May 22nd, 2005



You know what's really fun to do in FMA: Broken Angel? Transmute the little squeaky hammer thing for Ed, with a turbo controller set to turbo the attack button. WHACK THE ENEMIES TO DEATH ONE HP AT A TIME! It's so beating of the Hyuuga 64 palm technique (Naruto, for those who don't know), it PWNZ! Not only that, but you can get really really high combos! And that gives extra experience! And DUDE IF ONLY I COULD HAVE THAT WEAPON IN THE FIGHT AGAINST ROY! x_X; Because the enemy CANNOT ATTACK while being SMACKED TO DEATH with a HAMMER. It's so lame, that way I could wear him down easy, but of course, I think they thought of that.

Anybody ever do that hammer thing? If so, what's the highest hit combo you've gotten? I just smacked this one guy around and hit 315 hits! Is that not insane? I LOVE this game! XD
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erm...ive never posted so *is nervous* sorry if i broke any rules or anything...i read through everything, but my mind forgets things easily...

i was bored so i decided to fill my fma obbsession by making icons and colourbars...excuse the suck-tasticness of em...they're my first try to not flame k?

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Please no direct linking, upload all the pics on your own server. thanks

ps-ignore my horrible grammar and spelling...*is sleepy*...since everyone says this other communities, i'll say it too...friending is always welcome

Picture help here!

I was just wondering if anyone had a larger, Textless verson of this screen shot of Roy....

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And I can't find a big enough or straight enough verson of this picture (Example snagged from someones website layout). I was thinking about making a layout of my own out of could some one find me a better pic?

Thanks ^_^....
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Seven FMA Icons for You

Consider these a treat, as I really should not have taken the time out from my term paper research to make them. Six of them (two sets of three) were inspired by comments on this post, though the journal is friendslocked... whatever. The gist of one comment was that Edward Elric's faith is in himself, thus, "Edward Elric's god is Edward Elric." So there are two icons that say that, and bases for each. the odd icon out is one I made with hime1999's permission, using her fanart. There will be more of them in the future, but that's the only one I have as of yet.

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Comment & credit required, please. ^_^ Constructive criticism also appreciated.
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the heart of things

Cosplay Accessories

Sorry for the um...wrong images. Didn't mean to spam you all with tentacles. *whaps photobucket*

This fall I'll be cosplaying as Archer for yaoi-con (assuming that I find someone/figure out how to make the uniform *cough*), and because I'm ...anal, I decided to start with the oh-so-important first step: miniscule accessories!

So using my Skillz of an Artist, I modeled up a batch of those little pins the Amestrian soldiers wear on their collars
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You don't see this one every day.

I have an odd feeling that I might get shot for writing this. In all honesty, I have no idea what posessed me to write this. Please don't hurt me. ;_;

Title: Successful Transmutation
Author: Akemi the Coffee Can
Pairing: EdxArmony (*Fire rains from the sky. Or something*)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Possible OOC, no real spoilers for anything.

And there it is. ._.; *goes back into hiding*
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brian/justin gundamnook

A question of Marriage

Ok, I want to have a discussion here about whether or not you think that anime/manga Hohenheim and Trisha got married. I've been talking to a few people and I've also seen a few things posted stating whether or not Hohenheim and Trisha infact got married. So my question goes out to all of you, what do you think?

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I need to send a bit of a distress call out to all you creative minds.

I have decided, just today, to join the throng of Hagaren cosplayers at Anime North this comming weekend. I was able to find a wonderful long, sleek dress to cosplay Sloth. My only worry is that Sloth's costume is rather dull, boring, and possibly over-done (I would have like to do Trisha instead as you don't see much of her, but I couldn't find a decent dress at Value Village D:). So, to avoid looking like everyone else, I want to do something different with her outfit but can't for the life of me think of anything. Does anyone have any quick ideas that are cheap and can be done before the end of the week? @.@
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Hagaren tarot: Temperance

This took two days and sixteen hours of CG-ing, but it's finally complete. The fourth card of the series (which I'm not doing in order), Temperance.

