May 5th, 2005

crazy in a bad way

I have an idea.....

This is an idea for a panel. I was wondering if anon would go to a panel called the Truth of Full metal Alchemist. Where we have an In depth discuss of the seires. Of course there would be spoilers for the ones who have not seen the whole series. We would would be a warning up for that. anyways, We would talk about things you really didn't understand about the series or how Alchemy is in the real world. And how the characters turly reatae to one other. And some of the truths behind the show. So you would go and sit thought say an hour of this?

I'd really love your oponion *Bows* Thank you Kupo!

Ja Ne,

~Dark Moogle~
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big gun!

Time for something different from my usual

I was suddenly inspired to write HavoAi fanfiction. Usually I'm RoyAi all the way, but this idea intrigued me, so I ran with it.

Title: Out of Time
Rating: PG? the most graphic things are an explosion and some choking so....
Pairing: HavoAi but there's a little RoyAi too. It wouldn't be a fanfic of mine there wasn't any, now would it?
Spoilers: Slight alluding to Ep 25, but nothing specific and no names.
Comments: This robbed me of much sleep, so I hope it's as good as that's worth.

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Interactive FMA Community and the Results of Boredom

Alright, first things first:

I like writing. I've enjoyed stories I've co-written with friends. I like FMA. So, combining the three, we get fma_transmute, a community created with the intent of creating a jointly-written FMA fic. The characters we know, in the same world, but with a plot created entirely by the members of said community. I think it'll be great fun, so I hope the writers here join up to participate!

And also the 'results of boredom' referenced in the subject line. I've decided to utilize the little fic-request meme thing. If you want a fic, just comment over at my journal.

That said, I'm out!
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SGA atlantis postcard

FMA essay

Okay, so, I actually got people who wanted to see the essay I wrote about the alchemical symbolism in FMA, so I figured that while I still want to revise this a lot so it makes more sense to the FMA community, and add a LOT of stuff (I had to cut out material to get it under the required length, and didn't even get to go into Roy or Izumi-sensei or maybe Hughes or the actual imagery and symbols used) I might as well post the original version now since it will take me a while to work on completing it to my satisfaction.

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Pensive Bones

(no subject)

I'm in desperate need of a new Hagaren LJ background.

Anyone have some old ones they woudln't mind passing on to me? I want something.... I don't really know.

Anything really.

I just need something new. XD

Thanks ahead of time, guys!
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(no subject)

...I'm betting no one drew Ed's sigil (flamel?) as the subject before. xD;;

Anyway, it was done by Sharpie and GIMP 2. Totally G, with the word 'FMA'written across it. Also, I tried distorting it by smuding the pic... >><< *experiment failed*

( Ooh! Clicku~ )

Comments, etc. appreciated. ^^;;;

Oh, and happy Children's Day! :)
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(no subject)

Okay, I know this might be off-topic and such, but here goes:

My boyfriend and I are attending Anime North in Toronto, ON, and I wanted to know how many FMA fans were gonna be there (especially FMA yaoi fans, XD), because I'm in a slight bind.

I live in Detroit, and am going to be crossing the bridge to Windsor and then taking a train to Toronto. Now, the lady I talked to told me that the train station is like, in the middle of downtown Toronto, yet the Park Plaza Hotel.. well.. ISN'T.

Basically, I'm trying to find someone who's going so I can pair up with you, so I won't feel so lost in Toronto, despite the fact that I'm already coming with someone. Also, someone who might've been to Anime North before (but if not, that's quite okay too.. we can be lost together XD)

This is going to be crossposted like a billion places, but /eh/ sorry. I just really need answers, like quickly.
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the heart of things

Anime Boston -- Cosplay photos

At long last (okay, Con was only last weekend) I bring to you...Cosplay Photos!

Because there were a lot of them, I've uploaded them to my livejournal photo album (what a cool feature is that, by the way). But because it is such a cool feature, you still get all my dork-tastic commentary. aren't you lucky?

The album is divided like so:

Main gallery Anime Boston
Photos of People Who Are not Us, amusing con things

--Sub-gallery, Greed/Kimberly
You knew there'd be something like this. Greed and Kimberly, being all...themselves. Individual photos, make-out shots, etc. ;)

--Sub gallery Greed/Everything
Certainly the most amusing part of con, and probably the most highly-anticipated part of the photo taking -- GreedxEveryone he could get his hands on.

--Sub gallery Random
Getting ready for con, doing normal, everyday things in cosplay, etc.

Enjoy ^^
Anime Boston Cosplay Photos

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The Ishbal National Anthem

As if the Amestris anthem wasn't enough, I've been dared to do this as well. :P

Has it occured to anyone that all the Ishbalites (with the exception of Scar) in the Hagaren anime do basically nothing but hang around and look hopeless?

Obviously, they're hiding something.

*evil snigger*

Our Abs Look Better On Film Than Yours
(The Ishbal National Anthem. Spoilers for the whole series.)

Also featuring the transcribed noted for the Amestris National Anthem.
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(no subject)

Yes, I've returned. Except, it's AL'S blood seal. >><< Sorry for the spam. I draw too many sigils and stuffand I'm still memorizing Roy's.

( ...Clicku? )

Ummm... You may now flame me for spamming you all now. xD;

(Comments, etc. are appreciated, though. ^^;;)
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today i went walking around the japanese bookstore near my house and i saw the complete book material side and story side!!! but then they were like HKD$184 (about US$23) each which is quite expensive for me ^^;;

so i was wondering if anyone here had it and suggest if it's worth buying ^^;;