May 16th, 2005


ACen Stuff #3 - Ouuu video of what you missed!

Okay, I'll have a real con report shortly, but I promised all sorts of people I'd post this when I get home XD

The summary goes like this:

On Friday at the FMA fan pannel, Vic showed up out of the blue X3 it was so much fun. It was here that I discovered how to take video with my camera. It is crappy video, the audio isn't that hot... but oh my my my. For those of us who went, this is so you don't forget, for those of you who didn't, this is what you missed. Vic is an evil, evil man... I LOVE HIM.

"There is actually a lost episode 52 where Roy is gay..." ACH, they cut my bandwitdth at 18% of capacity, wtf? *goes off to figure out how to work YSI*

XD I appologize (I'm so embarassed T.T;), those shrieking girls you can hear are me, catystorm, zrana, and possibly moonlit_waters (she suggests 'Armstrong' at the end XD;;) and you can hear acdragonmaster speaking in the audio during the Roy/Travis shots that were going on.

I have more video from that (a file that's nearly 10 minutes covering... gah... lots of things, ending off with a thing about FMADub XD poor Vic <3) but I have a clip of him plotting to melt a Roy doll in a frying pan... get hit by a truck... thrown in a blender... put in a miniskirt :D it was good stuff. I'll post them up later when I don't need sleep, but this had to go up now X3

Another something that had to go up now was from Vic's FullMetal Fantasy video... this is NOT from any part of the show (because Vic requested that it be a con only thing, no internet) but I did turn my audio-only on for the spontanious 500 people sing-along that came about during the ovation that went through Ready Steady Go (Vic's credit music). Can't hurt to share that, right?

Ready Steady Go! For those who asked X3. You can only hear like the 30 or some people around me XD but it's the thought that counts. For those of us who were there, it'll help you remember the moment. I'm all about remembering the moment, since I don't know if I'll be able to make it back to ACen for a long time ;_;

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... I'll have more later... lots more. Recasted!Series, Friday stuff, random stuff... I took over 300 pictures T_T;; (mind you I'd take 3 shots of some of each pose >_> *can pick the best of 2 or 3* but still... gah o_O)

I sooo need a new Ross wig *rips that frustraiting thing to shreds* >.< it drove me mad!... or a bigger mole ^^;;; *became Woman!Roy according to a few* o_O;;;

Lots of fun... <3 I sooooooo need to go to bed
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A quick cosplay question

Okay- on the military uniforms, the buttcape (thank you, fandom, for a wonderful word. ^_^) attaches to a grey belt which goes over the pants. Simple, right? But no. See, the belt has no discernible method of closing. It's solid in the back. It's solid in the front except for a couple of buttons that mark the edges of the buttcape. My question to you is thus: what do I do for this thing? O_o It seems impossible.
Madoka ¤ Hurt

^__^ I <3 Yoko Ishida.

Hello! I bring forth a little random drabble I wrote in like, ten minutes. ^__^;; It's not MEANT to be that good, but I post everything FMA related on here that I write so....-shrugs and smiles-

Oh! And I must comment on two things.

1) Although FMA is off the air, I have actually been happily satisfied this weekend, as Samurai Champloo was kickass and my weekend was filled with gorgeous FMA fanart. And the playing of 'You can call me Al' at my aunt's wedding yesterday made me smile and laugh. Also, I got the manga standee of Ed and Al from Waldenbooks. It's sitting at they end of my bed, it all it's elricest-y beautified glory.

2) My younger cousin (who's seven) has a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book, and one of the girl's has too automail legs and an automail arm. O_o;; It was cool. XD

Anyway. -clears throat- Onto the ficcage.

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FMA (Happy - Hughes)

Roy -Mustang-

I talked about getting a custom plate on my car, I finally did it, and I just have to share.

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I wanted to put the logo on the gas cap plate, but I figured the licence plate would be better. (Thank god I don't live in a state where I need front and backs). I've also considered a flamel on the rear window panel but that takes up a lot of real estate, and is more tall then long so it might not look right.

