May 8th, 2005


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So yeah...

I was watching FMA ofcourse and when it was commercial, theres this new show comming to adult swim, samurai something. It said it will air at 11:30 next saturday. What happened to Full Metal? New time? Can anyone give me details. There will be no Zatch Bell too next saturday because of the three hour thing of star wars something...if anyone cares.
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big gun!

More HavoXAi

This is a very direct sequel to my first HavoXAi fic, called "Out of Time", in a if-you-didn't-read-ther-first-you-will-be-veddy-veddy-confused kind of way, so go here first, if you haven't already.

Title: "With Time"
Author: purplevix
Rating: PG-13 for a little language, but nothing extreme
Spoilers: Ep 25 again
Comments: I rather enjoy wrting this, and being so mean to Roy... sadistic, ain't I? Farman's interesting to write as well. I don't know what his canon age is, but I've always imagined him to be the oldest and wisest of the bunch, as shown by the fact that he causes the least trouble in that military group.

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Hope you all enjoy!
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not my jurisdiction

Brilliant Luck - a fanzine

Hello! My name is Wingdance, and I'm collecting material for a fanzine I'm creating called 'Brilliant Luck'. The next issue is going to cover anime, manga, webcomics, and videogames that fall under the genre of Action/Fighting. Since Fullmetal Alchemist is one of my favorite manga/anime, I'd like to have material related to it.

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Even if you don't want to submit to the magazine, you can subscribe by writing an e-mail to with 'SUBSCRIBE' in the header.

The current deadline is May 26, 2005. All entries should be suitable for people over the age of 15.

Comments and questions are welcome. Thank you very much.

(This has been x-posted with variations EVERYWHERE. So if this appears on your f-list a lot, I apologize.)
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Stinkface Spazzy


Okay, let me just say that this is my first real attempt to make nice icons. All the other ones I've made for myself have had very little effort put into them, but I actually spent like two hours messing around in PSP to get these looking at least halfway decent. There are 8 in total.

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Comment & credit if used please. Enjoy, and I hope they aren't too bad! ^_^;
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Ya know what pairing I wanna see? Hughes x Schezka (Hope i spelled that right o_O)

But think about it here people. Hughes has her in his office all the time, well into late night.

*hurls plot bunnies at the crowd*

any other weird pairings you wanna share? xD
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Before be burn in fire with horrible pain XD

There was a problem with some icons, but it over now (I hope XD !)
But the same website have a gallery, and I'll talk for Lex.

On here, there are a lot of fanart which are from people of this community. I didn't know that ask the permission to the artists was more importe than credit them with a link (yes, you can call me silly XD but you must learn it one day, it's not something who came at your birth) and if I put them here, that was because I loved them <3. Anyway, some of them DON'T have a link back to the artist, because I didn't know who made it (and if some of them said "do not take without permission" I didn't know because I didn't know who made it).
There are also a looot of photo-edit, all from here too.

Now, I want you to know there are on the gallery, and, even if for some of you it's too late now, I want to ask you the permission to leave them here, to ask you if you know who made a fanart wich have no link, and to ask you to tell me if you want I put off a fanart you don't want to be here, and immediately (well, just leave me the time to read the answer XD).

I see and understand my mistakes, and I'm SORRY about it, really. I just want things to be allright now, that the reason of this post. Not "OMFG YOU STOLE MY ART !!!11" but "please put this off !" or "please put this link back !". Hope you'll understand XD (to mod: delete this message if you think it's spam)

the gallery:

Hope it will be okay now ^__^
Lovely Dean

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

Look, I'm posting. I have a mouthful of stitches on mother's day and I'm posting.

I don't know who's more insane, oh yes I do, that would be ME.

3 requested colorbars, a few icons thrown in to liven the mix.

Scar, Winry, GitS:SAC and some assorted FMA icons. Not many. An Inuyasha from a previous post that got swiped (someone claiming they made it) and I took it down, reposting it here now that issue has been resolved.

These painkillers aren't producing the weirdo icon ideas I wanted them too. I need my money back.


rulz: like the rules before, comments adored, no credit necessary, NO HOTLINKING (boy am I ever grumpy enough right now to enforce that)

(Mind Altering Drugs Not Living Up To Expectations)
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--Feel free to delete this--

I wanna make icons but, when I save something I made as a .jpg, it becomes all messed up like.
Also on the communities when ever I try to save icons that are .jpg, it always says save as .art or .bmp. And if I save it like that it doesn't open.
All I have is miscrsoft paint, is that messing things up or is it my crappy computer or what? I figured you people might know...

Well...I found something weird (Alchemy related)
How the Homunculi were REALLY created(not):
I thought that would be funny if they were like that in the show. XD
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This is the back heel for the automail foot, and I wanted to show what the vinyl looks like when cut out:

Free Image Hosting at
All I can say is metal XD~~~ (I am so loving this vinyl)
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  • smuky


This is my first time posting here and I bring you some icons I hope you like them.

{59}FMA anime
{36}FMA Manga



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Girl - Naughty Girl

Fic Dumpage

A couple of FMA drabble!fics that I've had sitting around on my LJ for a while. All are set pre-series and are rated General.

(First Steps)
Warning for small amounts of angst.
"The young blond boy braced himself..."

(The Hands On Approach)
WARNING for evil, dark, twisted humor. It is a joke, so no I don't really think she really did that.
"Why you should always obey Winry."

(In Trouble)
Warning for small amounts of angst. And the fact that it was one of my first fics.
"Edward Elric punched someone for the first time..."
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Amusing Speculation

One of the things I enjoy about this community is the creativity. Some places are creative. This place is to "normal" creativity what snowboarding naked after drinking five red bulls is to playng tennis.

After the recent post about re-imagining FMA characters as of their alternate gender, I began speculating on something else . . .

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Icon madness!

Well, another post full with icons! All i can do now is post isons ^^'

FMA -> Ed [5]
FMA -> Envy [5]
FMA -> Wrath [1]
+ (in addition to all FMA icons ^_^)
Pocket Monsters -> Shuu [4]
Pocket Monsters -> Satoshi [11]

Total [26]


Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Feel free to use, but not forget to credit! ^^
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