Teaser:Image hosted by

(Akin To A Summers' Day.)

Yep. Fake LJ tag so I can keep track of comments. :P I don't get them emailed so I totally lose.
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More icons

Для своих пишу по-русски =р Смысл вы сами знаете ^_^ Одним словом - штампуем тары XD

Ok then, more icons from me! XD If you don't undestand the text, just ask me for the translation.

FMA -> Envy [9]
FMA -> Wrath [1]


Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Feel free to use, but don't forget to credit! -_^

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Inspiration born from purplemewit's story! FANFICTION! (huzzah!)

Purplemewit's story was so cute, and I was intrigued by the generator. I got a spark of inspiration from my own results (about 2 NC-1 results that made me gag later:)

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
PG or PG-13
and include the following things:
apple pie, pillow, book

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

Beware! I haven't written a story in a while! Typos might be there, I just typed it up a few seconds ago o_o;

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Script for Tobenai Tenshi?

Sorry if I'm being annoying. >.> I was just wondering... Does anyone know where I can find a script for the dialogue in Tobenai Tenshi, AKA Broken Angel, the first FMA game for PS2? There wasn't a lot of information about the game available, and I don't think anyone ever made one. Then again, I figure that if one does exist online somewhere, someone here would know, if anyone. Thanks if you can help me. If you can't, thanks anyway. ^^;;;
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

Help with BGM

Hello everyone.

I'm currently attempting a fandub of the 'gag' episode previews, and I was wondering if someone could help me with finding certain BGM. I would THINK they're on the 1st OST, but I can't seem to find them. They're in the following two clips:

Hope someone can help.

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FMA Multi-Part fanfic: Sin

HI!!! =D!!! *nervous as hell* Uhhhhhmmmm.... I've been working on this fic for a while, and I didn't want to post it anywhere until it was done, so yeah... here we go!


It contains spoilers for the entire series, and an unbelievable lack of slash (as far as anything I've ever written is concerned). And by a lack, I mean that there is none.

*trembles* Uhhhhh... I would actually count this as my first real fanfic for a long time. I used to write them for my own sake back in grade 8, but it was only with Sin that I actually started writing fanfiction again, and it's only been within the past few months. So... I'm really rusty... and with all the praise and publicity the first half of my shared blog (cephiedvariable) has been getting lately, I'm terrified of the communities in general...

Craptacular Summary:
4 years after the series (spoilers for the whole thing) Alicia goes missing on her tenth birthday. After lots of panicking on Gracia's part, Al volunteers to leave Central to look for her and bring her home. Meanwhile, Wrath finds a big gross blob of homunculus writhing through the alleyways of a nearby city, and decides he's earned himself a pet. Al, unaware of who they are, take them both in under his care.

This is actually a gen fic, includes Angst, Drama, rediculously short chapters, Homunculus!Hughes, and a painful lack of slash as far as I'm concerned. And by 'lack', I mean 'none'.

Please read, and comment!!! I would love you for it... But go easy on the criticism... I'm still new to this...

...This community is so active, it hurts me.
roses wither away

The end of Happy Fun Secrecy Time

I'm very tired and have to make the 6 am airport run tomorrow morning, so I'll post a full report soon and hopefully with pictures (mine didn't turn out sadly), but Happy Fun Secrecy Time officially ended at about 3:20 pm Saturday, with the formal presentation of Vic's red coat, which he loved. ^_^ I just wanted to say, thank you to anyone here who may have had a similar idea, and didn't follow through, so that we could complete this plan at the scheduled time. Later on, for those who couldn't be there, I will acquire photos (I prefaced it with "Get out your cameras," but my flash wasn't on on my own so mine are bad ;.; ) and give a full report from my perspective of the whole thing. I wish all of you could have been there!
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