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:+:Root of the Oracle:+:

This look very interesting!
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28 May 2005 @ 01:01 am
In response to this post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fm_alchemist/2285021.html

Here are some very craptastic, or crack-tastic, depending on how you look at it, icons!

Onto the craptastic-ness!Collapse )
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28 May 2005 @ 05:38 am

Hullo! Been a little while, but I have a Fullmetal Alchemist song set and textless version, and six other icons for you!

Credit not neccessary and comments fangirled!


OMFG DON'T CLICK HERE! .... Kidding ^^;Collapse )


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you know i'm not a saint
An Orchard of Pomegranates
by Melissa the Sheep

Summary: As Scar grows up, he and his brother grow apart. Drabble series.
Spoilers: Through episodes 21 and 25.

Link to fic
Yes, here to advertise yet another Livejournal RP for FMA.

In omg_fullmetalrp, the fanon world of Fullmetal Alchemist has collided with the canon world. There are now two casts of characters interacting with each other: the canon ones we know from the anime/manga, and their out-of-character fanon versions created by badfic authors and other clueless fans. Chaos ensues as the fanon clones, who believe that they are the real characters, try to take over the canon characters' positions.

This RP has just been created and needs more players before it can begin, so if you're interested, please read the rules and then go apply!

[Crossposted to fm_alchemist and fma_spork]
28 May 2005 @ 05:06 pm

See at 33% original scale.Collapse )

See the original scan.Collapse )

What do you think? Do you think anything should be changed or worked on further? Tell me. XD

Caveat Lector
After a whole week of playing and replaying this game for a zillion times, the first Bluebird's Illusion English guide has been released! Yes, I know I'm 3 days late from the deadline, but I had some extra things I decided to add, and I had to recheck the translations for accuracy, which made the process take longer than I had anticipated.

It contains not only cheats, but also long "summaries", transcripts, mulitmedia and a complete CG illustration collection. [The CG illustrations and mulitmedia are friends-locked.]

NOTE: none of the information provided here may be reproduced without my permission. Do NOT claim or imply the translations as your own, or I will sic Gluttony on to you. I spent a whole week in my room doing this when I could've been working on my own fanfictions and CGs. Please respect that.

*crawls back into hole*
28 May 2005 @ 06:12 pm
So I happened to pick up the RED figure in the dealers room at ACen, and was delighted to find all the silly little games and activities the book that comes with it contains. Amongst all of these was a small character personality quiz, and the thought struck me that it would be fun to take a translation of that, add a little html, and post it online for everyone's amusement. And so, I did.

There are only five character choices- Ed, Al, Roy, Izumi, and Armstrong, but it's still a fun little thing. Translations are by myself with help from hime1999, if there is an error please tell me and I'll fix it!

EnjoyCollapse )
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28 May 2005 @ 06:46 pm
That's three FMA fics I've written. XD I'm very impressed with myself.

Title: Ed's Religion
Author: kaiousei
Genre: Uhhhmmmm... Gen?
Characters/Pairings: Al thinking about Ed (not romantic!)
Comments: Just a random thought I came up with. Why not write a drabble on it?
Crit: I like comments. ^_^
Summary: Al contemplating Ed's devotion to science. Just a 150 word drabble...
( Ed's Religion )

Just follow the fake lj-cut! ^__^
28 May 2005 @ 09:48 pm
I attended Fanimecon for today and took two pictures of some HAGAREN cosplayers I found. There were actually quite a few cosplayers, but I was too shy to ask them when I had the chance.

Minor spoilers for episode 31+Collapse )
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28 May 2005 @ 10:09 pm
...Happy birthday, mikkeneko. About eight years too late.

Title: Damage Control
Author: devils_devotion, aka Demidevi
Rating: Meh, PG-13. No porn for you. :P
Genre: Cute, in it's own way. Almost gen, except there's some moments that are decidingly questionable and will more than like make you go "buzzah?". *shot* This is not WAFF I swear to God
Pairing: Roy X Ed, anyone? Again, freakish sort of gen, nothing explicit.
Summary: kaltia told me you'd like something like this, Mikke, so if you don't...blame her? And not me? *hopeful face*
For: mikkeneko, the birthday girl. ^^ Much love, Mikke-san.
Comments: Besides "this is not WAFF I swear to God"? None really. Post-series? AU, probably. Ed's older. Roy still has peripheral vision. There is no Munich spoon. ^^;; So probably post-series AU.
Music: Since the CD player is downstairs and I'm too forking lazy to get it, I content myself with listening to "Overlap" by Kimeru and "Oasis" by Gackt on repeat ad nauseum. XD

( 'Well, I'll be damned', he says. (Fake LJ-cut.) )

I'm in cross-posting whore mood today, so today this gets x-posted to fm_alchemist and fma_yaoi, and since it's a birthday fic for Mikke, I suppose it wouldn't kill me to put it up in steelandsparks, either.
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