May 13th, 2005

[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Just one fanart

Technically, the subject matter is a crossover, with Edward and Naruto, since that was what the requester asked for. But still, half of it *is* FMA, so felt I must share.

Edward & Naruto fanart

Full description and my thoughts on the piece in the description. (Oh god I feel horrible posting craptastic fanart shortly after the wonderful hime1999 just did T_T)

[Mini-fics]:"Nothing Really Changes" and "Inevitable Truth"

From the fic-meme I posted in my journal a bit over a week ago. First, the one treesock requested, an 'AU Hughes Family Fluff' fic. AU due to its basis that the end of ep 25 turned out differently. I don't really like it, but I wasn't expecting to, as I usually don't write light, humorous, fluffy pieces. Hopefully you'll think it's better than I think it is. (583 words)

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Next, the one samaside requested, a pre-series Hohenheim/Trisha fic. Contains some spoilers for near the end of the series, and I think I might have made Hoho a bit too introspective rather than detached, but I like this one better than the Hughes one. Without any further preamble (664 words):

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'Twas fun, and should anybody else desire a mini-fic, feel free to request one. As I said in the original post, I have pretty much no limitations as to what I'll write. Just let me know the genre, rating, and character(s) you want the fic to involve, and I'll write it. That said, I'm out!
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Vic Mignogna goes Obi Wan Kenobi

Might be a bit off topic (delete if necessary), but it deals with English VA of Edward Elric.

"Actor Vic Mignogna traded in the red and black garb of alchemist Edward Elric for the tan and brown of a Jedi warrior at Star Wars Celebration III. He met up with other Jedi costumers,including an Anakin Skywalker, for some cavorting in the halls that delighted fans. Mignogna's impromptu costuming group was so popular that they spent more than an hour posing for fans." --from
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Ammy / ticket to the end of the rainbow

Ling/Lan fanlisting

I hope this is fine. I forgot if plugging websites was allowed here or not.

I just finished the fanlisting for Ling Yao/Lan Fan (or Ran Fan, Lan Fun, or whatever spelling you fancy.) It's here, just in case you want to join ^^ It doesn't matter if you ship them or not, it's for their relationship in general.

Oh, and a question: I've been thinking about creating a Xing-related community, since there are a lot of character comms and I didn't find any about Ling, Lan Fan, Mr. Fu or Mei-chan and Xiao Mei. Would anybody join if I'd make one for those characters? I'm wondering since I don't really read this community in a daily basis and I have no clue if the Xingese have some sort of popularity in the fandom.
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Manga scans

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know the location of the most current manga scan? I think there are some in, but I can't figure out how to find them!anymore!

Thanks beforehand.
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:O Chibis [icons]~~

I know someone else made HagaRen chibi icons a while ago, but I couldn't resist. It doesn't hurt to have a lot of chibi Hagaren icons does it? XD

12 | X [All Kamui; for iconfiend100]
2 | Naruto
2 | xxxHOLiC
14 | HagaRen
6 | Death Note

36 icons

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

( More here! )

(X-posted to many places @_@)
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First attempt at crack...

So I was driving around the University campus earlier this week, and learned yet *again* that I should have a camera with me at all times. So I went back today and took photos because they were just begging for some FMA crack. XP

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Electric Hands - hug

Alphonse action figure question

I just bought the Play Arts action figures of Al and Ed today from Suncoast (25% off!). I looked into Al's box and at the bottom found these instructions on how to take off Al's chest plate and his head!! So far, the chest plate isn't comming off and I'm too afraid of breaking Al to do anything else.

For anyone who has an Al, could you tell me if his chest plate and his head really does come off?
Any help is appreciated.

Update: *gasp* Al's head came off!! I just pulled lightly and off it went. Now to see if I can get the chest plate off...

Update 2: Yay, the chest plate came off! And the array is in there! Thanks to billypilgrim for the tip. Took a while tho (my poor fingers).
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