June 13th, 2005

Sakura Silk - refreshisama

At It Again

If you remember last week, the psychotic cosplay group Kakumei Media decided to auction an "Imaginary Girlfriend" (idea stolen from www.imaginarygirlfriends.com) Riza Hawkeye cosplayer.

Well, they're back. And this time, they've brought a certain Colonel along...

That's right, to continue the joke, Kakumei Media is currently auctioning Roy Mustang!


Oh yeah baby, SEXAY!

And for those of you who were at SakuraCon, YES, this IS the Dancing!Roy from the cosplay contest. You love it baby!

Did I mention I love my cosplay group? XD
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Pre-movie poster some of you probably haven't seen yet...

It seems I've been spamming this board with scans lately. ^^

Some of you may not have seen this, but it's a poster scanned from Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Guide: Story Side. It's post-series, so I won't describe it here because it's a spoiler.

Credit goes to raidenokruez76 for touching up on this so that the folded lines originally there are gone.

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  • miki05

I wrote! OMG *Don't kill meeee!!*

Title: Longing Warmth
Author: Miki05 AKA Nyago (FF.net)
Pairing: Roy/Winry & EdWin
Rating: PG?
Chapter Count: 1 (complete)
Total Word Count: Er...lots?
Note: All she ever wanted was for Edward to understand her All she ever wanted was the warmth, until the person she at least expected it, gave it to her.


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[apples] skull

[fic] Of Blood and Soul 01 - Of Family

So I go to make an icon because I found a really nice screencap, and suddenly my icon turned into a plotbunny for a multi-chapter fic. *headdesk*

Anyway, here's part one. Feedback is good, keeps me from sucking so much.

Rating: PG-13 (NC-17 in upcoming parts)
Pairing: Envy x Ed
Spoilers: Up to Episode 50, with massive AU-ness after that.
Summary: Envy wants the one thing he can never have. But there's a handy subsitute nearby for him to make his own.

( This cut's a poseur. It goes to my writing comm. )
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Manga Chapter #48 Q&A/Discussion

Oh me, oh my! *spasms*

I just finished reading the scanlations for chapter #48 and I have a few questions that I'd like to ask about it, and I will do so inside so I won't spoil things for anyone. That being said (and to make myself clear), spoilers are going to be found within so if you haven't read this far you probably won't want to read any further. Blah.

Discussions and view points on what's going on are also something I'd be interested in. Yes, it's true, I DO value your opinions! *cheesy wink*

FMA!Crack at its finest

I got to thinking about the state where I live (and currently go to school), and then FMA!Crack took over. I live in the state of South Carolina, and guess what... Our freaking state tree is a Palm tree (It's the Palmetto, which is a short type of Palm)!! The state itself is called the Palmetto state (The state of Palm trees XD!), and we even have it on our state flag!

So South Carolina is the State of Envy XD!!
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{STOCK}✿ sunflowers!


Duh. Forgot to post this.

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Cursed Elixer is coming out July 13th. RESERVE YOUR COPY TODAY!
It'll be $39.00, I think.

(I reserved mine seven months in advance last time! I feel bad about not getting down there until a month beforehand...)
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Fan Art!

I know I mess up on Roy BIG time but you know what? Don't care XD I barely draw him so I doubt I will again unless I want to draw him tease Ed more offend. Um...Quick comic sketch that came to mind while working. God I am so bored....


Ed: So you think you know everything don't you?
Roy: Of Course Full Metal
*Both playing Chess*
Winry: Sometimes I wonder if they are really..-
Artist AKA Mary: Please don't say it....
It gives me thoughts...

LOL. Yeah Is meant to be Winry thinking Yaoi thoughts, yay! WE ARE ALIKE!

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I don't post here much but here's a scan the image of Ed and Al laying down together. It's not my scan. My friend over MSN sent me this and I thought I should have shared it..

*spoiler from end of series*
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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Movie Instant Ramen?

A few days ago, I visited a random japanese FMA fan website and this person posted a picture of FMA movie Instant Ramen. From what I remember from the website, I think you can buy some at Lawson, a popular japanese convincence store chain.

Warning: End of Series and Movie Spoilers. You know the drill.

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