May 30th, 2005

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Hughes calling!

So here I was working on picking some animations a while back, and found this sequence of phone conversations that just demanded to become icons. But the thing is, they need captions, and I'm terrible at captioning. ^^;; So I present to you... BASES!

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Lovely Dean

She was Queen for about an hour.....

after that.....well you get the message. Some guys are just plain pwnd by the love fairy. Havoc is one of them.

Rulz: Comments inspired the icon-maker to make more, Credit is not needed, No Hotlinking because that just ticks me off.

Teaserly things:

A song set and a smattering of other things. All of it FMA as if you'd be surprised.

Puddle of Mud: (She Hates Me (it's got a bad word in it, but I think you guys can handle it) )
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Below is a link to the fan-translated Manga. I've seen a lot of people asking about where to find it and the like, and I decided that it'd be easiest just to post a link in our wonderful community. Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

They have all of the current manga up and translated for our viewing pleasure!

[I'm not completely positive if this is against the rules or not. If it is, then I have no qualms over this post being deleted.]
Look up and Smile! ♥

Edward Elric as Naruto?!

I'm not sure if anyone heard of this but I got this from a friend of mine.. Vic Mignogna (the VA of Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist) as Uzumaki Naruto!

This past weekend at Anime North in Toronto Ontario, NarutoFan correspondant NamaeX was in attendance and caught up with a few big names in the anime scene including Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, Brolly in DBZ) who has confirmed to us that he has been actively pursuing a role in the Naruto anime series, and also that Steve Blum (Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop) will voice Kakashi (previously Steve Blum was only confirmed to be working as a script adaptor). According to Vic, the voice of Uzumaki Naruto in the series has also been cast, however he does not recognize the name from anything. NamaeX also had a chance to talk with Scott McNeil (DBZ's Piccolo) who confirmed the Naruto anime series is being done a in Los Angeles California studio.

The little preview of Naruto was about 1 minute long and began at about 23 minutes in to the show. Oddly the quality of the video was little better then that of a fansub, and the audio was the same as that we have seen. It would seem that all Cartoon Network did was take clips from the Japanese anime series, without any noticable voices except a few grunts, and show them on TV to boost up the hype for the Fall preview of Naruto. This makes perfect sense, seeing as how not a single one of the voice actors for English dub of Naruto has been announced. Just the sight of Naruto on TV made us giddy, until the American accented narrator tried to pronounce Naruto. It's also unfortunate how the promo sets the wrong premise for the series, making it seem as if the Ninja Academy is the main focus, also unfortunate that Hokage is known as Head Ninja. It will definately be interesting to see how things turn out in just a few short months.

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Madoka ¤ Hurt


I wanted to ask what the song was at the beginning of episode 33. (It's 'Kidnapped Al') I liked the way it sounded, and wondered if anyone could send it to me....

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Rockbell Automail, at your service!
(Well, actually, I've yet to make a Winry costume (and when I do it'll be Sloth!Winry from the Recasted! series, but I digress..))

Anyway, a friend of mine decided to be Edward for our upcoming anime convention, Anime North, and due to my success with a thermoplastic called Wonderflex, I made her a full automail arm. It still needs to be tweaked (I'm remaking the grill to be smaller and smoother, and not cut off her blood circulation for example) but overall I love how it turned out. She had fair mobility, and because it wasn't shiny metal, it photographed nicely too. ^^

So here's the photo proof!

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home sweet home // [hogwarts]

Anime North FMA Photoshoot

Well... the person (silverwind9) who posted the other AnimeNorth Full Metal Alchemist Photoshoot pictures suggested that I post mine. x_o

Please excuse the glowing-ness of the Riza and Kimbly... o_o I didn't realize their cosplays glowed when the flash was used, until about halfway through the photoshoot.

A few of these pictures may involve spoilers, I'm not sure. But it has Movie!Ed so I guess it is a spoiler of sorts?

Its cut, anyways. (thank god.)

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I was just wondering if there are any other GreedxMartel fans out there? I was thinking of starting a community, but I want to see how much interest there is first.
No, I don't think so.


Does anyone know what the title of the background music for this is? << the clip is from the Dub!FMA, if you're wondering; episode 21, I believe [so yeah, spoilers for that episode, I guess]. The part where we first see greed and he does that laugh thing ^^; it's been bothering me since I saw the episode- I *love* that music.
Help appreciated, thanks <3

And to make this post a little less pointless, an icon:

I'll post more icons when I finish the batch <3
Tada!, Ed tada!
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Remember that pairing generator?

Well, I've fallen victim to it too. The first time I attacked that thing was just for amusement. But after friends yuuki and gundamnook went forth and took up their random generated challenges, I was poked enough times to actually do something about the last random one I got--which I did out of careless curiousity after reading Yuuki's beautiful smut accomplishment that was her fic challenge.

So I bring you my crack, for crack is better than trying to pretend I can write something pritty.

The day Winry incorporated "Swiss Army" enhancements onto Ed's automail arm

I still say I can't really write, but at least I can amuse people without butchering the English language more so than it already is. Or punctuation.
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