May 17th, 2005


photos and song

well, it may be off-topic, but i've got some of my things from Japan, and want to brag. ^^;

the pillow i got from UFO catcher in Akihabara. It was pretty hard to get it, we got it after 15th try. ^^;

and poster i bought at Anime Fair in April, I don't know if they were available somewhere else, but I just love Ed from this poster. It's metallic (shining) one. On the photo, Ed's looks like his automail is blooded, but actually it's my shirt reflecting there ^^; Automail is really metal one ^_^
I'll try to take better photos of this poster tomorrow, if someone ask me ^_^

also, I re-sang Kesenai Tsumi, and I'd like to know, what you think ^_^;
thanks in advance.
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ACen Stuff #5 - Pictures of Doom

I'm gonna ask Vic before I share pre & post video of FullMetal Fantasy things he'd said. He was quite explicit that he didn't want FullMetal Fantasy stuff out on the internet, I'm not sure if that included the things he said before and after he showed it. Same with Vic singing ^^v, he mentioned something about "Soldier A" being something extra special too. Vic sang "Soldier A" for the 500-some people in the Ready Steady Go! pannel. Damned hilarious XD

SO, in the meantime.. I have channelled my inner Hughes.

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Madoka ¤ Hurt

Dude, it JUST hit me.

Ok, I was asked a while back if I was going to go to AnimeNext, and I didn't know. But NOW.

-flips out- I NEED to go!! It looks so awesome! Issue is though, if I go now, I might not have time to cosplay. >.<

So my question is, who's going?
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UK Bright by realbooted

Okay, I thought I'd advertise a few FMA stamping communities. This community is really new, and no one has been stamped yet...and it needs members! And people to be rated! This one has more people posting than the first, but it's still new. Still needs mambers and people to be stamped! This one was created by one of my friends and I co-mod it. It's a rating community for the 7 sins. :D We definetly need more votes in this one, as well as people...join please?

And then, of course there's the original one:
But no one has gotten stamped in a LONG while.
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Pride Pictures

Here's a question for everyone.

Does anyone have a full body shot of Pride from Bluebird's Illusion, the fanmade game? I am very tempted to go, but I would need some reference shots. If anyone knows of where I can find some, I would be very grateful for them.

&quot;my girlfriend turned into the moon&quot;

Because I'm a Dork.

Okay, so I was mad at my DVD player for refusing to play FMA at first, and just started pressing random buttons and I found some really really funny crack hidden on the discs.

They have the previews to each of the episodes re-done in Japanese with the seiyuu saying completly bizzare things... For example, on DVD 2, Al talks about how he thinks he might be a girl.....jokingly I'm assuming...

See for yourself!

Main menu>Episodes>(Any/All episodes)>

and then on that screen to the right of the box labeled "IV" you should run across a red Ourobourous (sp?) tattoo. Click on it, and that's where it's located for all of the other episodes as well.

Did anyone else find this other than me?
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