May 24th, 2005

More sketches =3

Hi again =3
Thx for all your sweet comments on my Winry sketches ^^!!!
Well, here you have more sketches from me, again in blue (Deji loves blue-ness X3), this time featuring Winry, Edo and EdxWin.
You can see the rest of my rant about the doodles on the link ^^
Hope you like!

To the blue-ness!
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Cosplay help


Does anyone happen to know where there is a decent picture of Envys back, and Lusts gloves?

I need to finish a Lust costume by Anime north this weekend, and I forgot what her gloves look like. And I forgot what the red lines on Envys back looks like...

Also, if anyone knows where theres a really good picture of the uroborous, I'd really appreciate that, too. <3

Thanks in advance.

Wordless (omg, I wrote something >_< )

I started to read some fics and drabbles and then I looked at my EdxWin sketches and........
(Omg, I can't believe I'm doing this XDD)

Well, I wrote something >_<

Please don't be mean with it T_T... My english isn't as good as I would want it to be (I speak spanish =X), so there will be TONS of mistakes... But please read it and try to get the idea ^^;; It will look better as a Doujinshi when I have the time, I swear >_< !!!!

*hides for ever*

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More crossovers

Like the title says, more crossovers from me =p
It was the first time when i used FMA in my pics so it can contain some mistakes ^^' And that Orouboros sign is missed again >.> Silly me -_-

Used FMA and Pocket Monsters.

"EnvyTwo and MewEd"
Sketch ->
Result ->

And an avatar, i cut from thid pic
Image hosted by

But i still like the result ^_^
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Okay, so probably not many of you went to Otafest. It's not a huge con, but it's fun. It was this last weekend. Two things:

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Second: I came in first place at the AMV competition with the "I'm too sexy!" video. I know I posted it here a long time ago when it was first made, so most people have probably already seen it. :D :D :D (If not, it's here.)

Yet Another Pic Request

Erm, this is SO totally not a desperate call for cosplay help or anything because I'm panicking on a uniform and want an alternative I can't remember this and it would be great if someone could help me out...

Does Fury ever wear civilian clothes? And if so, what do they look like?
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Music Request

I'm looking for lyrics (kanji/kana, romaji, AND translated) for the image songs, and was hoping someone could help me out with that. ^^ So far the only one I have is an early translation of Boku wa koko ni iru (no kanji), and the romaji only for Ano yume no mukou he. If anyone can help me out on that, I'd really appreciate it. (And if you have "singable" translations, that'd just make it even better ^_^)

Thank you!

mmm animecon

So this last weekend was our happy local animecon Otafest, it was awsome, no FMA episodes being shown this year, maybe next but i do want to say that a FMA AMV won first place, someone did I'm to Sexy by right said fred, i promise everyone to try and get a copy of it and someplace to host it. Random things bought, 2 FMA wall scrolls and a cd/dvd of all the opening and closings, and while watching them i dont remeber seeing some of the things in there, so i was just wondering firstly if any one knew if there were ever any form of 'extended' opening/closing.

And secondly how to rip from said DVD or create stills to throw together a few desktop wall papers since they have no credit text throughout any of them, and lastly how to rip a small section out of something out of a section of an mpeg and turn it into a animated jpeg for an Icon.
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[sketch] Envy for wiccat

I'm sorry I haven't been contributing much lately. School, and all those other related excuses. However, I finished SasuSasu so I can work on the meme-sketches again. Hagaren related sketches, anyway, there's Envy...and Envy...and Envy for wiccat. (I actually broke my own rules, and sketched a over the time limit, but tinychibienvy is too fun to draw.

Image hosted by
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public fanjunk dump journal

[EDIT] I've decided on when I'll close the meme. It's still open now, so if you'd like, you can still request (and it doesn't have to be from FMA either.) I'm closing the sketch meme after it has reached 25 requests (it's at 19 right now), or if I beat you to the finish (if I finish all the sketches requested before any more have been requested.) Anyway, the meme is HERE if you're interested.
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Fanfic: Envy's Quest!

My very first FMA fanfic. Done one hour before bedtime.

Warning for spoilers of Greed's background and Kimbley. Rated... Er... PG-15, I think. (European, and we rate everything from 11 or 15 >_<), and warning for some swearing, naughty assumptions, OOC-ness, and extremely lame humour. And yes, I know that Envy could transform into whatever hunky shape he would want too, but I just couldn't get this specific scenario out of my head. ^^;;

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