June 8th, 2005

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Roy Mustang shrine

After three days of working on this website with gravitykills, we've finally finished the star of our domain.

Please do visit and tell us what you think about it? It's not completed yet as we will always update it with any new information we can. Many thanks to the people who have helped us with information and suchness.

And now, I'm going to pass out.
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Sleep? What is this...sleep.

Well, I finally am getting around to posting this up. I drew it a few weeks ago, scanned it in...then found my laptop's hard drive is basically going to die. Soon. :O But it's been backed up at last so I could get this picture (and all of my fiction >:3) off of it. I'll see about allowing for fic requests after I finish a few others (which are pretty long already) but anyway...

on with the picture~ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/19207052/
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Voice Actors

It's me again, with another random question. I hear Ed and Roy's VOs have 'battles'. Or whatever. Question is: GIVE ME ED'S LJ NAME PLZKTHX. o-o; So I can stalk watch him like all the others. >>; Mhmm....
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big gun!

Roy's a minskirt fan

I was struck by inspiration because my A/C's currently broke, and we dunno what's wrong with it (my dad is a foreman for a heating and air conditioning company, and he dunno what's wrong with it >.<

But anyway, so yeah. Central's A/C is broke.

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FMA has warped my imagination

Does anyone else listen to Flogging Molly?  Their latest CD, "Within a Mile From Home," has a song called "Seven Deadly Sins."  Lyrics are here.  It's one of my favorite songs, but every time I hear it, I can't help but picture the Homunculi as pirates.

Just thought I'd share.

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CRUD!!! *Kills VCR*

Okay...so my VCR ate my refrence tape I was using for the gender switch thing....so who knows when the first episode will be finished (I'm only up to the Cornello's radio adress part T_T ) So I know that this whole gender switch thing is long over due, so....I give you a small glipms into Rae's (Female Roy) Diary just to give you a small taste!

Title: Diary of Rae Mustang
Rating: G/PG
Character from: Fullmetal Alchemist Gender Switch series
Length: 318 words
By: chill_shadow (Tori D.)

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Well it's not the best and I don't think I'll continue it anytime soon...But what do you think? It was just a quick thing that I made before starting on the series its self.

I also got the idea from who ever did that Roy's desk diary thing from awhile back...but I can't remember who it was...it was posted I think over at fma_het....
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Well kiddies, this is it. My can series is finally finished! I saved the inspiration for last, and I think it's GOTTA be my favorite. Slaughtered my silver pencil crayon, 'cause you just can't get it shiny unless you really grind it into your paper.

For your viewing pleasure, the final installment...
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I -might- do others if I really get the urge, and if I do, Envy would probably be next. Cross your fingers, wish on a star, and it might happen :P
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Squirrels have NO SOULS!

FMA icons

Wow, I actually got inspired to make Icons...

I was listening to my iPod when a song I pretty much had forgotten came on;
I Know You're Out There Somewhere - The Moody Blues
...anyways, here's six icons inspired by the song. I may make more later... anyways here they are, and I also provided song lyrics for those who don't know the song.

I wish I was better at making Icons, these are OK at best IMHO..


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So, to celebrate my brand-spanking new permaccount, I made a 12-icon series using the chibis from the FMA schedule book. Whee, chibis! Feel free to take and use, just credit me.

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Al/Ed: Just a Feeling

Armor!Al/Ed.  I think I'm running out of shounen-ai pairings.  *shrugs*  Anyway, this is a little high, like R--NC-17 (I'm not sure; I suck at ratings), so I thought I would toss out some warning.  Anyway, here's this ficlet:

Just a Feeling )

Sorry for x-posting and (again) spamming.  *coughs weakly*

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Movie Soundtrack!


According to CDJapan, the Theatrical Feature Fullmetal Alchemist The Conqueror of Shambala - Original Soundtrack is due out July 20, 2005 (that's three days before the movie! XD) and is available for preorder here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=SVWC-7270

I'm REALLY excited to hear this. I heard they recorded a new Russian song for it! <3 And you can't go wrong with Ohshima Michiru!
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