May 25th, 2005


Thanks for all the fanfic ideas guys!

Just letting you all know I loved all your ideas for fanfics. And I have chosen the first three I will be attempting!

The first will be Riza/Roy for devils_devotion
THe second will be Greed/Kimblee/Archer or a mix thereof for sariaust
and the third will be a Fuery/Havok (dont ask)

Just to let you all know, I won't be able to start my fics until after the weekend. I am just getting ready to head off to anime North!

We're heading out thursday as Roy and Riza for the pre-reg party!!
And we'll be there all weekend! Let me know if any of you guys are headed that way and if youre going as anyone from FMA?

Cheers all and see you after the weekend!


(ignore the icon ^_^')

Anime North and who's showing up

Though this has been mentioned in posts here and there, I figured it'd be good to do one more:

Who here is going to AN, what events are you in, if any, and do folks want to meet up?

I'm going to be there Thursday, and probably at the pre-party.

My schedule:
I moderate the panel on Writer's Block 5 PM Friday. We'll discuss techniques for fighting writer's block.
I moderate the lemon writing panel 11 PM Friday. 18 and over, please.
I'll host the fanfic awards 10 AM on Saturday, and the following roundtable.
I'll be running the gameshow "Create that Anime" at 10 PM on Saturday - people will have two minutes to create an anime idea from a randomly generated name and the deadly Box of Stereotypes.

Otherwise, I'll be wandering too and fro. There's also an FMA panel there.

EdxWinry CG - Work in progress

Hope it's ok to post this here... hmmm...
I got inspired yesterday and decided to CG oneof the sketches I did last time...
I didn't have enough time to complete it, actually I just managed to do a little work on it, but I wanted to show you my progress so far, so you can tell me if there's something wrong or whatever...

You can read my comments on the link.

CG in Progress

Hope you like ^^
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KH - OT3

Death of the Fullmetal Female

Been stalking this comm for a bit, so I thought I'd post a fic of mine.

I have written a spinoff of Protectors of the Plot Continuum, because the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom really needs one.

Protectors of the Plot Continuum is the idea of the extraordinarily talented Jay and Acacia, who can be found at

Chapter 1: The Fullmetal Female

Collapse )

Dear god. That fic made my eyes bleed. To read the original, go here --->

If I made any stupid newbie mistake here, please tell me and I'll fix it!
big gun!

And people call us wanky....

Has anyone actually read the comments in the galleries? If all that crap were an LJ, I'm sure it'd make fandom_wank all the time. It's the worst of the fangirly wannabe-crackish stupidity.

It just makes me glad we're not like that x.x
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Lovely Dean

Being short linked to violent outbursts of rage says one Central City Laboratory Study.....

These darn military medical rags all read like the backside of a sick donkey *toss*

Hey gang, I got icons for you. Here be rulz they be: Comments adored and slathered with kisses, credit is scoffed upon, hotlinking is vexing and offenders shall be challenged to a glove smacking duel!

Wanna see what I got for ya?

(Hey baby, bring that attitude over here where I can appreciate it)
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Community Idea

Last night for some odd reason I got the idea for a new community here on LJ. This community would be an anime fanfic and fanart community but with a small twist. The twist would be that all the fics and art would be of anime characters cast in fairy tales, fables, and folk tales. It would be a lot like those old Fractured Fairy Tales and Aesop and Son series found on Rocky and Bullwinkle. People could write and draw for whatever anime they want and occasionally there would be themes posted to give authors and artists ideas for fiction and art. For example you could try and do Winry from FMA in the role of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with Ed as the Scarecrow and Al as the Tin Man or you could do Hansel and Gretel with Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles. The possiblities are endless. The fics could be simple one-shot writing challenges or nice long chaptered fics. However, before going ahead and making the community I want to know if anyone would be interested in joining something like this. Is this something I should do?

(Cross posted several places so forgive me if you get this twice)
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big gun!

Manga pic needed!

k, I need a page from the manga (I only have chaps 45 and 46 saved on my lappy) It's the one with Ed having turned his automail into that big sickle-like thing. I think it's in the course of one of his "I'm not short!" freakouts. It's not in vols 9 or 10, I have the tankobon.

If someone could supply this, I'd muchly appreciate it! and I might do a drabble in return, if you'd like!
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Извините, что только две, просто другие пока что не назрели =3
Может кому заранее йаду налить? '^_^

Ok, here you go guys, two more crazyeh russian avatars for you =p

Image hosted by Image hosted by

Feel free to use, but not forget to credit! -_^
Короче берём, но не забываем об авторе =3

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