the meme. The meme will close at 25 requests or if I beat you to the end (meaning, if I finish before 25 requests are filled.) So far there are 22 requests so 3 are still open. As of this post, I've completed 16 of them.

Today's meme-sketches:
#14: Human!Al w/ kitty for sailormac
#15: Lust for fairyfey
#16: Hoenheim for wiccat

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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I'm probably going to end up going back and fixing these three, or something. Or perhaps, after I'm done with my Naruto SDchibi sets, I'll turn some of them into SDs...cause these were really bad. [headdesk] I'm really sorry. [stabs sketches]

[EDIT] The meme is open only for one more request. It's closed after that. If you want it...[shrugs] Not that you do. Heehee.
[EDIT] And it's closed. Finally.
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SPN Sammeh

Armor!Al cosplay help!?XD (and... rants)

(Sorry for posting again.oo;;)

Been watching a few anime ep's and rereading some manga volumes (chap.30!) again just to figure out how the hell the Armor-Al's chest-plate open's and closes!

Yes, me and my twin bro is really planning to make an Armor!Al for cosplay... out of paper-material's! (Also, forgive us if we can only make it a bit short than normal, I can't get Al's 220cm height!)

The only thing that's bothering us is how Al's chest plate get's opened.oo;; Actually, I already have some idea's, but I just need some random pics that might help, since there might be some scan's on some random FMA artbook or something that might help.^_^;; And that's the thing I'm needing right now...

(Yes, just some rare detailed scan/pics of Armor!Al. Anything can be useful, really...)

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(Advance) Thanks for the people who will help! So sorry I'm not always online.
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Genie - :O
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..update.. for the last time. ^_^

Re: Hagaren Crack

Ok, I fixed the pronounciation for "hagaren" as well as balancing the sound levels a bit more and getting rid of the noise. This is... ze final copy that I will post, because no one wants me to spam with this thing. So this is the last you'll hear from me about this.

I contemplated changing "A virgin I can't be" to "he'll take my virginity" but I decided against it. Feel free to change it yourself though, if you want. ^_^

Fake cut to "Hagaren Crack"... final version!
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I come bearing (Roy Mustang Theme shaped) Gifts!

I've created a Roy Mustang Mood Theme that can be used by anyone with a LJ paid account. I've posted instructions on how to load it up and files at my livejournal so that everyone can use it:


image hosting by http://www.freeimagelibrary.com/ weird image hosting by http://www.freeimagelibrary.com/ thoughtful....image hosting by http://www.freeimagelibrary.com/ surprised
image hosting by http://www.freeimagelibrary.com/ nerdy image hosting by http://www.freeimagelibrary.com/ mischievous image hosting by http://www.freeimagelibrary.com/ jealous

(Link to full instructions and files)
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