May 31st, 2005

A Picture Request

Does anyone have the group picture of Roy, Riza, Al, Ed, and Winry where Al's cats run amok? Roy is looking smug holding a martini glass or something, Riza looks like she is going to shoot a cat, and there is a cat or cake on Winry's head...and all of them are dressed fairly formal. anyone willing to give me a link to that picture or was the description too vague?
big gun!

linkage needed

I need something to keep me busy since school is over and such, and so I'm looking for an active FMA RP that welcomes original characters. Yahoo or LJ preferred. MSN not so much.

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Madoka ¤ Hurt

Fic Challenge....

I wanted to issue a fanfiction challenge. ^__^

Basically, Roy x Ed (Or Ed x Roy, if you could pull it off) with the category of.... Sweet Sex.

Now, when I say that, I mean like.... nice sex. O_o;; I don't know how to explain it, but it would make me flip out if someone could write it. Preferably sex before they're in a relationship. Like, the sex is what puts them in the relationship. Sort of a unspoken agreement, know what I mean?

That's all. ^__^;; Thank you.
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The glowing alchemists...

Just to let you all of you who were at Anime North know, the glowing riza and kimblee were me and my best friend. THe glowing wasnt intentional, it just happened that we couldn't get the right material for trim andthats all we hadto go on!

Sorry if it ruined anything guys.
Lila Negra

One Wrath and one Edo fan art ^^

I have done some fan arts... well, drawing and painting it's not my special ability, but I tried my best T_T.

Here is one of Edo (my first attemp drawing him!):

Don't pay attention to the title, I just was too alone that day ¬¬'.

And here one of Wrath, and it's the first time I tried to paint it with Photoshop seriously, so, please, don't be mean T_T:

Well... you people are great, I love being in this community ^^!
That's all for now, but I promise to bother again later!
PD: Mwajajajaja!!! ^O^

Edo kun [fanart]

Well, it's not really a fanart, but a crossover (never tried to draw FMA without other anime >.>)
Edo kun in Pocket Monsters style =3

Я как всегда в своём репертуаре =3 Эдо кун в стиле Карманных Монстров '^_^

Full view ->

Comments? Комментарии? ^^

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Well...I'm tired...


Title: Aetas-Prologue
Rating: PG (Edward's language and violence)
Relationships: Generic
Characters: Most of the FMA characters
Preview: “Brother...” Alphonse said, weakly. Edward didn’t hear him. The eyes glazed over, then rolled to the back of his head. The younger brother sat up as the older fell into his lap.


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I'm gonna go eat something sustaining. Like actual food....I haven't eaten in days...Sorry this is so big. I'm going to post it in my journal as well...
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(no subject)

today I went to Borders bookstore to get my summer reading book, and I had to scan the graphic novel section [duh.] and what did I find?


alas...I couldn't buy it, I had to get my other book and I didnt have enoughmoney *sad face*

I didn't know they were translated already!

[if someone allready posted this or it's way old news, can delete it..haha]

<3Chelse[aka that lurker girl.]
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Fullmetal Alchemist Complete Book - STORY SIDE

It seems no one noticed it yet but, a new 'Complete' book seems to be out!
This time it's to be more about the story of the anime.

"This slick oversized volume is an excellent look into the making of the hit TV anime "Fullmetal Alchemist". This book includes detailed story analyses of all 51 episodes of the series, with comments from both the director and story editor along with highlight scenes and illustrations. In addition to the story summaries, this book features interviews with the voice cast for Ed, Al, and Winry, a "Fullmetal Alchemist" glossary, and articles about the series' setting. Almost three-quarters of this book's 176 pages is in glorious color. A valuable resource for "Fullmetal Alchemist" fans!"


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A Little Late Here, AN05 FMA Photoshoot

Oops, I posted these pictures up to the AN boards and the AN LJ community the day right after AN, but forgot about this community... my apologies. ^^ Some of you may have seen them already; I know rainy_luna mentioned it in one of her previous posts... but I'm fairly sure an actual link hasn't been given. @_@()

My apologies in advance since some of the photos are blurry.

If you would like, feel free to ask for a larger, 'uncorrected' copy of any photo here.
big gun!

Fear the Fic dump of d00m!

Time for a fic dump, since I've been writing so much, It'd just be easier on all of us.

1. Part 4 of my HavoAi fic series.

Spoiler Warning: Ep 25 for all of them

Part 3:
Part 2:
Part 1:

oh, and fake cuts like whoa ^^

(Hell of a Time)

2. A GreedXKimblee done as a return for supplying that pic of Ed's scythe-blade thing (sorry, can't remember who)

(Crimson Creme)

3. A GraciaXHughes that I wrote because I was feeling mushy... warning, may cause diabetic shock due to sweetness


4. Last, is a RoyXEd, but mild.


Some angst, some boys loving each other, some fluff... there's somthing for everyone in this post!
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