May 27th, 2005

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The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang (parts 14 - 17)

Yes there's more. There are twenty one parts written already and my site has them all if anyone's interested. But here's the next few chapters anyway.

Title: The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang
Author: Dria
Spoilers: None because I pay no attention to the canon timeline.
Warnings/Pairings: Roy/Ed. Hughes/Gracia. Al/Winry (implied).
Author's Notes: Previous parts can be found here (Parts 1 - 5), here (Parts 6 - 9) and here. Or alternatively you can see them all on my website. Just so you know, the cute fluffyness of previous chapters has all but disappeared because Ed is a bit of an idiot sometimes. Roy isn't much better. Just be glad that Hughes is around to bang their heads together because after part 17 they are going to need it.

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Yes so it's hardly great literature, but that's what my original fiction is for. Hope people enjoy this and more will follow shortly!
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So, I was surfing around ebay and found tons of the FMA trading cards up for sale. I saw a lot of images I've never seen before O.o So, I come here wondering if anyone has bigger scans of ANY of these pictures or knows where I can get them? I'm dying for a few of them now @.@

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So, any larger scans? XD
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"Beautiful Days"

Yay! My first AMV! Okay, just to warn you, it kinda sucks. I was really just playing around in Windows Movie Maker for a bit and BAM! I had a AMV. Well, maybe not quite like that, but you get the idea.

Title:"Beautiful Days"
Music: "Hate Every Beautiful Day" - Sugarcult
Footage: FMA footage from 'Refelections' or whatever it is. ^^;;


**edit**I forgot to add this.... but there are SPOILERS like nobody's business...>.< I hope I didn't ruin anyone.......
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Al Layout

I feel bad for not posting anything. Wahhh!!

Anyway, does anybody know where I can get an Allayout for my journal? I'm not computer savvy enough to make my own, if I was I would. I can't seem to find one I like anywhere, either.

Layouts would be much appreciated. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!
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Trisha cosplay help

I hope this request wasn't already answered before (I looked but didn't find it) but does anyone have the character design sketches of Trisha Elric? I can't seem to find any and I really need them for my cosplay costume. Thanks and cookies to whomever can help! ^-^
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Fanart- Greed, Kimbley


Greed, Sealed and Bound (Rated PG.) For laylah.


Greed after a Bar Fight (Rated PG-13. Warnings for blood, non-serious injuries and bare male torso.)

For this drawing, I also include all the stages in drawing and coloring it. Enjoy! (Warning for large images.) Collapse )

Black and White

Kimbley with a Rifle (Rated PG.) For swordage, who wanted to see Kimbley with a weapon other than his hands.


Kimbley Plays Katamari Damacy (Rated G.) Part II of this comic (Rated PG-13. Warning for language.)

Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated.
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Icon Request

I was wondering if someone could make an icon for me. I'd like a picture of a grinning Gluttony and in red letters (preferably on his teeth, but not necessary), it should say " I eat Mary Sues. " It doesn't have to be an immediate thing, just when someone has the chance.

Thanks in advance.
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Very Quick Drabble: Past Lifetime

I usually do not write fanfiction, in fact I avoid doing so as my own characters take up most of my time. However, after listening to "Days" by David Bowie, this drabble popped into my head and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. Reading Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series did not help either. (If you haven't read "The Sandman", go read it. It's a great comic book series with some amazing concepts.)

Anyway, all the places in this story are real (Prown's, Jack's Music Shop etc.) and so is Red Bank. I don't really know why I chose to give Ed the profession I did, it just seemed to make sense.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist (C) Funimation etc. The Sandman, Death, and Dream (C) Neil Gaiman and DC Comics, "Days" lyrics (C) David Bowie

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Comments and Critques are more than welcome.

PS: Yes, Ed lives above Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. I am a hopeless Kevin Smith fan. I admit it.
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