June 4th, 2005


Havoc/Ed: Heat

This pairing has been bothering me, and it took me all of twenty minutes to write this, so here ya go.

Summary: Sometimes, even the legendary Fullmetal Alchemist grows cold.  Implied Havoc/Ed.


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^_^;; A bad little fic I did last night.

Summary: He's alway bought things for her. Some real ridiculous things. It was about time she returned the favor. Ed/Winry [Oneshot]

For You

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One without a name

Divine Woman of War (no pairing, PG) 1/1

Title: Divine Woman of War
Author: Spinny Roses
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Volume 1 of manga
Posted to: spinnyroses, tears_priestess, fanfictionlj, fm_alchemist, fma_7sins, Fanfiction.net
Disclaimer: Don't own
Notes: A heavy Greek mythology influence.

During the day, the dream seems like folly. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye stands behind Colonel Roy Mustang, laughing silently about her silly dreams, her hand never straying far from the gun by her side.

( Divine Woman of War (Fake LJ cut) )
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Hello anyone care for some Crack/Smut??

I've been reading this community (and occasionally commenting to it) for about a month but this is the first time I've offered anything up to it. So I'll go with my latest feat: Armstrong/Havoc. It's NC-17 ish, and yes it's crack, because you can't have Armstrong without crack. Other than that it's not too kinky. Warnings for Armstrong's Ego and Havoc's (quite understandable) reluctance.

I posted this on FM Yaoi this morning, so if it looks familiar, it is.

Anyway, off to the fake lj-cut:

( Family Honor )

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Shamelessly pimping a community. I hope none of you mind ^^


Dedicated to BONES, FMA's producers. A truly excellent studio, as if FMA weren't enough show for that. They were also behind series like Wolf's Rain, Scrapped Princess, and Rahxephon. Join! =D

I doubt many of you will be interested, but there should be some, at least. It should be a good place, though. I plan on lots of media sharing for the various series, comparisons, discussions, etc. so it should be fun.

Ling/Ed: Sleepless

Just a quick fifteen minute ficlet.  Slight attempt at humor.  Featuring Mischievous!Ling, Oblivious!Edward, and Snickering!Ran.

Summary: The night before their joint-attack (spoilers for around manga 45/46), Ling offers to help Ed sleep.


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Scan and Announcement

because hork13bajir5 requested this earlier and I happened to have the book with the picture....

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I finally got around to updating The Fullmetal Alchemist Club on DeviantArt so there's a new contest in place. June's theme is "Brothers". Check it for details.

On another note, I redid my Hughes video with cleaner footage and better lip sync and other fun changes. If it doesn't get lost in the mail tossed by the judges for violence or something, it will be in the AMV contest at Anime Expo. Yay.