May 3rd, 2005

big gun!

When Bunnies attack!

So the bunnies invaded earlier whilst I was listening to the Roy Songfile. I've decided to do a little ficlet based on the kind of imagery that pops into my head while listening to a song for any of the characters, and looking up any available translations.

Roy's is finished, I did his first because that's what I was listening to when inspiration struck.

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blue swirl

invasion? @_@

Alright. I think I'm either going insane or being invaded. This happened a couple a days ago and is a little difficult to explain. Various images on LJ [like the little 'lj user gif, you know, that little dude with the white head and blue shirt] have been replaced with FMA icons. I know, this sounds like bullshit but I have screenshots to prove it, which I'll post at the end. The same thing happened to the 'lj help dealie' image. They are shown as little smushed versions of an icon or, in rare cases, the full, 100 x 100 version of the icon. I know they're the icon because when I right click on it, go to properties, get the url, which is normal {}, then paste that URL in the search bar, it shows up as the icon. I think this is only on LJ and on my computer. Rawr! what happened? I wish I could choose which icon it was XDD

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crazy in a bad way

Al at 1 in the morning

Well some liked my Roy so I thoguth what they Hey I serviced the Roy fangirls So now For the Al fan girls. I drew him In bed..and the older verison kupo. ..Sorry I like guys with long hair. Oh if your wondering why he looks Kinda depressed He just feling down about really remebering his brother, kupo.

Well the whole Sheets thing. I but Roy in blue becasue...well he looks good in blue adn Al is in green because I like him in green, kupo. Ya well anyways enjoy!


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Lovely Dean

These ain't your Daddy's Colorbars!

You have spoken and I have heard. Behind the cut find COLORBARS.

There are some requests I have not been able to get to yet. YES, I will do Winry. Can someone tell me where to get screencaps from GitS:SAC? OY!

11 Colorbars!

They emcompass:

FullMetal Alchemist - ED, ROY, AL, ARMSTRONG,HAVOC and HUGHES
THE ED IS NEW! Here's what happened. My girlfriend started reading my comments.

J: They're right, you put the colors in order!
Me: But...but....
J: You do it, it's the rainbow/color theory/blahblahblah *art speak that flies over sky_dark's head*
Me: But...but...
J: *Glare*
Me: *OBEYS!*

In the process of changing Ed. (I was calling him CHAOS!ED, because his colors were not in the right ~order~ *rolls eyes*) I accidentally...deleted part of him. Ah, couldn't be helped I guess. Chaos was having it's pervy way with me. So I had to rebuild him, and now he's better, faster, stronger than before. And the Colorbar looks somewhat different. =)

Inuyasha - The Main Cast and Sesshomaru
Prince of Tennis - I have NO cllue, I HOPE it's the main character as was requested. Thanks to chellie_ for the premade bases. Saved my life.
The Galaxy Rangers - They NEVER get love! I love them! maderr loves them! I made one! HA!
Saiyuki - The Main Cast - for chainedinbeads I hope I did the right one.

And...and I think that's it...yeah that's it.


RULES! Important this time because of the code issue I know I'll hear about. Comments are adored. Credit is Unnecessary. No, I cannot host these, there will be no code, PLEASE do not Hotlink. There are many things, some work related on my server, if you overload it by hotlinking everything goes bye-bye and we get that nasty,nasty photobucket icon floating around and no lovely icons or colorbars. I hate to be a stickler, I would LOVE to host these for you all, but I can't. Have pity on me. Also, I hunt down and report hotlinkers. Ok? I appreciate your understanding. =)

My icon and other graphics journal is skycons
(When I say I'll deliver, I deliver)
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natsume- yep!

The Flooding Dark, Updated... AGAIN

*ignores groans from everyone baffled by the concept of an Ed/Scar pairing. I swear, people, IT WORKS.*

Instead of a summary, this time you get something... else.

This is a case report of a 20-year-old Caucasian male prone to mild narcissistic personality disorder who finds himself thrust into a codependent, homosexual relationship with a 37-year old former terrorist with known PTSD with persecutorial delusions, as both struggle to adapt to the stresses of an alien and hostile world. An exploration of the utility of interpersonal coping strategies and defense mechanisms, and whether this alleviates or exacerbates core mental pathologies.
Writing - Regina waits

The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang (parts 6 - 9)

Title: The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang
Author: Dria
Beta: Tayles
Spoilers: None
Warnings/Pairings: Err... still trying to get to the Roy/Ed-ness and still not quite managing it. A spoonful of angst. Hughes being Hughes. Implied Al/Winry. Some bad language. Ed being stubborn.
Author's Note: The previous parts can be found here and on my website. Feedback is appreciated and may encourage me to actually get around to writing some more. Who knows, miracles may happen!

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Let's be Bad Guys

Fan Day!

I wonder if someone has already come up with this idea. Oh well!

Every Wednesday for the past few months has been Fan Day for me. I wear one of my FMA shirts along with other accessories to school and where ever else I go. My friends now do the same and other people I've never met do too so our fandom spreads. I think we should call Wednesday "Fan Day" and use it to showcase our (possibly my) obsessions and love. What do ya think? Is anyone else out there willing to do this every Wednesday so the whole world will wear their fandom together and stand proud? All agreed, say SHRIMP!

Now ends my stupid petition. ^-^

Be sure to spread the word!!!11!

Just in case...

Um, everyone here has been to right? And they have looked up *inverse*'s FMA AMVs, right? Cause anyone who hasn't is missing out on finding out what an AMV should look like. That's right, go Download one and see your self-esteem plummet. And if you like Hughes (and have seen past ep 25), I suggest running over to Fortune Cookie Productions on the same sight and checking out their Hughes video, set to Bon Jovi's "It's My Life". And if the server cannot be found, wait a while. It does that... <.<;
Anyway. You should all go look.