May 18th, 2005

Lovely Dean

A tribute to someone I fangirl! =D

I am a huge fan of alter_series, familiar_series and recasted_series. I enjoy the FMA AU like nobodies business, but I especially love the artwork of hime1999.

It is with my great pleasure that I present to you a random smattering of icons based on familiar_series, a story about Ed and Al being happy. They so need some happy. If you like fanfic and you haven't visited these communities? You are MISSING OUT.

Plus a couple of offerings from recasted_series because Pride!Ed is just too, too hawt.


needless to say, all art credit goes to hime1999. Thanks for sharing =)

(FMA Fandom Rocks)
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[seal] I'm an egg

Insane lottery challenge!

See if anyone wants to take this up, I found this on the Chinese Hagaren BBS I go to.

Take 12 small sheets of paper and write...

1 Pretending to be cute
2 Giving a love letter
3 Drowning/flailing in water
4 taking a bath/shower
5 wearing girl's clothes
6 holding a whip/riding crop

a Edward
b Roy
c Al
d Fuhrer King Bradley
d Armstrong

Then put them into a hat and draw them out, matching one letter up with one number, and draw/drabble whatever you get! XDDD
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Esp - Sheep

[pic] ArmstrongxRoy

So basically this was part of a project for the V-day which unfortunately was not finished, thanks to the runaway bunnies. After being forgotten for a looooooong time, I was reminded of this and figured that I should unlock the post and show it around. XD;;;

Images: hime1999
Dialogue: kaltia
Size: 4 pages (GIF 71kb, 72kb, 78kb, 117kb)
Rating: R
Pairing: ArmstrongxRoy

( Follow the fake LJ-cut.... )
Lj therapy

Fic spam

Title: Brothers
Rating: PG-13 at most, so far. Will rise.
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairing: Part one was just Ed x Heiderich, part two aims for Ed x Heiderich x Al.
Warning: SPOILERS for the end of series and some movie trailer information.
Note: Fic is in two parts, though the first one (3 chapters) can stand on its own.
ALSO: Because otherwise it's really confusing, starting in part 2, Heiderich is called just 'Heiderich' in the narrative, just like we still use 'Havoc' and 'Hawkeye'.

Part one - 1. 2. 3.

Part 2, chapter 1.

(all links lead to my writing lj.)

Edward Elric and Al Layouts

I have 2 Edward Elric layouts that I made and posted in testing journals. The first contains mainly Ed. The second has Al included in it. Anyone can use them. No real need to upload images to your own server. I handle most of that worry.

The first layout is here. The second layout is located here.

Everything that you will need is posted in each testing journal. If you have any questions on using them, feel free to ask me. Just before you do ask me anything that you have read all of the information I included. Thank you!