May 7th, 2005


Starry night (fanfic)

Title: Starry Night
Author: okami_hu
Beta: NONE and please, keep that in mind
Rating: G
Genre: general
Pairing: none (some barely detectable hints of RoiAi)
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Arakawa’s, not mine, thank the Goddess.
Author's Notes: It’s actually the follow-up of “Shadowed Sunlight”. If you haven’t read that, I wouldn’t recommend it. All you have to know is that Kimbley raped Hawkeye in that.

Starry Night

Fic dump: Production #5627, for anax: introspective Pride drabble on Roy.

Should be writing other peoples' fics first, but this damned Pride drabble won't get the F out of my head. @.@

Title: Pride and Prejudice
Author: Devil's Devotion, a.k.a. Demidevi-san
Rating: We'll say PG-13/R, but only for imagery. Nothing too bad.
Genre: Introspective, gen. How blase, I know.
Pairing: None, though there's decidingly one-sided Roy X Ed as seen by Pride.
Summary: Ever find yourself wondering just what it is Pride's thinking? Sometimes he does, too.
For: anax, who IS Pride. ^^;; I don't very much expect you to read this, Anax-san, but I just figured that I'd let you know I care. ♥ I also couldn't think of anyone on my f-list who'd really want a short, gen-drabble like this. Bwah ha ha. XD
Comments: SPOILERS if you don't know who Pride is, and for ep 25, but if you KNOW who Pride is, then you had to have seen 25, so... This is also very short and probably not worth such a long introduction. ^^;; That is all.
Music: Just one piece, because it was so short. "Moonlight Sonata" by Beethoven. Struck me as a very fitting sound for the mood of this piece.

( It was a very boring thing, ruling the world. )
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Hiro from Heroes


I have a little question:

In episode 2, after Ed and Al transmute Winry's present and they are around the table, who is the guy that is standing there? do we know?

sorry if this has been asked before.

Also, when Al transmutes the radio in episode 1, it's working and it looks like its not even plugged in.

I started watching the series over again because school is over now and I need to actually finish it this time.
Jade Pen

Fic: "3,000 Li" Chapter 2

Title: "Full Metal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala (The Fangirl's Cut)" Chapter 2
Arc: 2, "3,000 Li"
Author: Jade Pen
Beta-readers: The marvellous Chiharu, tsukishirou, and devils_devotion
Warnings: End-of-series spoilers, implied Elricest
Rating: PG (for now)
Genre: General, Angst
Pairing: None (for now)
Summary: “I hope the real Alphonse Elric finds you and sets you straight.”
Previous Chapter: 1

( The Story Proper )

(Cross-posted to elricest, fma_yaoi, and fm_alchemist)
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Dali Set 2

The Joint Fic is Officially Underway

If any of you were waiting to see some of the collaborative story before you joined fma_transmute, the first installment is up. 'Twas written by me, but future installments will be written by other members of the community. Starts approximately when the anime starts and will thus retain some common elements (such as the Philosopher's Stone and Scar's vendetta), but the plots will be divergent from there. The only real limitations in place are to keep the story rating at 'R' or below and ensuring the story isn't dominated by one author.

I've been in a writing mood of late, and as I've still recieved no fic-requests to the meme thing in my journal, it's still open for those who want some sort of mini-fic. I need the challenge, if only to prove to myself that I can actually write something short enough to count as a mini-fic!

But if you're a writer, you should definitely check fma_transmute out! I'm out!
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hikki [ utada hikaru ]

Semi-stolen FMA icons.

It's a French Fullmetal Alchemist site with a loooooooot of LJ avatars made by a lot of us. I don't know how many of you are offended by this, but I am quite irritated with people reposting my icons without any of my consent. Whoever's maintaining the site found it to be okay to repost the icons because they have our usernames listed in parentheses in the filenames. Just take a look and see what you think.

Again, I don't know how many of you actually care, but since I for one hate for people to repost my works without my permission, I thought it'd be nice to give you all the heads up.

