June 5th, 2005



Another quick ficlet.  It's kinda difficult to write manga-based Hohenheim/Ed, which means I'm going to practice more with it later.  *shrugs*  Anything in my quest to pair Ed with as many FMA males as possible.

Summary: (spoilers for manga chapter 42)  Edward tastes like Trisha . . . but is just a little spicier. 


Sorry for x-posting . . . and spamming so much.  ^^'''

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I've noticed several ficcages being posted on here, so I decided to go ahead and post one of my own.

If any of you recognize this fic, that's because it's been posted at both Fullmetal-Alchemist.com and the royai community. I would've kept it there, but seeing as this fic is so controversial, different, and just plain sick at certain parts, I decided to expose it a little more.

Just doing my duty of shaking up the tranquility of the FMA fandom. XD

Plus I also feel like I lurk too much around here, anyway. ^-^

Title: All About the Miniskirt
Pairing: Roy/Riza
Summary: Riza Hawkeye knew she was getting more than she bargained for when she agreed to become aide to Lieutenant Colonel Roy Mustang. She knows she had not been his only aide; there were many others before her. Unlike them, Hawkeye ends up undergoing a never-ending battle of wits with her new boss. However, instead of a woman with brains being a turn-off for the upstart stallion, Mustang only increases his pursuit of her thus worsening the situation.
Rating: NC-17 for language and explicit sexual themes
Genre: Drama/Dark Humor/AU

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Good? Bad? What the hell are you on, Shardy? Whatever it is, I am much interested in your thoughts.
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Aero - nyah

My Fullmetal Pony

I couldn't stop at just Roy....so I give you the Ed Pony....now I just need to get my hands on the bases I have in mind for Hughes and Alphonse....ohohohohohoho

For the record automail is a pain to paint on anything....(I linked to the images cause they're big like the last time and I conceed LJ is better than I am >__< )

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['Mini'-fics]: "Solace in Similarity" and "Lost and Found"

I bear with me the mini-fics hagane_no and sailormac requested from me a short time ago. Obviously, I got busy with other things and these thus come just over two weeks after my inital target date, but at least I finally got them done. In any case, here's the one I wrote for hagane_no, who wanted movie Ed and Al, with Elricest if I could. I gave it a shot, though it's pretty tame, with more implication than explicitness and probably not with the movie Al they expected. Probably PG in rating. Obviously, there be spoilers for the end of the series. (911 words)

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Next, the fic sailormac requested, another post-series fic, this one focusing on Al, who begins to recall his lost memories after viewing the armor he was bonded to for so long. Thowing the time fifteen years into the future made this the more difficult mini-fic to write, which also ended up mutating from my original idea and becoming rather lengthy. But as with the other mini-fics I've done, I wrote until I felt that I had satisfied what I set out to do. In this case, it just took a fair bit longer to do so. Again, there be spoilers. (2,781 words)

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Hope you enjoyed them, and since they're fun and wouldn't get written otherwise, should anyone else like a mini-fic, I'll still take requests. As before, I'll write just about anything. Just comment with what you'd like to see and I'll give it my best shot. I'm out!
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Some colorbars

Yay, my very first colorbars ^.^ I think i'm gonna make more later...
Ура, мои первые колорбары! =3 Потом буду делать больше =р

LJ-cut contains one Greed colorbar(FMA), one Tooi colorbar(Pocket Monsters), one Shuu colorbar(Pocket Monsters)
Под катом Грид, Той, Сю.

//Для ру_фма > Извините, что сюда попали карманные, просто я этот пост дублирую по всем трём сообществам >.>

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Feel free to use, but don't forget to credit -_^ (well, there is already a link to my journal ^^')
Используем, но не забываем про автора -_^

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We Have Guns.

Extra Episode?

Hello all! A while back someone posted a link to the extra FMA episode (and as I don't know what it's really called, I can't very well search for it). I'd appreciate it if someone could either give me a link to it, or at least some more information.
Thank you.
Misc grey ixi

Ed/Havoc YAOI fanfic: Under Heaven (part 1)

Title: Under Heaven
Rating: NC-17 (overall, but this chapter is PG)
Important: This fanfic is a direct followup to ( A Time for Everything ), I guess it can be read on its own, but it would be much better if you read ‘A Time…’ first.
Warnings: Huge spoilers for the entire series, particularly and – most of all- THE END.
Pairings: Ed/Havoc, hints of Roy/Riza
Summary/Notes: Summary… summary… Well, roughly put, this fic is partly owed to devils_devotion for getting me addicted to this unlikely? pairing, and to tir_synni who somehow lead me to pwn myself (don’t ask. O_o), so, much luv, this one’s for both of you. (Blame THEM!) The premise? Mainly…^^ to go where no woman has gone before, and write a…*takes deep breath* Post-series, NC-17 Ed/Havoc yaoi, plot-driven WIP. Yeah, I said plot, WIP, post-series. WTF… XD

( Under Heaven, pt 1 (very fake cut!) )

Sorry for the X-posting everyone! ^^
SPN Sammeh

(fic+fanart!) Marry me, Roy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist and it's characters. K?

Ah, to be married...

Pairing: HughesXRoy, and some Elricest
Rating: PG-13, Humor/Romance?
Notes: Everyone's OOC... BUT! I bring HughesXRoy with lotsa love!XD (And it was another desperate attempt to make a humor.;_;)

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More HughesXRoy--
Jusy a portrait thingie of them.=3

Inner-Fox, What-Lies-Beneath

New Community and A Drabble!

I am proud to announce the first LiveJournal Sheska/Winry community! books_and_bolts has been created and would love some members! So, if you are a fan of Sheska/Winry, please join!

Also, here's a little drabble I wrote for the occasion.

Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Title: Trinket
Rating: G
Pairing: Sheska/Winry
Word count: 144

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Roy_Ed Lucky Star!

FMA cosplay

Hi all

Well I think I've joined the bandwagon of FMA cosplayer. Now... I thought about doing Ed but...

1) I'm a little on the chubby side
2) I have brown hair (although wigs can remedy that)
3) I'm errr heavy chestwise? so I'd be a chesty ED
4) I am taller than Ed... (isn't everybody?)

I have been watching over the philosopher stone arc (thanks to sailormac and I thought... You know I have brown hair, glasses and do look nerdy cute... I think I can pull looking like Seska. Just one thing that's been bugging me though, when she goes into the army service, she wears a similar uniform than the others.. but she wears a skirt. Up to now, I have NEVER seen Riza wear a skirt... Why isn't she wearing one?

someone posted a picture of Seska earlier... do you mind if I use that picture for reference?
Crowley WTF

(no subject)

OK we've seen the FMA cast as cats. And horses. So after a glance at some of my various books, I started getting a twofold question in my mind:
1) What animals does the cast most resemble?
2) What legendary animals does the cast most resemble?

Below are my thoughts. I'll modify it if people make suggestions.
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