May 19th, 2005


looking for help

Lake Erie Anime Club is looking for people to serve as Staff and volunteers to put together Erie Con.
Erie Con is or rather will be Erie, PA's first anime convention.
We already have 3 voice actors willing and wanting to come as our guest.
We have got allot done but still have a long road yet ahead.
Do to budget issues we will not be paying staff all money that we get is put into running the con itself.
If you have any questions you are welcome to visit us at or PM or e-mail me at
We also have a message board at

Please take the time to check us out, Thank-you
Jacqueline Miller
Erie Con, Chair.
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Whew! Drabbles!

Haven't posted in here in forever... I have some drabbles that I wrote for my drabbles chllenge a few weeks ago. Here are all the FMA related ones. Enjoy!

First, coramegan's drabble: Tucker's decision to make his first chimera. PG.
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Next, rianax wanted Roy/Winry, and the words 'sticky', 'penance', and 'lick'. PG again.
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cephy's drabble wound up being Greed x Hughes. Sort of. AU, spoilers for 25. PG-13.
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forgottenlover requested Roy be raped -- by a woman. So, implied Lust/Roy, R.
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Here's some Greed x Kimberly bloodkink, courtesy of swordage. PG-13.
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There's also one crossover: pinstripesuit requested Greed and Crowley, from Good Omens. (Crowley being a demon with a fondness for sunglasses, coffee, and nice black Bentleys.)
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And one bonus drabble, which nobody requested but I feel like posting anyway. Dorochet's attempt at kitchen chemistry. G.
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Phew! That's all of them! Enjoy, and feel free to give feedback.

cross-posted like nobody's business.
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big gun!

Someone made an Ed Dollfie..... OMG....

Check that out, folks! This is a Dollfie made to look like Ed. It seems to come with an assload of clothes, and such, but the coolest part is that it actually has the automail! Leg too! 0.0

and he'll be over 600 bucks after rinkya fees....

he's a very limited run, by he shows up on Yahoo Japan auctions periodically.

there's a link to more pics

My buddy Liz sent me this, so I thought I'd share
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Lelldorin's track-by-track OST Review

Lelldorin's Track-By-Track OST Review #2!
Fullmetal Alchemist Original Sound Track 3

While the second soundtrack ultimately disappointed me, This OST more than makes up for that particular let-down. Seen in this OST are everything you could possibly want from it - Roy's wangsty Harmonica music, a good instrumental version of Bratja (aka one I will actually listen to more than once), and music tracks from as far back as episodes one and two! Without further ado, I shall begin my explanations of the tracks!

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Roy in a Can!

I present to you all the first piece of a 3-part set of tin can characters of different sizes (Large, medium, and small). I was unsure of how to go about them, so it looks a bit wierd, but I suppose it works well enough so I'll just kind of go with it. Al will be the largest can, Ed the smallest, and Roy is the one in Between. Hopefully I'll be able to get Ed started and finished before my con this weekend so I can get them signed by their respective voice actors :)

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Original Sound Track 3

Do you have any news on it ?? Is it really out yesterday :0 ? I mean, I saw it nowhere since yesterday :/ (I know: 1 day after it's fast.... but the others CDs are usually avaible the day they're out XD)

Just can someone say if it's really out XD ? Perhaps it will come out just few day later~ (deleyed) or maybe not a single personn rip it xD

*can't wait to listen to it ;___;*

EDIT well, the Bleach OST is now out ^^ so I suppose it's just nobody rip the FMA!ost yet ! Just wait & see ^____^
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The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang (parts 10 - 13)

Title: The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang
Author: Dria
Spoilers: None, this is a spoiler-free zone!
Warnings/Pairings: Ed/Roy, Al/Winry, Hughes/Gracia. Ed and Roy have dinner together. Alicia gets hyped up on ice-cream. Hughes plays matchmaker. There's plenty of cute fluffyness and next to no angst.
Author's Notes: Sorry for taking so long to get more of this up (exams got in the way). Previous parts can be found here (Parts 1 to 5) and here (parts 6 - 9). As always, I'll put more parts up on my site as soon as I've finished this. Hope people enjoy this, comments and criticism are always welcome and may encourage me to write more (exams have finished so I don't have an excuse anymore).

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Fun things you learn in Psych class

Well I thought this was too good not to share:

We were talking about the brain in class tonight, and the subject of Genes came up (And the word Homunuculus, which made me laugh). We got on the subject of having like XXX or XYY instead of XX or XY. Thing is, for guys, if they have the XYY, their growth is stunted (Or they have deformed gential growth). So now we know why Edo is short, Hoho-papa gave him an extra Y, and it caused a deformity *ducks and runs from Edo*
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Another car edit

This one requires a bit of explaination though

The Geo Metro Coupe is the smallest car you'll find on American roads. Period. Yes, it's smaller than a Mini Cooper. I happen to have one (my dad bought it, my brother and I have to share). Yes, mine's red.

I was driving home from school last week, and was suddenly struck by inspiration when a pothole almost devoured my car.

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Blue Bird Illusion Pictures!!

i found a site with a lot of blue bird illusion pictures so i though i'd post the link here for those who like the game but can't get it (like me XD) also, i've included under the cut some other pictures that aren't in the gallery but i have ^_^;;

the link:
this gallery isn't mine, it's someone's called bit beat ^_^;; if you use the pictures you could credit him/her or something... i'm not that sure :P

now onto the other pics XD

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ohh yes, i saw some blue bird illusion games on the taiwan ebay, but then they were really expensive *__*