June 12th, 2005

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Guess who just got back from Collosal Con? Me!!! Sorry, no pics yet but my freind had the camera. I will however scan you one of the *most favorite* thing I bought!!! Soon. For $35 I got not ONLY a working pure silver Edo-kun style Alchemist watch (with inscription) I also got the symbol on Ed's jacket as a necklace and a box with *very* pretty artwork to keep it in, and a Fullmetal Alchemist style passport thingy. I think, that one's written in Japanese so... ^^ It's all pretty and makes me go Squee!!!
MCR - make some noise


I discovered one day, while searching the net that Not A Shrimp had these really nifty iPod spoofs of Ed and Roy on thier funnies page.

Uh yeah... But they were bad quality so I took one and fixed it up a little and decided I wanna share... The idea is from Not A Shrimp and if this is against the rules in any way, I can delete this.

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artemis; credit to: <lj user=aamalie>

FMA/Eva crack #2

Yes, another amature drawing by me featuring..basically a FMA character in an Eva character's clothes, lol. This one is Bradley/Fuyutsuki. Drawing Bradley's face was fun but the rest was fairly boring considering there's not much about Fuyutsuki that makes him stand out (besides his own face).

Well, either way, this one's boring, but I think the others will come out better (I can't wait until I draw Al as an Eva, lol).


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waves of sound

Hagaren names site

'Allo ^^ Just thought that people in the community would be interested to know that I recently completed a site looking into the history and meaning of the names of the characters in Hagaren, Onomastic Alchemist. It's 95% finished, but as I read more of the manga and when the movie is released, more names will be added (because I am the Full Nerd Alchemist, you see XP).
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Lovely Dean

VERB! It's what you do!

Finally decided to post this in the comms, been on my own LJ so if you've seen it, I apologize. But here they are again.

Hagaren Verbage. Educating the Hagaren Nation today for a brighter tomorrow.

Mustang: \mus-tang\ mustanged; mustanging vb 1: to procrastinate to the point of no return. 2: to shrik like there is no tomorrow. 3: to scream at your subordinates to stall for time. (call in fake bomb threats, run amuck)

Riza: \ri-za\ riza'd; rizaing vb 1: Unrelenting and unwavering loyalty to duty, country and colonel, no matter how cracked they might be. 2: To stamp out Mustanging in any way shape or form it is found with rigid protocol and sharpened tongue. 3: To hone ones skill at gun weilding, bullet riddling fury on any said mustanger within in target range. (co-workers, food service employees, bank personnel)

Ed: \E-duh\ Eded; Eding vb 1: to take any insignifgant slight to be the most insulting thing you've ever heard in your life. 2: to be unforgiveably short. 3: to be the fangirl object of abject angst in the entire of the known universe.

Havoc: \Hav-uck\ Havoced; Havocing vb 1: to be so unrelentingly unlucky in love as to be avoided by others for fear of infection. 2: to be so dyslexic as to be unable to utter words like Colonel and Major, instead substituting Boss and Chief. 3: to keel over from cancer.

Hughes: \Hue-z\ Hughesd; Hughing vb 1: to obsess to the point of commitability. 2: to amass amazing amounts of dangerous information and not tell anyone. 3: a living kodak commercial.

Al: \Owl\ Aled; Aling vb 1: to be the answer to donna reed in the Hagaren Nation. 2: to embody brotherly love bordering on squickiness 3: to clank when startled.

sky_dark knew her excessive mustanging was going to get her riza'd, but she hughesd over the verbs in the shower and had to post them before she forgot. hakuyama gave her an askance look and stared pointedly at the car keys, causing sky_dark to Ed about the need for food anyways. She went on the porch to havoc, but hakuyama followed her and Aled her bad mood away.

Verb! It's what you do! A PSA of the Hagaren Nation

And if you're interested in my attempts at comedic drabble, here's a little ditty: Semantics. Competely G and worksafe.

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Newtype July

I'm ling and I'm new here!!! But well, this is NOT a introduction post for myself as doing something like that doesn't seems to be allowed here. I scanned this month's Newtype for a FMA site and someone there suggested me to put it up here in LJ so others who don't visit that site can have a look at the scans. I've notice that a few small scans were posted here a few days sgo but what I'm putting up are full-size scans so it isn't really the same thing.






It's okay to post it somewhere else as long as you give me the credits for scanning. Or else I'll shoot you
Solitude / Text

Loss and Longing

Title: Loss and Longing
Pairing: ...it's a surprise. Really. ^_^
Rating: RG
Warnings: Language
Spoilers: Whole fic is set post-series, so...
Words: 500
Notes: This is as close to fluff as I get.
Fake cut 'cause I'm a comment-whore and X-posted like a mofo.

On nights like this...
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Father's Day Prez!

I wrote this Roy/Ed fic in honor the event of Father's Day coming up. I admit, it was a little difficult writing this fic but I had to release my depression of the approaching holiday somehow.

Ah, nothing like pouring out your problems with a fic. *sigh*

Title: Surrogate
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: PG for mild language
Genre: Angst/Psychological

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As I said. Kinda difficult for me to write.

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My first lame public atemt at wallpaper >_

I got bored....desided to make some wallpaper.....very lame wallpaper....I really dislike how the 1024x768 came out....too much blank space...but bare with me....I only did this a few other times and I usualy just make just make 800x600....but anyway....if you wish to use them anyway go right ahead!:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us -|- Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

The Roy/Riza picture was scaned by papercut917.
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*psst* got any good RoyxEd fanfiction?

Alright, I'm coming out of my I-REALLY-am-a-good-girl-when-it-comes-to-fanfiction closet long enough to ask for recommendations of good RoyxEd fanfiction. I've only been able to find a few.. maybe I'm just not looking in the right places or something. :/

Any help would be appreciated very much! Please add fanfiction fuel to my fangirl fire!!