May 21st, 2005

big gun!

Adventures in FMA watching with my dad

Okay, so my dad loves anime just as much as we do. But the dub of FMA bugs him, what little he's seen, so it took some doing to sit him down and get him to watch it (subbed, of course).

So we just finished ep 3 (ya know, the uber backstory episode) and were moving on to 4 right after, and I was in the process of skipping the opening, when I clicked at the position of the tracking right at the last part of the opening when they show Scar walking through the desert toward the "camera".

Know what he does?

Dad: *points at Scar, not knowing his name yet* "Dad!"

Me: *splodes in an effort to keep from laughing* uhm.... sure.

So I think by guaging mine and my brother's reactions, he's pretty much convinced that Scar is Ed and Al's dad now.... this should be fun.

Edited to add: When we started another episode the next day, he did the same thing. I think my brother and I are just going to let him think that. We should be nice to the old man, he just turned 49... he needs to rest up for the torture we have in store for him when he turns 50.... mwahahaha
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Digimon - Fuji TV

Cosplay pictures anyone?

Hi all!

I write the anime section at, a site about Japanese lifestyles and culture. Since convention season is nearly upon us, I'm doing a piece this week on cosplay, and I'd like to include some photos with the article, with the permission of the photo taker and/or cosplayers. So, if anyone who's been at a con in Hagaren regalia (Acen people, I'm looking at you!) would like to comment and link me to a picture of some con action, I'll post it on the site.

I'm only including one Hagaren pic, so if you'd like to comment with a cosplay from another series, that's fine too. First comment will be the one posted (unless it's not FMA of course).

Thanks in advance!

Just a question to people. (please don't kill me!)

This may sound like a dumb question But I was wondering if there happen to be any Kimblee Greed or Archer fans out there?

second question: I'm a writer and I'm looking for possible fic ideas. Does anyone have any requests? I do adult writings too, be it straight, yaoi, yuri or so forth.

The only thing I do not write is Ed x Roy fics. Theres a reason behind it but I'm not going to go there ^_^

Its been so long since I wrote something for other people so its an open invitation ^_^ So by all means, comment and let me know what you'd like to see!
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Solitude / Text

Community pimping.

Yah, yah, I know. The last thing the fandom needs is another LJ comm. *rolls eyes, shrugs*
But I did it anyway, and besides, this one's multifandom, so...


Make with the clicky-clicky.
You know you wanna. Because my bad-ass smut writing skillz pwn you and I'm so cool.
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OuroFlamel Wallpaper

OMG! I finally made a wallpaper after quite a while of not making any XD (And thought I would share ^^). I seriously want this thing for a tattoo X3:


And for anyone who may be a Yaoi fan, a little fanart dealing with Envy and my fanmade sin Ignorance (a.k.a Iggy). Please go easy on me for this because it's my first ever yaoi drawing (to be colored later)
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