May 1st, 2005


Sheepish Request

I know this has been asked 5 million times and I apologize for that. I did check memories and I didn't see anything there. Does anyone know where I can get a really decent pic of Roy's Array and the Ouroborous Tat? I"ve checked online and jumped through hoops, but I need a good clear pic of them in order to draw out the design for the stained glass pieces. Thanks a million if you can help out! XD <3
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name that tune

Can anyone tell me the name of the song they play at the end of Ep. 25 when Roy and Riza are talking? I'm trying to find the sheet music for it, but I can't really do that unless I know the song's name. Looked in the memories, but nothing there. Any help is much appreciated.
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vintage ; ponder

(no subject)

Umm... Icons. There aren't that many, though. I make like, 2 icons a month... And some of them are really old. Spoiler-y, I guess. I don't know.

Comments and credits would be nice.

+10 icons
-1 Movie!Al
-3 Ed
-1 EdWin
-1 Hughes
-1 Riza
-2 Roy
-1 RoyEd


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Lovely Dean

Colonel Roy Mustang = Colonel Mustard, Kitchen with the Knife?

You get my 27 hours straight with no sleep rambling icon post! =D


okok, the rules, you know them, you love them, they love you. Follow them, they just don't want you to get hurt. They be: Comments are adored beyond measure, Credit when offered brings tears to my eyes but is totally not necessary (Hey, I don't own the rights to FMA), Hotlinking will bring down the wrath of sky_dark upon your skull as well as several of her loyal minions. One who is virus assasin.

This time we have a set of 9 text icons and 9 textless icons illumnation a song suggested by scico, because she's good like that. All of them are Ed and Al. No sins. No Roy. Just the boys. An oddly appropriate song for their situation.

Texas: (Like a Lover (Holding On)
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Jigglypuff - Confirmed for AWESOME!

"And they all lived happily ever after. Ha ha, I'm just effing with you. Everybody dies."

I think series like Full Metal Alchemist should have warning labels, have them up before episodes with huge angst sessions,so that way you can make sure you're watching the episode in a brightly lit room away from any windows or sharp objects.

Okay guys. I know most of you already know this,but in case you're newbies like me, I'll cut this.

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I just needed to vent a bit. I'm done. Sorry if this is a tad off topic [?]

Oh yeah. for the record, I have a serious case of an angst-hangover from the OD of it last night. XD
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Employee Ed

[fanfic] The Bet

A short fic my roommate wrote. But she lacks a LiveJournal, so I'm posting it for her. You can contact her on AIM at the screen name Forgetful Psycho if you so wish.

Title: The Bet
Rating: PG
Genre: crack
Warnings: Spoilers for end of series
Summary: Envy bet there was nothing that he couldn't change into... (pre-series)

Author's note: Don't blame me, blame acdragonmaster and hime1999.

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FMA at Animeboston.

Well the weekend had to end at some point; and so did a great con!

FMA was HUUGE this year! Besides the large amount of cosplayers(myself included), there was a great fan panel(if you guys are on this community, I gotta say, awesome job ^_^), a featured music video, an enormous collection of products at the dealer's room, and a cool skit at the masquerade.

And it's so cool how the same Ed cosplayer put on/was in/made the music vid, fan panel, and skit!

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to hearing about you guys' experiences about your stay at AB2005, everything you saw that was FMA, and the photos taken of the great cosplayers!
(I have to give serious props to Barry the chopper, Tucker, and post-alchemized!trisha XD I really wish those guys were at the photo shoot)
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[Sketches] Hughes for treesock and Wrath for nefariouskitten.

The meme is here and still open.
Today is Hughes for treesock and Wrath for nefariouskitten.

Image hosted by
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Image hosted by
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Comments and/or critique? ...Eh, nevermind. Sketches, bleh. Sketches.

If you were wondering, inbetween meme!sketches #7 and #9 there IS a #8. Just, it's not a Hagaren sketch and therefore insignificant when it comes to this community.

[goes to nurse headache and finish homework]
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AnimeNEXT 2005

I'm curious about this Anime convention. Has anyone ever attended at this convention in the past years? I've never attended at a Anime convention before (had many opportunities...x_x) and I want to make sure that my first one will be a good one.

The next one is going to be on June 17-19. So far, the guest list looks very great so far! I know it's very early for this event...but I just wanna make sure.

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[hagaren] edal heart!

Tales of Another Question

This will hopefully be quick, so I can delete this.

To anyone with the Tales of Another DVD: Am I the only one who can't find Roy's seiyuu singing? Or is it not on there? @_@. I thought it was, and it's shown on the back, but I... can't find it, despite watching both DVDs straight through three times since Friday. So I'm wondering if it's not there, or if it is, where can I find it?

Kthxbye. :X
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Writing - Regina waits

The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang (parts 1 - 5)

Title: The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang
Author: Dria
Beta Reader: The excellent and all-powerful Tayles. Any lingering mistakes are to be blamed on me for not listening to her.
Spoilers: None - I'm quite happily paying no attention to either the anime timeline or the manga
Pairings: Mainly Roy/Ed... eventually - nothing even approaching smut until part 22. Gracia/Hughes. Implied Al/Winry
Warnings: None. Unless you object to the pairing.
Author's Note: Will be updated more frequently here. Sorry for re-posting the first three parts but I got ticked off by my flatmate so this way should be more straightfoward. Sorry again. As I said before, I have no clue where this is going.

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More to follow in the next few days I think
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