May 14th, 2005

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[pics] Several requests....

I was having a bad case of writer's block, so I randomly AIMed some friends and asked for requests. Here is what I got from that effort.

Title: Rainy Day
For: kaitou_marina
Character(s): Ed
Situation: From an AU RP where he wound up sitting outside Roy's door on the ground, leaning against the door kind of sad-looking.

Free Image Hosting at

Title: Watching
For: bard_linn
Character(s): Trisha
Situation: Watching Ed and Al.

Free Image Hosting at

Title: At the Cafe
For: ayuamarca
Character(s): The Fuhrer and his son, Salem
Situation: Eating ice cream.

Free Image Hosting at

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Fanart for Manga chapter 47! =)

After finally reading chapter 47 of the manga today (thanks again to Umeko and Sakura), I was inspired to do a little scribbling. This obviously contains spoilers for the chapter, of the Winry variety, so if you have not read it yet, view at your own risk.

For the full story, just read the details on the dA link. This isn't the best picture in the world, and I did use more reference than should have been allowed, but I still put effort into it and thought I'd share. I wasn't mean enough to link to the full view this time, but I'm asking that you full view it anyway. ^^;

Comments and critique always welcome on LJ or dA. Thanks! ^_^

(By the way, I don't update dA very often, so most of the stuff in my gallery is old junk... and I haven't updated that journal since last Winter... Oops.)
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Drawing of my human!Alphonse design (also contains trace amounts of Fletcher).

Just thought I'd post this as a follow-up to the design essay I posted awhile back, so people could see the design in action, so to speak.

EDIT: Here is the design in question. I also posted it in fm_alchemist, but hunting down the link to it is...>_<; hard. I'm on dial up. Forgive me.

The description in my Devart gallery says most of what needs saying, but I'll just add that I'm super happy with how this came out. I have the sketch and a larger version of this saved so, if anyone would like to see any of that, just let me know.

Comments, please? :3

PS: They're complaining to each other about their respective big brothers XD
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Greed icons

Didn't post here in a while, ne? ^^'
Well, for russian speaking people it would be easy to understand the text on these icons, but for english speaking... I don't know >.> Maybe someone will understand it, maybe won't. But i tell you, it's funny! XD
All in all, here they are:

FMA -> Greed [4]
Pocket Monsters -> Satoshi [6]

Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Feel free to use, but not forget to credit! -_^
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I was watching Bridget Jones' Diary: The Edge Of Reason and in the credits one of the crew members was Roy Bean. heheh.

anyway, I'm planning to do some RoyxWinry fanart. I don't like that pairing but... sooo many possibilities. anyway. Not sure what they should be doing, any ideas?
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&quot;my girlfriend turned into the moon&quot;

More nifty things from Hot Topic!!

I don't know if anyone else saw these at Hot Topic yet, but they're kinda nifty.

They have little packs of trading cards with special shiny holographic ones. $2 for a pack of 5, so they're fairly inexpensive, I guess.

I'm pretty sure they're original Japanese import too! Well, anyways..have a look for yourself.

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(TS) Kuro no Naku Koro ni

Bluebird's Illusion OP

:U yay for my first post. Heeere we have the opening video for the Chinese FMA fangame "Bluebird's Illusion." I DID torrent this, but then found out that my college blocks all bittorrent uploading, so that's kinda out for the forseeable future : | so for now, it's at yousendit, and if anyone would like to torrent it after this link runs out, feel free.

And before anyone asks: No, I will not torrent the game, or send you the files, or burn it on a cd for you or anything of the sort. So please don't ask, or I shall be very irked. kthx :D

[EDIT] If the yousendit file has run out by the time you see this, jkaizer has kindly torrented it ^^
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[seal] I&#39;m an egg

[pics] Ergh, stupid server.

Sorry, but my server has somehow gone berserk and I can't log in at all, much less upload anything, so I decided to upload the pics on my LJ.

All descriptions and stuff are in the pic, so it's easier to navigate around.

That Person/Al. MOVIE SPOILERS. Spoilers on who "that person" is.

That Person VS Ed-->Al.
Fighting For Al

Graduation Ceremony

Scar/Al 2. Might not be worksafe.
Hand Check

Romania Kimberly.

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