The best part? It's 100% nerdy, but only to other nerds. If you don't know what it is, it just looks like a cool ass design!
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Bluebird's Illusion - OP song (FULL VERSION)

If anyone was wondering, the OP song to Bluebird's Illusion is called "Moments". That one was resung by ChrisFox, but if anyone wants the full version of it (sung by Hamasaki), I've uploaded it to a YSI link:

As mentioned in another post I made yesterday, I'm in the process of writing an English guide for the game with screen caps. It can be found [here].
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Lovely Dean

Have I got your fix or what?

Icons. Did you miss me kids? I hope I made the wait worth it. Behind the cut is a TON. MOSTLY FMA.

FMA x god knows how many
Inuyasha x 1
Samurai Champloo x 4

da rulz: Comments are adored, credit is not necessary, there will be no holtlinking.


TEXTLESS VERSIONS: I do NOT consider these bases. I work hard on them folks, they are icons. HOWEVER, you CAN take them and slap your text on them, but the hairy line is don't claim they are yours, ok? Just leave them creditless in your user info, you don't have to put my name on them, but don't put yours on it either.

If you clicked the link to get here, you are now on my icon journal: skycons. You can friend it, no need to ask.

There is a Song Set here.

(Absences makes the heart grow fonder I hope)
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Translating FMA Novels

Some of you may have heard of the FMA novels that was authored by someone else. There are currently four books now, which I plan to translate since the novels are only availeble in Japanese and Chinese. The illustrations there were drawn by Arakawa-sensei herself, which I will scan. I've only translated the Prologue and part of ch. 1 of the first book though, but I will update every now and then, so keep a lookout!
Book 1 The Land of Sand:
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Starting the hunt already

How many of you guys will be going to AX as FMA people? I plan on going as Greed, and would be highly amused to run into people I actually know online. All the ACen reports have me extremely jealous, and now I want to start plotting on ways to make people who miss AX jealous. *grins*

Phantomphobia - FMA fangame

You can't get any copies of this anymore, but I thought I'd mention it. Apart from Bluebird's Illusion, there's another FMA fangame called Phantomphobia. In Chinese, it's translated as something similar to "Searching for the Colonel". The story is about the Colonel gone missing, and the Elric brothers having to embark on a journey to find him.

The official homepage is [here].

It was only sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

I *may* be able to get a copy of this from a friend who managed to get a copy from the preorder. *is very happy* XD Who knows? Maybe I'll even write a game guide to this as well.
MaLoki - Hel Default

Roy and Ed pencil board scan...

Grabbed this at ACen this weekend and thought I'd scan it larger for people. It's the Roy and Ed pencil board where they are angsting like mad. XD;;

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Also, I couldn't remember for the life of me if a larger picture of this was if it was I can take this post down...or someone can delete it. ::shrugs::
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:D I come bearing the gift of more icons! 16 FMA ones this time around!


Image hosted by Image hosted by

( We're off to see the journal~! )

Hehe, that on-topic contribution in place, I will now use the rest of this post to sneak in that I have just been bought my first car. It is purple. It has a CD player. It was only $30000. It is a Mustang. I have named it Roy.
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I don't know if this has been posted or not already, but here's this part's issue of Animedia. :)

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I'm kinda contemplating about selling the poster or not... I usually don't use the posters I get in the magazine and I'd probably sell it cheap (the magazine in general ranges about $5-6 in yen.) Another problem is that I'm lazy and kinda quite busy as of right now. Exams coming up soon :( Just wondering if anyone would buy it.

Tsubasa, Naruto, One Piece and more found here.

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I love my FMA shirt...

Me, if I can't buy it, I make it. ^^ So, since there aren't any stores nearby selling FMA merchandise (biased peoples, sheesh), I bought my own shirt and drew FMA designs on it.

Edit: Looks like you have to copy-paste the links to get them to work. >_< Gomen nasai... I've never used Imagestation before.
The back (flamel, drawn in fabric paint)
The front (ouroboros, drawn in fabric marker)

I wuvs me shirt. ^_^ *happy happy*

And, on a nearly unrelated note, does anyone have screencaps of the last two or three episodes? (If they've already been made into icon bases, that'd be even better.) Pweez?
(If anyone posts screencaps, this obviously means that there will be spoilers in the comments.)