May 15th, 2005

[seal] I'm an egg

No words to describe my amusement XDD

I got this from a Chinese FMA BBS that I go to X33


It is a Korean Live Action music video made to parody the 4th Hagaren Opening Theme. The one on the bottom is the actual anime opening theme, so you can compare.

Note that there are spoilers on anything that happens up to the fourth (and last) opening theme.
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Hiya, I'm Faye, and I believe this is my first post here. I've been lurking for the longest time but now I shall come out of hiding! I finally did a CG that I'm happy with, so I give it to all you all!

It was meant to be shounen ai, but I only drew Ed, so yeah...>.< It's AU too, and photo credits go to^^

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I am a shameless comment whore! Comment!
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This image came from tonight’s RP, and I believe I captured the sadness of the mood that was dealt with. There are two snippets under the description if you wish to read a little. As always, please enjoy *passes out cause it took over 2 hours to draw and ink*
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natsume- yep!

The Flooding Dark: my Ed/Scar fic, updated and complete

Briefly, let me just tell you that the last chapter of The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange is up.

Here is my final summary (no spoilers, although the story itself contains many):

At the edges of the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist are many unanswered questions, many unexplored possibilities. Edward Elric, a boy with remarkable gifts, is on a journey. His single hope since the day of his failed resurrection attempt has been to return to his brother everything that had been taken as a result of his own pride. This is my idea, an idea, of what could happen after the final credits rolled. By necessity this is AU, and 'what if?' NC-17, for language and sexual situations.

Do you always reserve your hesitation for when it becomes clear that the cost is not just shared by you?
Looking behind the words

New Community

I don't know if this is allowed or not but I couldn't resist. I just made a new community towards Edward & I just wanted people to know. I haven't gotten the rules up yet but I was also wondering what type of rules should go there? =P I'm not really good with this type of thing, so I really suck. XD Here's the url for the community, feel free to join it.


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Brushes, yay.

I've been doing nothing all weekend, so I decided to make some brushes.

... even though there's already 475209438752094 other FMA brush sets out there.

Anyways, there are 7 brushes in this file, and this set is made for Photoshop CS (because I've just been informed that they don't work in any other version DDD:< ). Behind the cut is a preview image and and link to download the file.

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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Searching for japanese fanart site

I need your help. My hard drive crashed on Friday and I'm going around searching for various links that I lost. I'm looking for a link to a very cool japanese fanart website containing animated chibi FMA characters in various scenes. The fanart website goes by "gvct" and it's old link was but it moved somewhere else. I know it moved because I found the new location by accident a few months ago. The artstyle looks like this:
By the way, the link above was a gift to another japanese fan artist.

[Edit] By the way, if some of you remember, gvct created that little mini game of Riza Hawkeye shooting at cardboard cutouts of Roy in a firing range.

I'm hoping someone here has it bookmarked to the new website. Thanks.
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[Arashi] let the rain


[Title] Currently untitled
[Author] Honooko
[Rating/Pairings] PG, eventually R-ish. Eventual Roy/Ed, WinryxAl
[Status] WIP
[Summary] Fuhrer Roy Mustang has stepped up to the plate and is guiding Amestris towards eventual peace. But between rebellions, riots, and deep corruption within the military itself, he’s got his hands full.
Enter Edward Elric. With Al newly restored (and barely coping), Ed doesn’t know what to do with himself. Struggling to find a purpose for his life, he jumps at Mustang’s request for assistance. But he soon wonders if this was a very bad choice; he’s learning things that he never really wanted to know.
[Notes] AU due to deviation from the canon ending, spoilers up to the end of the anime. I've never written for this fandom before, so any nit-picks are greatly appreciated!

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Roy omake

I don't know if this has been posted yet, as I haven't been keeping up with the community that well. I don't think it has (though I know this particular omake has been mentioned). Feel free to kick me in the head if I'm wrong.

Anyway, wabisuke (Poser :P) kindly scanned some stuff from Guidebook 2 for csakuras and I to translate. So here is what I believe is from the back cover... I'm not sure, my copy of the book hasn't come yet. ;_;

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By the way, we're currently working on the Izumi story and that should be done later tonight. :D Enjoy!

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Mugatu ♬ what seems to be the problem

ACen madness!

Wow! An amazing time at Anime Central was had this weekend. I got a ton of cool merchandise, I went to an FMA photo shoot, and I even got my picture taken with Vic Mignogna. <3_<3 Yay me! Although, my happiness was shattered this afternoon when my pictures got developed. It just so happens that the ONLY picture that I didn't have the flash on was the picture with ME AND VIC. ZOMGWTFBBQ. I am still really, really angry. D:<

So over the course of this week, I'll be adding FMA cosplay pictures to my photo album, and I'll share them with all o' y'all. Until then, here's my fangirlish con report:


Bluebird's Illusion - summary and FAQ

Since someone had posted a thread relating to it, I thought I might share something related to this game as well. I was post this thread next week or so after my exams are over, but oh well:

[Bluebird's Illusion: summary, guide, and FAQ]

This is meant to be the first English guide to the game, but I'm still in the process of writing it (exams are taking over right now until 19th May). So all that there is is the "Pride" ending. (Ed becomes a homunculus) It will be completed around 24th May or so, or at the very least, updated.

I've posted some screencaps over there.

Fanart -> Envy's new look

Well it's about time to post some art here. Too bad that i haven't that many FMA realated pics in my gallery, but oh well >.> I need to draw more pics -_-

Ok, enough of speaking, here's the pic:
Envy's new look

//I think that the hair looks a bit short ^^' And sorry for that unfinished Oroboros sign. I had no reference pic -_-

Full pic can be found here ->

But i still like the result ^_^
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hxh // kiru // the internet is for it

[icon] Bluebird's Illusion

Eh, no meme-pic today. I've been staying away from artwork while I wait for my SasuSasu pic to be returned to me. [coughs] ANYWAY.

...I er, made an icon. Of Ed from Bluebird's Illusion. [cue gasps of surprise] Not that anyone's going to want it, but my rules are the same as anyone else's. Comment, credit, and no hotlinking.

Image hosted by

Heh. I don't make icons very often, and it kinda sucks. But I thought I'd contribute it anyway. [hides under a rock] Oh, and I know there's supposed to be an apostrophe.

By the way. WTF?! I find Bluebird's Illusion, and within THREE DAYS the bid has shot up to 1590NT! GAH!!!! [screams in frustration] I love my friends who are trying to work out a way for me to pay for it. You know, so that I can actually bid on it. Heh. [WIIIIIIIDE SMILE]

...not that anyone's interested. But I started a fan-junk dump journal that is NOT friends only. It's currently rather empty, but I'll be posting old stuff in there until I'm out of stuff. Along with new stuff, of course. Oh,'s here: amaratsu_itachi
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Acen report #2

Not really >_>

Will have a full report and pics up later, but for now, all I can say is--


All you Eds, save for catystorm were way too calm when I teased you about your height *was Roy* That's just wrong! XD

And if Vic suddenly bursts into flames someday, don't wonder why...
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