Cross-posted to fullmetal_icons.

EDIT: Okay, since I contacted the webmaster, she explained her situation. She didn't mean to steal our icons, just share them, since she did credit us all in our avatars' filenames. She has taken down the avatars and apologized, so everything's peachy again.

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More icons

Like i promised, more icons from me ^^ This time i'll post 17 Envy icons.

Envy [17]


Image hosted by Image hosted by

Collapse )

Feel free to use, but not forget to credit! -_^
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Baby!Al AU drabbles (warning: may be image-heavy)

Once upon a time, lalag drew a cute picture. It made fangirls happy. People commented on how cute the Fuhrer's family was. this madelalag very happy. Then brocas_aphasia decided to do a story on the picture. This made everyone very happy. So lalag and brocas_aphasia decided to join forces. And this is the result.

Stories by: Esprit Libre (brocas_aphasia)
Art by: Lala (lalag)

First one rated for language.
Collapse )

And a drabble...

Collapse )

Hope you like!
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FMA Photoshoot - May 14th - NYC

Hello again,

Just posting to remind (and inform) anyone that might be interested in attending an FMA photoshoot inutsuzuki and I are organizing next Saturday, May 14th, in NYC. We'll be getting together in Central Park ( 59th St and 7th Ave entrance ) at 11am. It will run as a photoshoot, gathering and picnic. Just an excuse to cosplay and get together for a few hours with fellow FMA fans.

Anyone who would like to attend, contact either of us or just drop by on Saturday, we'll be happy to have you! ^-^

For more info visit the website and the message board.

Hope to see some of you there!! ^__^

x-posted to fm_alchemist, fma_cosplay and cosplay.
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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Question about Omakes

Okay, I poked through the memories, and saw no posts about this...

Being a lover of Hagaren crack, I'm constantly seeking more of it.

So two questions:

Anyone know where I can find some scanlated FMA Omakes? I've seen some, but not all... I'd greatly appreciate finding them translated!

Looking back through the memories, there was mention of a manga book that was like, Fullmetal Alchemist DX, which was full of cractastic stories and 4-panel omakes. Any more info about this? (LOL Viz!! publish this PLEEEEEEASE!!) I'm going to check this one Chinese book store that carries Japanese manga translated into Chinese, as well as keep an eye out for this book at Anime Expo, (I picked up volume 8 last year for a really good price).

*currently counting down the days until the next FMA manga chapter is released and scanlated*
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Gun no Mame Plushie progress

I just thought I'd share my progress on the Gun no Mame (Bean of the Military) Edo plushie I'm working on ^^. So far I have the coat done, which can be found here. This plushie is being hand sewn by me (including the Neko!flamel as seen in the doujinshi and on the back of the Mame!Edo in my user icon ^^ ), so it sould be done in a day or two.
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[seal] I'm an egg

[pics] tons of stuff that may be offensive...

WARNING: Following pic has the ...following:

-ALPHONSE IN A NAZI (Navy) UNIFORM. Before you get your panties in a twist, here's the thing. Yes, I have taken WWII classes, yes, I have read the books, yes, I know that the Nazis were the enemies of the Allies in WWII, and yes, I know that they killed many, many innocent men, women, and children. I know all of that, and NO I do not support what they have done, or whatever the Neo-Nazis are doing. Most of all, I am NOT anti-semitic or anything of the sort, I do not agree to hate-crime and all that stuff.

So why a Nazi uniform? ...can I just say that I like the look? And that this is for a certain bunny which I have a history major to look over for me? I have a uniform fetish and a uniform picture index that begs to be abused.

That said, here's a Scar/Al pic where I entertain a bunny that I have been incubating for the past...however long.

Collapse )

Next, Roy in a uniform. Same disclaimer is used here as applied above.

Collapse )

Next, Random Scar/Al pics.

Collapse )

Collapse )

And finally, Papa and Hoju (explanation of who that is under the cut, but he is a walking, talking SPOILER for end of the series)

Collapse )

Is all.
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