May 11th, 2005


Hey everyone. I'm just wondering if any of you guys have any screen caps of Edo and Aru under a blue sky? Different kinds of screen caps will be appreciated.
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Look up and Smile! ♥

Fullmetal Alchemist on Nintendo DS and GBA

Fullmetal Alchemist Named and Dated
Japanese DS fans get this latest anime conversion in July.

May 10, 2005 - Bandai has announced final publishing details on Fullmetal Alchemist DS, the first DS entry in the Fullmetal Alchemist game series that has had a successful run so far on the PS2 and Game Boy Advance. Fully titled Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy (Hagane no Renshinjutsu: Dual Sympathy in its Japanese form), the DS title will arrive to Japanese retail on 7/21, the same day as the PS2 Fullmetal Alchemist 3 (being published by Square Enix).

Taking the form of a side scrolling action game, Dual Sympathy has you use alchemy skills as you fight enemies, making use of standard attacks and "gimmick" attacks based off items located on the play field. The stylus is put to use as you draw your own alchemy spells on the lower screen.
The 7/21 release date has special significance. The Fullmetal Alchemist movie is scheduled for Japanese release on 7/23, making the game's release line up perfectly with the theatrical release. With the series continuing in popularity despite the end of first run episodes of the television show, both Bandai and Square Enix can probably expect big things from both new versions of Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Whoo hoo!! I can't wait! Hagane on DS! But, sadly they don't have the date for the US realease though.. I hope nintendo pick them up! If they didn't, then they are crazy! >_
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Icon Song Set

I've reacently fallen in love with the band Nightwish and felt the urge to make an icon set out of the lyrics from Dead Boy's Poem...
Spoilers for after ep. 25. No big plot revealers, and a link to icon from the final episode.

For the peeping toms:

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You know the deal. Do not steal. If you like what you see, take, but credit me! =D

(Credit either lavaliere or iconicallyhales)
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heh - rika

For those going to ACen this weekend...

This has been announced on the Programming page:

"Vic Mignogna Presents: Fullmetal Fantasy

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a real anime
character? Vic Mignogna, Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist, has
created an original live action short film featuring many of your
favorite FMA voice actors. "Fullmetal Fantasy" is a special
presentation you won't want to miss!"

I think this was just announced, so I thought I'd let people know. Hope to see people at ACen! ^-^
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(no subject)

Hi. I'm looking for something that has to do with full metal alchemist. A long while ago, like at the begining of the year, when fma was just starting out on adult swim, I found a post of stuff someone got. It had like all the fma manga, potholders, and A bunch of other cool stuff. do any of you guys remember the link to the site that had the stuff?

if not its cool. just thought I'd try.

second question. Anyone know where I can get good FMA merchandice?

FMA 2nd opening's Music Video

I don't know how long it's been on but, L'Arc~en~Ciel's music video for 'Ready Steady Go' is on The Anime Network on demand in "Bento Beat Box" (For Comcast)
It's intresting, has lots of eyes, and is complete with chibi versions of the band. ^^
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[seal] I'm an egg

[doodles] Where Youko attempts Mucha (poorly)

Sorry if you guys are getting tired of me. XD; but today I got really busy and decided to draw tons of stuff, and colour tons of stuff.

First off, a couple of doodles.

1.) Hoju (END OF SERIES spoilers under cut)
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2.) Youko's poor attempt at Mucha.

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3.) Another sad attempt at Mucha. Contains MOVIE SPOILERS.
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And the two uniformed Roy pics from before, coloured.

R!S Lust
You see that weird bruise/scar there? That's called over-refilling your markers, kids. Don't do it.


Both coloured with Copic Markers and colouring pencils. Colours are brighter than actual uniforms. Wish I had copic warm greys.

Dewa. Whew. Drew and coloured for almost three to five hours today.
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Song Set

^^;; With the support of sky_dark, I have made my first ever song set. Yaaaaay. Features Ed and Al.

Credit not needed (or deserved ^^;), comments greatly appreciated, fangirling adored. Fangirl me.

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