May 20th, 2005


New community

[pimp]Hello! I've just created a new community!


After coming back from Acen this weekend I had a heckuva time wading through all the posts here looking for con reports, so I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there was one place for people to post all their convention stuff?" So if you're looking to hook up with people at a con, post here! If you just came back from a con and you want to post your con report and pictures, post here! If you're looking for people you met at a convention, post here! I'm a pretty easy-going mod--as long as your post has something to do with conventions and FMA, you're all good!

The community is a little bare right now, but I'll get it looking spiffy asap.

Thanks! [/pimp]
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[seal] I'm an egg

[pic dump] HohoPapa's Secret Stash

I have this plan for a thing called "HohoPapa's Secret Stash," which is a whole bunch of "photos" that HohoPapa has of ...Hoju. (as to who Hoju is, SEE UNDER SPOILER CUT)

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Another Hoju pic, but not part of the series of photos up there.

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One page doujin thing.
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As if i wasn't bored enough....

Hello Everybody! hehe... well last weekend as i was supposed to be studing for my AP calculus exam (which i didn't do so well on) lol anywho i got bored and need some critisism (no that i finally have enough courage to post it on the communities) can you guys help me make good icons? ^_^;; i need all the help i can get...
here are some samples that i made a few days ago... hehe and they're not ANY good AT ALL... i know... lol they're HORRIBLE Too...  ~_~' *sigh* anywho ANY COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!!! =D

[7]-Fruits Basket
[7]-Fullmetal Alchemist

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anyway... if my icon's didn't scare you enough i also bring you Shoyru!Edo it's a lttle fanpic if you want to it that i gues... crossing Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist with Neopets in a form of a Shoyru! XD ahah it's the most horrible thing ever because i'm not good at drawing stuff on my computer... and this is actually the only thing that i've drawn on my computer that actually resembles at most the littlest bit of a shoyru ^_^;;

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A Royai fic a wrote a while ago and hated too much to bother typing up. Well, I have. And now, you ryour reading displeasure,
Title: Not a Lazy Day (Crappy title!)
Pairing: Roy/Riza
Rating: PG-13?
Spoilers?: End of series spoilers ahoy!
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