June 7th, 2005

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I was just watching the beginning part of Fullmetal Alchemist on Adult Swim (episode eleven, I think)... Fletcher was saying something to Russel or Edward or Alphonse (I wasn't really paying attention; my focus was on my Livejournal friends page), but I could have sworn Fletcher said, "Run, Forrest, Run!"

I really have no idea what he actually said, but I couldn't stop laughing. XD

>.> Sorry if this post is stupid and unnecessary. Delete it if you want to.
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[fic] Tardis - Chapter 1

Title: Tardis - Chapter 1
Author: Zalia Chimera zalia
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter. Will most likely go up.
Pairings: None yet. Will eventually have EdxRoy and some others.
Warnings: AU. Bad language. Violence. The occasional bout of bad sci-fi (if you've seen Doctor Who, you will understand). Englishness.
Notes: Okay, this is a fusion of Fullmetal Alchemist and Doctor Who, although you don't really need to have seen Doctor Who to understand this fic. I'm just picking and choosing bits of both series that I like and making a lot up myself. Some chapters will be based on episodes of the TV series, some will be entirely made up.

If you want to know more about Doctor Who (and see a picture of the Tardis...) I suggest these sites:



Summary: Roy's day was going just fine until the mannequins tried to kill him.

Many thanks go to shido for poking me into writing it and for spellchecking and for kytyngurl2 for betaing for me ^_^

Hope you enjoy!

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Pokemon D/P Mugshot

Mood Theme

Argh... I got an Anime version mood theme but I can't remember from who. ^_^; I think it was someone on here... ><# Tell me who so I can credit! And get the like THREE that I forgot to save... >>;
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SPN Sammeh

Tsk! Stop throwing paper around!XDXDXD

Well... Just a 2 page comic-thingie (GreedXAl!XDXDXD)... But you'll only understand why, if you've read the manga.^^;;

It's worksafe.=3

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Then, a (nearlly) EveryoneXAl fic!

Late night-made fics.XD Forgive the weirdness! (Yes, my fave FMA chara is Alphonse)


They didn't expect that sleep could hurt...

Pairing: EveryoneXAl!? (Sus!)
Rating: PG-13, hopefully humor(corny), disturbing? drama? fluff?
Notes: Random people who should be 'dead' are alive here (xcept Trisha, since she started everything, haha!), since it'll add spice. Anyways... This isn't your normal 'Sleeping Beauty' story!XD (BTW, it's not much the fairytale story)
And again, in the manga, Alphonse can't sleep when he was in armor.>D A bit of manga and anime combined, FYI. So things will get a bit confusing in the start. I'll try to explain everything who's who on the way. (No, i'm not talking about old man 'Who'.XD)
(Be thankful I didn't put the GBA chara's here.)
A few SPOILERS!!!(kinda)

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MISC I&#39;m short but you&#39;re stupid!

first OST request

:D *wave* Hoi~ I'm back to ask for another favor! *selfish brat* There are a few things I've been poking around the internet for, and sadly, haven't been able to find :( Oh the blasphemy~ I'm mainly looking for a zip file of the first Hagaren OST, and I'm also looking for that one song they play as Roy says it's gonna rain in eppie 25. D: I'm hoping that song is on the OST, but I'm far from certain. Anywho, if somebody can help me out with either I'll love you until my attention span runs out. :D
Sakura Silk - refreshisama

Hughes Song File Tracks!

Haven't seen these posted here yet, but fullmetal-alchemist.com has posted up the tracklisting for the Hughes Song File. It shall go as follows:

1 そして今日も世界は (Soshite Kyou mo Sekai wa...) (And Today the World is...)
2 Angel Heart
3 パパと遊ぼう (Papa to Asobou) (Play with Papa)
4 そして今日も世界は(インストゥルメンタル) (And Today the World is... (Instrumental))

And, to quote the bottom of the post:

Track 3, though I cannot confirm, seems to be a duet sung by Fujiwara Keiji (Maes Hughes) and Yoshida Mayuri (Elisia).

Thanks to Sycia for posting that info there!

(Also, I hadn't seen this confirmed in the community yet, but it seems that the second track of the Winry Song File WILL be a duet between Winry and Sheska <3<)
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Greed/Ed: Defenceless

Tried to write another Havoc/Ed fic.  Was supposed to be another 15 minute ficlet.  It kicked my ass and said "No!".  ...So I'm working on it, trying to fix it up, and maybe I'll just say screw it, toss it aside, and start a new one.

Until then . . . here's a Greed/Ed fifteen minute ficlet.  ^_^  Spoilers for manga chapter 29.

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Sorry for x-posting.

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Ok, today my mom bought me some new shoes...(FMA related)

Mom: Here they're really cool!*hands shoebox over*
Me: M'k...
*opens shoebox and sees palmtrees on shoes*
Me: *Brain --> FMA --> Envy*


*laughing hysterically*

Mom: ...?
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A little cosplay...


I happen to have the privilege of being a member of one of the most fun cosplay groups that I know of. Kakumei Media (formerly known as Viko Arts) loves having fun with their cosplay as the next person. So much so that when cons aren't going on, they're always trying to find new things to do for a good laugh.

For example, this is their latest foray into seeing just how far they can push things: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=5979453024

Yeah. All they wanted to do was see what would happen XD

I love my cosplay group <3
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Japanese movie theatre question

So what are the requirements for getting the postcards and chibi figs for the FMA movie? My browser(s) are not behaving properly right now, so I can't see for myself.

I'll be in Japan from July 13th to the 27th, so I'll have a chance to got preorder tickets, if that's necessary.

Anyone know?
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Hagane no Kotogakko (Part Two!)

Hey everyone. I'm back with my second FMA crack-fic ever - the second installment of my Hagane no Kotogakko story! I hope you all find it funny like the first one, even though I tried to write some parts of it seriously. ^.^ It's longer than the first one, too, so be wary of that.

Click Me!

If You Haven't Read Part One, You Should Read It First Here

Trust me. The story is crackish either way, but Part Two will seem too random unless you've read Part One beforehand. :p
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Ed Hat


You might remember my Al hat from around the same time last year... this year, I made an Ed one to complete the Elric pair :3 My enthusiasm about completing this hat this weekend was slightly dampened when a friend who went to Fanime Con told me Funi was coming up with new hats and debuting them in Anime Expo O_O (she didn't tell me which series, but... aoh...) But anywho, here is a piccy of me in the my handmade Ed hat

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Envy/Ed: Letting Him Live

Was supposed to be a fifteen minute ficlet, but I had to keep going through the manga (and yell at my hellion nephew).  Took a little longer than expected.  Oh well.  Here it is: Envy/Ed, spoilers for manga chapters 12/13.

Summary: Envy, Ed, and the Fifth Laboratory.

Letting Him Live )

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super serious arting

A pimpy post

I've seen these. Hey, if its not allowed, I offer my ass freely to be craved.

I'm seeling off all of my doujinshi collection. Quite a few of which are FMA, if you are interested (all starting bids are $5USD) you can check out my eBay auctions. There's doujinshi from other series as well that you might be interested in.

Once again, my eBay auctions, cheap doujinshi to help me pay for things. XD
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