May 10th, 2005

One strange icon...

I guess my head was really hurt when i did this one... What can i say? The real palm tree!
i don't know if this has something same with FMA, but when i see it i think of Envy ^^'

First verion: Image hosted by
Second version: Image hosted by

Yes, it's a palm tree called Dracaena *hugs her palm tree*
Ref. photo here ->

And some Ed avatars to mix my post...

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Feel free to use, but not forget to credit! -_^
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Let's be Bad Guys

Fan Art - Smexy Edo!

This was a graduation present for my dear friend. I've put this off for wayt too long, but I finally got around to finishing it. Yay for me! Now, it is Edo and he's not wearing anything BUT you can't see anything, so it's not really mature art. Just a warning. ^-^

And don't forget about Fan Day tomorrow! Unite! XDD
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Hello! First time poster, long time lurker. I come forth with icons!

Find the rest of them here in this link!
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[seal] I'm an egg

[pics!] Doodle dumps!

First, some general pics. XD

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And here's another uniform pic. Same disclaimer shall be used...
WARNING: Following pic has ROY IN A NAZI UNIFORM. Before you get your panties in a twist, here's the thing. Yes, I have taken WWII classes, yes, I have read the books, yes, I know that the Nazis were the enemies of the Allies in WWII, and yes, I know that they killed many, many innocent men, women, and children. I know all of that, and NO I do not support what they have done, or whatever the Neo-Nazis are doing. Most of all, I am NOT anti-semitic or anything of the sort, I do not agree to hate-crime and all that stuff.

So why a Nazi uniform? ...can I just say that I like the look? And that this is for a certain bunny which I have a history major to look over for me? I have a uniform fetish and a uniform picture index that begs to be abused.

I enjoy it aesthetically.
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Some Elricest.

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And finally, some good old ...

...window-washing Al. Might not be worksafe.

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Is all XD
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Lila Negra

FMA Game

Hi ^^
I was just wondering in the net and I found a FMA game to play online here:
It's kind of easy, but it's nice and surely most of you would like it ^^. At least I do ^____^. Well, that's all. Ow, and if you can't find the game in that page, well, you can search it by writing "iron and flame" in the place where says "buscador" (which means "search" in Spanish). I guess that it's called "iron" because of Ed and "flame" beacause there is a moment when you fight with Roy. Hope you like it. Bye!
PS: And have a nice Fan Day tomorrow ^_~!